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In Desparate Need Of Help
Posted by: corboy ()
Date: September 08, 2003 10:46PM

a person on another listserve recently complained that Rick would NOT put she'd sent on a group she was worried about in the material in the archives .

'Rick wants all info already documented and published and he wants me to get him the web links for all published facts (that which comes aside from me). ' (paraphrase)

Nothing gets posted in the database archives concerning any group unless that material meets stringent standards for reliability and accuracy--that it constitutes verified INFORMATION, it has to have been published elsewhere in the media, scholarly journals, legal documents, etc.

To re-iterate:

This is a balanced website. The official websites of all controversial groups are included along with the warnings and media coverage.

If you want evidence, read it yourself on the forums and in the archives. Demanding that we rebut your questions point by point is laziness.

Its your job to convince yourself.

Read the material on the archives.

Time spent nagging people who have all had bad experiences with LGATs is time stolen from your wife and family.

Law School Proverb on how to Argue Cases

'If the evidence is in your favor, argue the facts.

If the evidence is against you, argue from the law.

If both the law and evidence are against you, yell, scream, pound the table and attack the integrity of your opponents.'

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In Desparate Need Of Help
Posted by: Baruch ()
Date: September 09, 2003 08:20AM

Hello, Starhome:

I just finished the Landmark Forum. I didn't find it sinister, though I see how it could become harmful for certain people who are feeling insecure about themselves or who are otherwise troubled. Landmark would seem to fill a need for people who were unhappy, lonely, and trying to find answers.

I don't know what to tell you about your friend. If she is considering divorce, the marriage is probably not particularly solid at this point. Regardless of whose "fault" it might be, it takes two people to make a marriage work, and it's a difficult, full-time job.

About all I can say is to remind your friend of her commitment to integrity, and that she promised to "love, honor, and cherish" her husband until death do they part.

One of the things they taught us at this seminar was to "enroll" people into our creations (our new ways of doing things). The idea is to get them enthusiastic about our ideas, to move them. If this woman's husband isn't moved, perhaps it's the woman's doing - perhaps she hasn't done enough to "enroll" her husband in her new way of life.

That's about all I can suggest. I hope it helps. I have to say, though, that I've experienced a few dedicated Landmark people. They are thoroughly involved and appear to have no insight into what they're doing. Perhaps for them they are getting something out of Landmark. I don't know. To me it's somewhat disturbing because I get a gut feeling that it's false.

That's my problem, really - my gut tells me this is false, but so far I haven't caught them in any flagrant lie or manipulation. Are they just very careful, or are they legitimate? I don't know.

Good luck with your friend, though...


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