Gratitude Training Dangerous Divorces
Posted by: JohnHammond999 ()
Date: July 21, 2015 02:07PM

They pretend like the relationships with your loved ones will get better. Well they get better is you al agree with each other. Or maybe if you are gay and all agree with eachother. I was promised that this was going to help my wife - It just took her further and further away from me and my daughters and into the manipulative arms of the Gratitude training groupies. These people DO NOT make you a better person - I think it does the opposite. It turned my wife into a selfish,slave to feel good jargon, and a smiling zombie with lack of morals - her belief became.....If I am not happy, eliminate it from my life.
Talk about LACK of integrity. I also saw that she really became weak - not stronger.Be very careful about putting your trust and minds into the hands of manipulative unprofessionals.

I know others who are getting divorced or breaking. After the gratitude trainings in Charlotte and Florida people are turned in fake selfish and negative people.

They say its an opportunity for people to get some new tools for living. They say it is about world peace. How about a piece of the bank accounts of people.

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