A little more on the LGAT concept of "breakdowns"
Posted by: kdag ()
Date: June 29, 2017 04:40AM

Seeing as how LGATS love distinctions, I will make one.

Some spiritual traditions DO talk about "breakdowns" preceding "breakthroughs."  What they are talking about, to the best of my understanding, is that things in certain areas of ones life are not working as they once did, and this is seen as signaling a need for change. This is all well and fine, and can be valid WHEN IT HAPPENS NATURALLY.

The difference I see in LGATS is that they try to create these "breakdowns" artificially, (often through sabotage), and their aim is to force their victims, oops ~ participants, into THEIR way of behavior or thinking. The goal seems to be to convince participants that things will magically "work," when you adopt their methods and thinking. They are not above meddling in areas of someone's life where they were NOT invited.

So there's your distinction between a breakdown and a set-up.

Here's my example:

I had met the so-called "friend" who recruited me in a twelve-step group, and also had befriended her outside of that group.  She presented herself as a "shaman," and swore up and down that anything I consulted her about was as sacrosanct as if I were speaking to a priest. She could perform weddings, and was licensed as a minister. I had shared some extremely painful information with her. I had been dealing with some very intense grief, and a horrific betrayal. This stuff was so painful that I could barely even speak about it with my therapist.

The "shaman" and I were in a social group together, and after she became heavily involved in L.E., I could see that she had shared some of my private information with others in that group. I know this because a couple of others in that group started asking me questions about these matters.

She also apparently shared some of this information with some of the people at L.E., as there is no other way that they could have set up the situation that they set up for me without it. There were also many other indications that she was involved in the set-up.

I was in a seminar at L.E., at the time, and we were divided into groups. After the set-up was revealed, one of the guys in my seminar group said, "You understand that it's a game, right?" 

They had picked THE. MOST. PAINFUL. THING. POSSIBLE, and turned it into a sick practical joke, complete with copious gaslighting. And they had done it using information that had been obtained without my consent. The fact that they even had the information was proof of yet another betrayal.  I had known that something was up, and had specifically told my "shaman" friend to NOT do this. I had been severely traumatized, and told her to NOT re-traumatize me, and she had sworn that she would never do that.

So here we have L.E. trying to cause a breakdown in an area of my life where they had no business poking around in the first place, (and I was already quite "broken" there, anyway). I had not shared ANY of this information with them.  It's like being gut-shot, and having some unqualified idiot thinking that they will cure you by pouring salt in the wound, above your protests. I had told her to LEAVE. IT. T. F. ALONE!!!

There are certain areas of life where I don't play "games."  I want this depraved organization shut down. The destruction they have done to me is great enough that I am willing to take risks that I would not normally take, in order to accomplish this, (thus, some of my posts).

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Re: A little more on the LGAT concept of "breakdowns"
Posted by: Throughmyeyes ()
Date: September 22, 2017 04:31AM

Hello kdag, I too would love to see this organisation shut down. It is pure evil.

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Re: A little more on the LGAT concept of "breakdowns"
Posted by: kdag ()
Date: September 22, 2017 07:58PM

Throughmyeyes Wrote:
> Hello kdag, I too would love to see this
> organisation shut down. It is pure evil.

Yes. Probably more than you will ever know. You have dodged a bullet. I would recommend to stay away from these people, and anyone associated with them.

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