Martha Gilliland's attempt to ~transform~ UMKC
Posted by: estie ()
Date: June 23, 2006 11:45AM

I recently went looking for an update on the 'Martha Gilliland ~tranforms~ UMKC' story. You can find the early stages of it here:


When she was appointed Chancellor of the University of Missouri - Kansas City, Martha Gilliland had the bright idea she'd ~transform~ the university, est-style.

Well, thanks to the estish/Landmarkish toned-down rational approach, the whole thing continued to escalate until late November 2004, at which time schools making up over half of the university, and the American Association of University Professors, voted "no confidence" on Chancellor Gilliland's leadership. She resigned about a week later. The later press is here (one of the schools which opposed being ~transformed~):


The consultant, Gordon Starr, has deep and continuing roots in est/Landmark and related entities. His website shows he's "affiliated" with Landmark Education Business Development. Reckon that means he's licensed to use the ~technology~. Martha Gilliland's quoted comments, and speeches on her own website, ( [] ) show routine use of est-speak.

I don't know what the final damage assessment was. But it's not difficult to see that the University was *divided* and lost many of its deans and faculty. Apparently, Gilliland and Starr couldn't see that what they were doing *wasn't working*. Starr's still claiming, on his website, this as a "client success story."


So much for the est-approach to "a world that works."


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