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Re: ChoiceCenter - Wanting to Know About Others' Experiences
Posted by: bakkagirl ()
Date: July 29, 2018 05:54AM

Blaidd wrote:

Its hard to give the full breakdown of how this type of LGAT is so dangerous. the brainwashing is so subtle its hard to even see, and they are giving people what they really want, well.... People want to think they are powerful, that they are special, that they are loved, that if they really try they can do anything. Choice fills this hole if your willing to follow their rules and do as they say. Never found so many "leaders" taking orders every time they turn around...

I have been studying what I will call "coaching cults". These are people who coach 'leadership'. Same behavior.

Given the numbers and similarity of modus operandi, the U.S. Attorney General should be going after these groups en mass.

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Re: ChoiceCenter - Wanting to Know About Others' Experiences NOT A CULT,
Posted by: PoloDave ()
Date: November 07, 2018 03:08AM

LOL Not a cult. I am very skeptical and have good understanding of what a cult is. I am not brain washed.

Its a program to help you face your fears, be present. Its interesting and actually fun. Does it push people? Yes. You have been holding on to your fear for years, you think you are going to give that up easy.

PLUS they teach you that you can do thing you never thought you could. They fund raise for a charities. Cancer hospital, schools and much more. They don't keep any of the money. 100% donation.

Not sure how its a cult. I think it helps a lot of people that are stuck.

Cult is a fear word to give reaction. So what is the agenda for that?

I am surprised and think its unfounded.

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Re: ChoiceCenter - Wanting to Know About Others' Experiences
Posted by: choicevictim ()
Date: April 07, 2020 02:27PM

I just completed ChoiceCenter Leadership program. I can attest to their CULTISH PROGRAM.

They pressure you thru "coaching" how to "enroll' your friends and family into signing up to courses.
They did roll play and taught us what to say when we talk to our loved ones.If we
weren't successful in signing them up (or "enrolling") we were suppose to report to them in a process called "DEBRIEF". The coaches then would correct our verbiage and techniques to go back and try to "ENROLL" them.

I have a copy of the release we all is extremely in fine print and not enough time give to us to review at registration.
Here are some of the points that should stand out if we were paying attention:

" Choice may or may not assist in personal growth"
" I am aware that Choice Center is NOT an exact Science.
"Trainers/facilitators and Volunteers are NOT Choice Center Employees, agents, or servants. They are independent contractors."
" Assumption Of Risks: I am aware that trainings may contain risks of PHYSICAL & PSYCHOLOGICAL injury"

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Re: ChoiceCenter - Wanting to Know About Others' Experiences
Posted by: NormanLondon ()
Date: July 27, 2021 09:41PM

Be very careful with this group. Most of the so-called trainers are ex-Lifespring which was a very dangerous group in the 80s and 90s. Lifespring caused the deaths of a number of people, they caused psychological damage to many people. LS was eventually shut down around 1995 due to the vast number of claims and lawsuits against them, bearing in mind there must have been many more they settled before trial. Everyone is looking for answers but let the buyer beware. They may not have the answers you want. So Lifespring was shut down, the Federal Reporter (US Law Reports) is full of cases against them but the 'trainers' can regroup and rebrand and do it all again. The description of heavy sales pressure to bring in family and new members, the long hours of 'training', the control and manipulation I am reading on these pages sound very familiar. As I said, be very, very careful with this group. You could be one of the people whose mind is seriously damaged and if that happens it could take years to heal.

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