How to talk to new Landmark grads? :?:
Posted by: getsmart ()
Date: November 17, 2006 09:30AM

Some of my relatives have just gone through the 4 day Landmark Forum. They are all gung ho on it and recruiting others like you wouldn't believe (as to be expected). But when I heard how they described it, I immediately started researching it because I suspected it was cultish.

All they can say is how great it is and that it has helped them, but can't explain it of course because the psycho jibberish phrases don't make any sense. And they are trying to get me to do it as well as all our friends and family. They are going back for the 12 week training or however long that extended session is.

I think they are drawn to it because they were going through some rough times. And instead of being open, talking to each other and making some hard decisions, they went to this thing (without ever researching it!) I will have the opportunity to talk to them about it (they asked to talk to me, I think to recruit me), and while my gut reaction is to tell them to NEVER GO BACK, I can't do that and risk alienating myself. I love them very much. I've decided to just have them talk to me and describe it. I will listen and ask questions. I don't know what else to do........can anyone help????? I am afraid one of them may have problems coping after this because they were already having issues before.

Any advice is appreciated.

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How to talk to new Landmark grads? :?:
Posted by: Jack Oskar Larm ()
Date: November 17, 2006 02:58PM

G'day Getsmart,

Welcome to the club. I know what you're going through and, perhaps, some of things you'll have to deal with...

Landmark language: there are a number of good posts here describing the new language they'll start using. Don't be fooled - it is intended to distance you from them. But be strong and don't accept this jibberish. Simply ask them to define their jargon, i.e. when they speak about seemingly basic ideas such as 'integrity' and 'your story', ask them to explain what they're trying to get at. Sometimes (usually) it is best to be prepared (do some research on their language) and then compare this to what's in the dictionary...integrity is a good start (but they may not be at that stage yet).

One of the first things you'll probably face is the typical Landmark response - 'that's just YOUR STORY or YOUR RACKET.' It'll be tough to begin with, but make them realise that all they're doing is creating a distance where (hopefully) there wasn't one before. A typical Landmark grad. will find reasonable argument difficult. Don't give up, but don't get angry.

The language of Landmark is designed to seperate US from THEM, but if they love you they should listen to you, too. In fact, that's another Landmark trait...they have difficulty listening to anything outside Landmark doctrine. No matter what they may have thought or believed before, it will seem they have truly been brainwashed to respond in new and predictable ways.

I hope this makes some sense. I know the pain of this 'language' barrier. Be strong and patient. I trust there is a way out for all of them.

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How to talk to new Landmark grads? :?:
Posted by: felixcatski ()
Date: December 01, 2006 07:44AM

Hi, Jack Oskar Larm
I noticed you posted on another thread about Klemmer & Associates.

You seem to have knowledge of Landmark semi8nars. Thanks for yor comments on how to deal with graduates of landmark. But the behaviour described in this thread is very similar to what I have observed in my Klemmer enthusiast friends.

No surprise, really, seeing as they all have the same orrigins and methods. Anyhooo.... just some observations.

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How to talk to new Landmark grads? :?:
Posted by: exImpact ()
Date: December 04, 2006 05:48AM

[b:e5620dac4d]This training can [i:e5620dac4d]permenantly[/i:e5620dac4d] damage them[/b:e5620dac4d]. Do the right thing and [b:e5620dac4d]alienate yourself[/b:e5620dac4d], tell them to NEVER GO BACK, point them to these forums and others, do what you can.The harsh truth is, your relationships with them are worth risking, because when its all said and done, these people very likely won't be the same people they were before they went in. Look at my other postings concerning another similar LGAT I used to help run. It's all the same.

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