Support (and channeling?) for angry Landmark etc. graduates
Posted by: SaneAgain ()
Date: June 10, 2007 04:03AM

Yet another LGAT in south africa, called Ontologika - not operational yet, but clearly with connections to all the others.


They offer 'support' - further 'conversations' and 'processes' for anyone who has done an LGAT and is 'carrying negative energy' or is 'disappointed' or' angry':

From their website (community page)


With Ontologika's extended network of support, we can put you in touch with other people who have completed the training at a variety of places like the Pat Grove Coaching Academy, Insight Training Centre, Life Dynamics, Quest, Harlequin, Landmark Forum, or any of the other Training Institutes out there.

We also offer support for anyone who experienced disappointment during the training, or who failed to create the breakthroughs and value they expected to have. We know that there is a lot of people out there who carry a lot of disappointment, anger and negativity as a result of their participation in the training. Please contact us, as we can facilitate the necessary conversation for you to create the closure you need in order to move forward, as well as providing you with information of other processes that exist that might be more useful for you.

Whatever your reasons were for doing the training, and whether you experienced full satisfaction or not, please remember that the true power of the work lies in its application. By far the easiest way of applying this new found knowledge is simply by sharing time with people who have done the workshops and others on a similar path.

Notice the usual closed circle of logic: if you are negative towards the training then you have failed to have a breakthrough and create value or you are not using the tools correctly, and more 'conversations and processing' aka brainwashing is required. The training is never at fault.

Then he says they can 'provide you with information of other processes that exist that could be more useful to you'. What could those processes be?

Well, the site lists a a spiritual coach called Angela Deutschmann, who is a channeler.

She has her own website


Where she advertises a seminar:


5. The Power of the Paradox

Described as ‘the step beyond I AM’, Angela Deutschmann brings knowledge about paradox that is revolutionary and brand new to the spiritual world. A gateway to higher dimensional existence, dissolving paradox has become the new tool of those pioneering beings standing right at the forefront of evolution. Not for the faint hearted. ?


("I AM" is another LGAT training)

Very interesting, for a bunch of organisations that promote themselves as being non-relious, belief-free etc. First they get rid of your existing beliefs, clear the slate, then hey-presto! Channeling and higher dimensional woo-woo beliefs to replace them!

This seems to be a pattern as well: the LGATs do their usual thing, and then surround themselves with a network of graduates who do all kinds of alternative things, like channeling, kinesiology, body work, reiki, holographic repatterning etc. From what I've seen they seem to think they're vibrating at a higher energy level and are more spiritually evolved than normal people, and know how to 'access gateways to higher dimensional existence'.

So if you're not feeling too good after a training you are likely to be referred to one of these 'light worker' types (often without being advised that they are from the LGAT fold) and they will then continue the brainwashing in a more personalised style.

Has anyone else noticed or had treatment from the network of new age healers that hang around the LGATs?

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Support (and channeling?) for angry Landmark etc. graduates
Posted by: exImpact ()
Date: June 10, 2007 01:45PM

I have never heard of groups like these. This is strange, it seems to be LGAT therapy for those who are unsatisfied with LGAT's. I wonder if a specific training is actually behind Ontologika, because it sounds like a trap to find (or prevent people from becoming) potential dissidents of an LGAT.

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Support (and channeling?) for angry Landmark etc. graduates
Posted by: Kastlefeer ()
Date: June 11, 2007 02:42PM

Dispicable ... this is like the newest fad diet, pure oppurtunism, pure predator ... fuck em

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Support (and channeling?) for angry Landmark etc. graduates
Posted by: Jack Oskar Larm ()
Date: June 12, 2007 06:48AM

The cesspool is simply widening, getting deeper and smelling all that much worse! :?

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