Jeremy Kyle Show Cancelled
Posted by: Londoner ()
Date: May 15, 2019 03:42AM

Those in the UK will likely have heard of the Jeremy Kyle Show and possibly news that it has been pulled by the ITV network this week following the suicide of one of the guests.

For those who don't know, especially in the US and other countries, Jeremy Kyle is a chat show similar to Jerry Springer apparently (I've never actually seen an episode) fairly aggressive in the way it attacks guests. Usually people with family/relationship issues, drug problems, etc.


It's got me thinking about just how similar these TV programmes are to LGATs / attack therapy like Landmark Forum and such. Except they don't claim to be "educational", just entertainment pure and simple. Basically a circus show version of the public humiliation that brainwashers forum leaders put people through. A modern version of throwing Christians to the lions.

I think these chat show hosts are in ways a lot like these personal growth "seminar" leaders in their approach.

And of course this is going at at the same time as the NXIVM trial in the US.

Can we hope that the wheels are finally starting to come off these dangerous scams and soon they won't be able to ruin any more lives?

What more can be done to raise awareness of the dangers of LGATs?

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