Rivka Malka LLC Geula Gathering Redemption Retreat
Posted by: jewguy ()
Date: February 26, 2019 07:15AM

As a concerned member of the Jewish community, I have an opinion to share.

My opinion comes from a place of concern, and my intention is not to hurt any one, only to provide the video and also to share one the articles that have been written about the group(s).

Upon discovering a video posted by Rivka Malka on Youtube called

I became immediately concerned.

In the video she explains that she has been teaching and utilizing the PIES method, which she learned from her teachers, who were participants of The Call of the Shofar.

The reason why, in my opinion, this is concerning, is because I personally have heard accounts of participants of The Call of the Shofar who did not have good experiences.

Also, it is my opinion that one of the people who has been a part of Redemption Retreat by Rivkah Malka LLC, seems to have been affected by her experience there in a non- positive way.
Please do your research prior to attending Geula Gathering, Redemption Retreat, or any event sponsored by Rivka Malka LLC

Here are some posted ideas regarding Call of The Shofar:

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Re: Rivka Malka LLC Geula Gathering Redemption Retreat
Posted by: corboy ()
Date: February 26, 2019 10:44AM

The person who wrote the article cited above listed some worrisome things.

This item stood out for me.


2. The first time you heard a four letter words used, it surprised you a little, didn't it? But we came to accept that too. It was necessary to bring out the proper emotions, right?

Am here to tell you that it is dangerous when someone suddenly utilizes obscene words, shock talk, trash talk, cruel sudden sarcasm.


Because if we allow just one incident to happen and we say nothing, two things happen.

1) The offender has tested us and has discovered we will tolerate bad speech.

2) The more incidents we tolerate with no protest, the greater the risk that we will get numb, coarsened and lower our boundaries, endangering our souls.

Very often offenders will accuse us of lacking humor, being prudish or judgemental or excessively pious or claim it was just a 'joke' or an innovative approach.

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Re: Rivka Malka LLC Geula Gathering Redemption Retreat
Posted by: kdag ()
Date: February 26, 2019 02:59PM

I read the article in the link, and this jumped out at me, (excerpt):

"At the workshop, everyone was told, or told themselves, when exactly the wound occurred and how it occurred. We all, to my knowledge, bought into this line of thinking and we all accepted our "story" and it became for all of us the enemy of our "wellbeing", the enemy of our vitality and of our very life.


"Is there truth to this? From a psychological perspective, childhood wounds do affect us later on. But I still have a few questions:

"Are we absolutely certain that the founder properly diagnosed which experience it actually was? Is he qualified to make such a diagnoses? What about the other trainers with even less experience?

"Would a trained psychologist be able to diagnose something so significant so quickly? Does his Landmark training somehow make him better at this than licensed professionals?"

Since Landmark was mentioned here, I can say that I do remember a similar question being posed in the Forum. I recall searching my memory for the one experience that was at the root of all my problems in life, and failing to come up with anything I was truly convinced of, I just went ahead and picked an unpleasant childhood experience. I felt, even at the time, that it really isn't that simple. Most people have numerous unpleasant experiences in their childhoods, and I didn't believe for a minute that singling out just one, and pinning everything on that incident would cause all of my difficulties to disappear. It hasnt. In fact, from what I have read, it is usually long-term family dynamics that have more of an impact than a single incident.

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