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Re: Suicidal from LGAT
Posted by: corboy ()
Date: June 06, 2022 12:34AM

"God want us to walk. The devil sends a limo."

There's so much wisdom packed into that.

What's so seductive for us about the Devil/LGATs "limousine" offer?

* Wow factor - promise of an amazing life

* Flattery - you are special, the program's special and only special people can tough it out and get the hidden message

* Convenience - you're not stuck in traffic, you can "get there" faster

* Surrender personal autonomy to a charismatic stranger. You are so thrilled by the promise, glitter, glamor and recommendations from friends that you don't think to check whether the driver has insurance or a criminal record

*If you're born into the limo (cult) lifestyle, you know nothing else. You grow up scared of living any other way -- and you sent taught the life skills needed to live any other way

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