The Professionals - Victims or Perpetrators?
Posted by: notmadanymore ()
Date: February 05, 2004 06:53PM


I am trying to understand whether to loathe or pity the evil bitch that screwed our lives up and has made my ex-wife terrified to open the door.

She's a professional with Hoffman. She used all of the manipulation techniques - just horrible. she in it for the money'? Or has she fallen for the cult; and does she think it's OK to use those techniques?

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The Professionals - Victims or Perpetrators?
Posted by: revclaire ()
Date: February 05, 2004 09:56PM

read Steve Hassens book on mind control he's at [www.freedomofmind...also] check out the charts of Margaret Thaler Singers book Cults in the Midst..get educated..and pray..for your ex and once educated i think you will have hatred for the evil but pity and empathy for those taken..they never consented to be taken by mind wasn't a choice..hypnosis...bad..pray and educate yourself and i think you will end up being forgiving and more loving but hating evil as we all should..the powers of the darkness..and those who willfully plot to harm innocent people..hate the evil..try not to hate the people..but remember God is just...they all pay for it...the ones who do know what they are doing..the victims..God has mercy on the ignorant and those who got taken...keep the faith..

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The Professionals - Victims or Perpetrators?
Posted by: LoriS ()
Date: February 06, 2004 08:16AM

I would say it would have to be judged on an individual basis.

The guy that sucked my family into an LGAT, I'm convinced, is a sociopath...but was he always? I think he always had the potential, but who knows if he would ever have been quite as skilled as he is now.

There are some people I've known "before" who seemed like really nice decent people, but "after" were unrecognizably self consumed and cruel. I suppose you could put all the blame on the LGAT, but I'm not willing to let people off that easy.

I think they believe in some "greater good" that they are pursuing, however, there has to be some part of them that realizes that manipulating people won't achieve that.

I try hard to be compassionate, but find it's very difficult when it comes to these personality types.

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The Professionals - Victims or Perpetrators?
Posted by: Hope ()
Date: February 06, 2004 11:10PM

I think LGATs can certainly bring out the dark side of human nature, in some people, ie since everything is meaningless, then do what the hell you want. ALso, according to what is said by LE, there are no victims, except those who ask for it, and they chose to be victims. It can probably feel really good to have all those boundaries released, especially by someone who is concerned with rules. It's a power trip. I also think sociopaths are attracted to LGATs LE as the material justifies their behavior. Many people don't know someone is a sociopath until they've been deceived and dumped by one; otherwise, they can appear quite charming So it's likely that if one is a sociopath, the training just made it obviously so.

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