The 'Hidden' History of Coaching
Posted by: bakkagirl ()
Date: June 07, 2018 08:42AM

I have worked as an executive coaching since 2005. Most of this work was accomplished in the context of consulting firms, or at the behest of American consulting firms.

I have participated in many hundreds of hours of training, and an extended practicum. I also completed a M.A. program with coaching focus.

In 2010, I acted as a founding member of a Tokyo branch of the International Coach Federation (which I soon left), though I did participate in ICF coach accreditation training in 2011 (I elected not to be accredited).

I have participated in, presented at regional coaching conferences.

In all of this time, I did not 'once' hear the name "Werner Erhard"...heard nothing about Landmark, Landmark Education from any trainer, mentor, facilitator, speaker.

It would appear that around 2015 we started seeing books and presentations that referenced either the "hidden" history of coaching, or the "secret" history of coaching. As an example, see:


In these, Erhard is positioned as a central figure.

Note, the ICF (to my knowledge) does not describe these roots on its website, or in any of its training materials.

I asked a panel of senior executive coaches (global) if they knew anything about connections of the field to Erhard, est, Landmark...none of them had heard of this.

Generally, professional organizations 'proudly' describe their founders and contributors. The ICF lists 'one' founder only, Thomas Leonard. No bio provided. I recently discovered mentions of est, Landmark in obscure coaching journals, only.

(I was reading in another string on this forum about David Allen, GTD, and 'hidden' connections with a 'spiritual organization' called MSIA. This would appear to be a similar M.O.)

I am confident that virtually no corporate buyers who source ICF 'accredited' coaches are aware of this history.

I am wondering why they decided to de-cloak in 2015.

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