Gratitude Training Cult Trying to Become NFP and RAISE $5MILLION to Expand
Posted by: Dr.A.Truth ()
Date: September 14, 2019 10:47AM

Gratitude Training Cult Owner Jo Englesson, someone called the SLUMLORD of LGATs, Is trying to find a work around, ever since she was BUSTED for slave labor.

She is now trying to go Not for Profit and Raise funds, in the millions, to support the growth of her cult.

She is always working a scheme. There is nothing honest about this woman and her cult.

The following was a release directly to the public today:

Exciting News...A NOT FOR PROFIT!
I have super exciting news! It is in the best interest of the vision to transform Gratitude Training into a not for profit organization (“NFP”).

As you probably are aware, many members in the community have wanted this for quite some time and after much soul searching, I now see the vision of how this is a huge win for the world.

This is a huge breakthrough for me personally as I will be giving up control, as well as, what I sometimes feel is my “baby”. However, the baby gets to fly now and morph into what my intention still is, to transform the world by having the maximum amount of people have access to the training.

As far as the plan and the timeline, we are rolling up our sleeves and moving forward full force.

We have a call with our legal firm next week to get the process started, the attorney we are using has 40 years of experience in advising both U.S and foreign tax-exempt organization and they plan on being involved in our mission. To get an idea of the caliber of people we want involved in our mission the clients of the legal firm we are hiring are: Amazon, Microsoft, Aetna, etc.
We are taking this seriously and plan on having an executive board of global powerhouses.
We are working on executive summaries, a fund-raising deck, business plans, operating agreements, board member management team recruitment strategies, and budgets.

All of this is necessary to run an effective organization and to be approved as an NFP. The vision I have for my role, in relationship with the NFP, is to continue to create, inspire and transform the world by promoting the NFP.

As for the creativity, we welcome your ideas, thoughts, support and contributions. Here is a peek at some of what we are creating:

Gratitude Training -- not for profit fundraising. Our goal is to raise $2-5 million in the initial round and then continue fundraising. Our plan is to be in the market on this capital raise immediately following our call with our attorneys where they will be providing some guidance on this component.
Scholarships -- allocate funds for scholarships. -- a transformational, positive social media network.
Trainer Development and Continued Education -- create trainers that can facilitate at any transformational center.
Create an organization with integrity, responsibility, gratitude, service and community -- reflecting the principles in Source Movement, my book. -- track all the donations online made worldwide.
Gratitude Show -- perform across the world.
Legacy Projects -- provide a platform for ML teams to create massive legacies.

This is a huge undertaking and it will be insanely awesome. More to come.

Thank you for standing in Gratitude always.

Jo Englesson

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