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Re: Listing of LGATs and their founders
Posted by: ROZZANNE ()
Date: November 20, 2011 12:18AM

JP and CORBOY, the methods you have described as being used in the ISA LGATS is a carbon copy of the methods used in MJB SEMINARS in Australia according to persons who have left MJB SEMINARS and talked with me about their experiences.
MJB SEMINARS was founded, and is run, by Mitch J Behan a guy who came to Australia from Dublin Ireland.
He claims to have been a Drug Addict, Drug Dealer, who has done time in prison for his crimes.
According to his version of his personal history that he shares at his "Seminars", he attended the Drug and Alcohol Institute for Counselling and then became a Counsellor working with addicts who attended the Institute.
He also claims he was a mentor for troubled youth at the "toughest school in Western Australia".
According to his advertising he claims to be a "Master Educator" among other things.
One of the things he teaches people, is to claim you are what you want to be, as that makes you a "Prophet".
In other words, even if you are not a Master Educator yet, claim that you are one, and you will be one.
You are "Prophesying" the future.
Mitch J Behan claims he is teaching people to be "Lightbearers to humanity" and is perpetrating all his abusive psychotherapy tactics on people "out of love".(But you have to pay him $1,300 to receive his love).

Mitch J Behan has trained some of his followers to copy his methods of psychotherapy style coersion, and to assist him in putting the gullible paying public through the potentially psychologically damaging process.
People who are totally "brainwashed' by his "Seminars" can turn on friends and family who don't/won't accept the teachings of Mitch J Behan, and actively question their validity.
This can result in verbal abuse, and attempts to character assasinate the dissenter with slander, if they make negative comments about the "Seminars" or the "teachings" of Mitch J Behan.
Family relationships can be cut off and all communication denied to the dissenting family member, or friend.
The MJB Seminars group become a substitute "family" to the converted, and no one else matters, unless they are a prospective convert to MJB Seminar teachings.
All this can happen through the influence of MJB SEMINARS despite the first "Seminar" being called "Relationships and You" and supposedly being a 48 hr session that will "transform your life".
People attending this "Seminar" would be under the impression that it will give them the skills to develop better, healthier, relationships with their loved ones.

I have been told by persons who have actually attended these "Seminars", that Mitch Behan is very fond of aggressively and abusively accusing dissenters of "playing the victim" if they disagree with what is happening at the Seminars.
I have personally been a recipient of verbal and written abuse, and actively (character assassination) slandered by an MJB devotee who does not like me posting any of the information I have gathered on MJB methods at the Seminars, and the potential damage it can, and has caused, to vulnerable people.
One of the abuser favourite accusations is to label me as "playing the victim".
Now that is really being a "lightbearer to humanity" isnt it?

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Re: Listing of LGATs and their founders
Posted by: corboy ()
Date: November 20, 2011 05:03AM

If you want to learn the inside stuff from a former gofer of Landmark, use the search function (button in the upper right corner of this window).

Put Guy in the author slot, and select All Dates. This message board goes back 9 years and thats how to ensure that your search will go back far enough to get the stuff Guy told us here on this board in 2004/2005.

Read all of the posts Guy did, and make sure to read em in context.


So many programs are spin offs of Landmark that this stuff may useful in making sense of other, derivative programs. is this item. Sounds like what JB and ROZZANE have been discussing.

"Through our own investigation, we learned from papers filed in Landmark’s litigation against Self Magazine that Landmark’s own training manuals directly contradict the allegations made in Landmark’s complaint against Ross, and entirely support the comments on Ross’s website that Landmark claimed were disparaging. For example, in their Complaint against Ross, Landmark alleges that:

“Defendants made false charges that Landmark participants endured days of ‘bullying’ and ‘humiliation.’” Complaint ¶ 18 (c).

But Landmark’s own training manuals for its Forum Supervisors state:

a Landmark ‘Forum Supervisor’ needs to be an s.o.b. for impeccability. you need to give up a concern for being liked. . . . Be a destroyer. . . . ” and “Don’t ever let people move or stand up or talk before you have declared the start of the break. Don’t ever let stuff like that go by. Ever, ever, ever.”


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Re: Listing of LGATs and their founders
Posted by: ROZZANNE ()
Date: November 29, 2011 12:26PM

I have posted more information on the tactics used by MJB SEMINARS who operate in Perth, Melbourne and Sydney, (capitol cities of states of Australia.)
You will find it on the MJB SEMINARS section, on this website.
This information was passed on to me by a former follower of the MJB teachings of Mitch J Behan.
It is interesting to note that Mitch Behan also has a TRAVEL AGENCY called MJB ADVENTURES that he "encourages" Seminar participants to book trips with, as a way of "expanding" themselves.
This is a copycat of Tony Robbins method of linking Seminars with the Travel Agency he owns, so the people attending Seminars are paying for more than just the Seminars.
Recently a group of MJB devotees travelled to Bali for a "BETA BALANCE" training workshop.
Beta balance is a "therapy" advocated and taught by Mitch Behan.
Below is a copy of what one so called "fully trained" BETA BALANCE" "Therapist"? has to say on the subject.

