YOUTUBE - The great fighter of Cults
Posted by: CultHunter ()
Date: August 07, 2006 01:05PM

I think that full disclosure on both sides is only fair I invite anyone to post their findings from YouTube any documentaries or individual breakthroughs positive or negative regarding LGATs.

The fact is the people fighting LGATs usually refuse to go to them because they don't want to get their heads potentially messed up. The fact is the people going to them don't see the harm that goes on inside. Even for people who say it didn't affect do they know for sure? Only the outsider who does not go can see what changes are happening.

By showing methods and how perceived cults behave allows all to make informed decisions about their lives before entering.

Example of a breakthrough

I really feel that people can better visually interpret what is going to happen to them and how it will affect or potentially not affect them.

I am asking this because a few friends joined Landmark and I say its a cult. They say if I don't do it how can I make an informed decision. So for me I say...let me see it done in the safety of my home before I go or not go its only fair.

For the landmarkians or landspringers - prove to us your methods are not damaging. This is an open invitation to any LGAT. Show us how things improve.

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YOUTUBE - The great fighter of Cults
Posted by: elena ()
Date: August 07, 2006 09:52PM


Gawd....these are probably all nice people who are truly interested in the welfare of their friend. That's the insidious nature of Landmark "programming" - they hook their tentacles into people's better qualities of generosity and openness and then twist them mercilessly into selling machines.

A few more of these "testimonials" might be enough to turn most normal-thinking people off. The girl who was admonishing people to "play full out" should know that all cults come up with ways to get people to work very, very hard and will wring the life out of them to the degree they can. Often, the gung-ho types don't stop to think or question until they are exhausted.

It's been said that a Landmark involvement is the equivalent of having twenty points shaved off your IQ. The people speaking on the link you've provided are good examples. Amazing that they have no disinclinations when it comes to parrotting what they have been told/sold. Sad. The jargon is so obnoxious to some of us "cult-watchers" that is just sounds ridiculous. Listen to a little of this stuff and your brain starts to turn to mush.


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YOUTUBE - The great fighter of Cults
Posted by: Brad69 ()
Date: August 07, 2006 11:29PM

I watched the youtube video. To me, it is sad.

The first guy from Landmark comes across as so know-it-all, and talk about being judgmental!

He's busy saying what Jon will get out of the course, and how lacking he is in some aspects.

Anyway, seeing as Jon has done so many courses before, and seeing as he is so lacking, where have they got him? The answer, it seems, is to do another course.

Yes! Landmark strikes again!

The first woman seems so happy about Landmark and doing work for them. Hey, if you want to give up your freedom and do the hard slog for them, that's great.

But how about living in the real world and being able to relate to everyone, not just Landmarkians?

You're not making money selling courses. Your time is precious. Your individuality is more precious.

We are individuals, everyone of us, and no program can be prescribed for one and all. We all have our own lessons to learn and we all come from our own unique circumstances.

Why is Landmark tech taught under such secretive, manipulated conditions? Because that is the only way to make it work!

In the real world we need to live real lives and relate to real people. Being able to relate to Landmarkians doesn't make anyone a success. Being able to relate to one and all using our own discernment and the lessons we have learnt is the way to go.

Being free to explore our own uniqueness and gifts is what it is about.

The saying goes: "The answers lie within" and it is so true. No LGAT has the answers.

Be your own amazing self.

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YOUTUBE - The great fighter of Cults
Posted by: glam ()
Date: August 08, 2006 07:34AM

What a sad video. What an incoherent group of people. Not something that will draw many people to the cult, is my guess.


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YOUTUBE - The great fighter of Cults
Posted by: Kastlefeer ()
Date: August 16, 2006 04:57PM

Oh I posted some comments below the video :D

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YOUTUBE - The great fighter of Cults
Posted by: nutrino ()
Date: August 17, 2006 01:31AM

I did notice how [b:9d9a4f9ce8] incongruent [/b:9d9a4f9ce8] most of Jon's communication style is, as if he is responding to an internalized sea of conflcting information... his voice tone, the way he communicates with his eyes, or fails to, the small movements of his body... all fairly shout "confused, disoriented, lost".... then one of the respondents makes this assertion, while offering not one whit of evidence for said assertion, that "how we speak of others is how we speak of ourselves"... or "to ourselves"... or whatever... [b:9d9a4f9ce8] how do they know this to be true ? how did they arrive at this conclusion? was any, errr, "scientific method" involved in reaching this generalization about human nature ? [/b:9d9a4f9ce8] ... one suspects not... if I might err by overgeneralizing from observing Jon's physical presentation... the Landmarkians are missing a [b:9d9a4f9ce8] critical distinction [/b:9d9a4f9ce8]... which is the distinction of [b:9d9a4f9ce8] congruity [/b:9d9a4f9ce8] .... I would go so far as to assert, from my own perspective on the matter, that congruity IS a core level distinction, perhaps the most central aspect of a sane, healthy, operational mind... and conversely, [b:9d9a4f9ce8] congruity/incongruity detection skills [/b:9d9a4f9ce8] are among our most basic, essential social survival skills....

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YOUTUBE - The great fighter of Cults
Posted by: joe6 ()
Date: August 17, 2006 04:38AM

Speaking of incongruity detection, notice that Kastlefeer asked "Where's Jack Rosenberg aka Werner Erhard these days?" and now a Landmarker can simply reply
"Werner is in an indie documentary" as if this is an answer.
Who made the documentary? (Robyn Symon) Has the film maker done Landmark/est programs? (Some reports say she has.) Who funded the documentary? Etc.
Why cite the documentary as "indie" as if it were "independent"?
The mere existence of the film is treated as an adequate answer for the question of what Erhard is up to nowadays and to halt inquiry. Apparently the film has served its purpose.

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YOUTUBE - The great fighter of Cults
Posted by: nutrino ()
Date: August 17, 2006 10:23AM

which has nuttin' to do with nuttin' at the level of operational behaviors and beliefs of Erhardian drones.... Kurt/Jack/Werner Roseneberg/von Savage/Frost/Erhard/Spitts being rehabilitated may raise the level of inane babble a notch or two.... but they can't escape the fate of being stuck with his philosophical baggage....

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YOUTUBE - The great fighter of Cults
Posted by: kath ()
Date: August 18, 2006 12:36PM

Hi I was just on youtube for the first time tonight.

I was thinking that there must be people who have left cults and destructive groups, who have videos on there.

If people had written a bit about their experiences in a cult or of leaving a cult, what search terms could we use to track them down?

Youtube is so huge I just got enjoyably lost:)

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