Beta release is one of the most powerful healing practices a person can have. It is an alignment process that balances out the left and right lobes of the brain. It deals with the bioplasmic subtle body (Brain and central nervous system, taking it out of inappropriate states of stress so that the body’s natural energy flow can resume. The alignment clears blocked energy points throughout the body and opens the charkas.
Beta release is a dynamic, proven way to move individuals from weakness and outer reactiveness to strength and being inner directed. It is an extremely effective way to stop stress from needlessly draining your life energy. Beta Release is considered by many professionals to be a breakthrough discovery in the evolution of consciousness and is a significant step forward in the technology of the human potential. It is a real way for people to find inner peace and meaning in life and living.
It is a real way to engage the very best part of yourself … your higher-self. With this enhanced connection you will find it easier to perform and stay centred during the turmoil and pressures encountered in stressful times.
You will experience greater strength, harmony and ease in all areas of your life, but bear in mind that things sometimes get worse before they get better. It also will bring up things that we need to work on and are not clear with, like past resentments, shame and guilt etc, with the purpose of moving past these things that consciously and subconsciously run us and our lives. This remarkable approach allows you to reach a level of sustained awareness as well as a state of profound spiritual, mental, physical and emotional balance that most adults rarely achieve.
And all of this is achieved by letting the "therapist"
pull and jerk your head to the left,
pull and jerk your head to the right
Pull each of your limbs,
while your lying on a sloping table.
Very Scientific???????
I think not!
Ask a Neurosurgeon what their opinion of this "therapy" is, or try asking a fully Qualified Registered Psyhsiotherapist what they think of it.
Yet gullible people are paying$$$$$ for multiple sessions of this "therapy" touted by Mitch J Behan and his followers, who have set up their own businesses following in his footsteps,actively encouraged by Mitch J Behan.

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Re: Listing of LGATs and their founders
Posted by: liminal ()
Date: September 26, 2013 03:21AM

Chuck (Charles L) and Lency (Lenora K) Spezzano's LGAT Psychology of Vision can be added to this list.

They have 52 trainers around the world. Some companies are under different names, such as Vision Dynamics etc. There is immense pressure during events to then pay for and attend the next event, people are giving the Spezzanos quite a bit of money in the process. I've heard that trainers pay 40% of anything they make to the Spezzanos.

Trainings are described as classic LGAT, designed to confuse and upset people, all to increase the Spezzano bank balance.

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Re: Listing of LGATs and their founders
Posted by: skepticle ()
Date: November 12, 2013 04:50AM

Another LGAT (or rather Small-GAT, as there are between 10 and 25 participants) operating in South Africa (and Namibia and Zimbabwe): The "Point" series, with resident guru Stephen D Norval, with assistance by his (wife?) Hestie Norval. More specifically, the four-day intro is called the thePoint, the next seminar is called truePoint, and the 8 day remote retreat called zeroPoint. Also something called trueSex.

Here is the website: []

This seems to be very similar to Landmark. However, unlike Landmark there is no applicant screening and no disclaimer of liability. They recruit by word of mouth and the recruiters won't tell you any specifics. They are not upfront about the nature of the course or the methods used.

I found the first seminar or "perspective" to be too similar to my fraternity hazing, totalitarian and confrontational. It was filled with hours of lectures crammed with in-group jargon, inane non-sequiters, thought terminating cliches, sharing exercises, compulsory "insights", etc. repeated ad nauseum until your critical faculties fade out.

I left half-way through. This offended my girlfriend of one year, who had recruited me and who was attending and observing as a volunteer. She had taken the first two seminars and was actively volunteering her services to the Norvals.

Thereafter she started spouting thePoint pseudo-psyhoanalysis at me, telling me what a jerk I am, calling me narcissistic and she basically cut me off. I found that the thePoint and truePoint made her less sensitive to others, more self-involved, and she was spellbound by this magical thinking philosophy that "we create our own reality" and I was simply too negative to get "the point".

So as a result of the Norvals and their teachings about relationships, we broke up (or rather my girlfriend ignored me until I stopped trying). I loved her (and still do). It has been a traumatic experience and I would warn anyone from attending. DO NOT ATTEND UNLESS YOU APPROVE THE METHODS. DO NOT LET ANYONE YOU LOVE ATTEND.

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Re: Listing of LGATs and their founders
Date: June 22, 2014 12:27AM

Another LGAT and its' founder(s) is Discovery Training - Founded by Fred Lowder (by way of Drs. Joe and Phil McGraw).

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Frontier Trainings
Posted by: jill w ()
Date: December 01, 2015 10:38PM

Has anyone heard of "Frontier Trainings"?

Owned by "Financial Frontier"

Not sure what to make of it. Is it similar to Landmark?

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