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Humanication/ Essence Training
Posted by: SalinaM ()
Date: July 15, 2015 02:31PM

I have a dear friend whom I think I lost to the Israeli version of LGAT. The trainings are organized by Humanication Holding run by Yiftach Sagiv. The company operates in Israel and Holland:
I understand Sagiv was a student of Pat Grove.
I'm just researching this now after I've had some very disturbing conversations with my friend, and I am in absolute terror, because of his psychologically vulnerable situation. He asked me about this Humanication before, and gave me a link to this website, and it just seemed like some harmless seminar, so I said, well, go ahead and try it. I couldn't understand what it had to do with spirituality, though, because apparently it was presented to him as something spiritual.
Does anyone know anything about it? Whether from Holland or Israel?

Apparently, they teach them how to see auras, as well? Did some other training involve this?

I noticed something strange a while ago, when in reply to my comments (not about the course) he just said "thank you for expressing yourself".

A few days ago I read an article on a Russian version of LGAT and two suicides of fashion models. Something sounded familiar, and I started researching, and came across this forum. When I asked my friend, whether his seminars follow the same model, he didn't say anything, just thanked me for taking time to express my concern (!!!). He never answered any of my questions related to training, or whether they allow people with prior history of drug use, etc.

This was the most blood-chilling thing I read in my life, I swear.

He is not entirely sold out, at least he figured out there is nothing spiritual about this. But here is the catch - he started doing the courses, because a girlfriend of his told him he could work for them. So after attending seminars for a month or so, he told me he started working for the company. Could this be true? Are these companies interested in paid employees? He did not have the money for all the seminars, so I think he volunteered in exchange for attending them. He can sell anything to anyone, I'm guessing they saw the gift and appreciated it, but unfortunately he joined the thing from a place of genuine spiritual search and identity crisis, so the results could be potentially devastating for everyone involved.

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Some posted material from 2007
Posted by: corboy ()
Date: July 15, 2015 09:29PM




Date: May 27, 2007 10:41PM

Quest is definitiely an lgat.

Other lgats operating in South Africa are Insight, Harlequin, and Landmark Forum.

Here is a link to a skeptical article about the trainings: [] - very interesting because the site promotes wicca and the secret.

Wendy and Buster were trained by Pat Grove. Here is a link to his website:

Some excerpts from the page:

"Pat Grove

The International Magician of Transformation

Pat Grove is a South African. He is also an internationally recognised consultant, author, lecturer and authority on Ontological Coaching. Over the past 30 years he has trained a number of trainers, Baruch Banai, Yiftach Sagiv Tony Wiseman, Buster and Wendy Sefor, Steven Norvell, Phil Smith, Chris Nevill and Israel Bercowitz that use his work in countries such as Israel, Australia, South Africa, Ireland, Guernsey, England, Austria, Turkey and Holland.

Clients enjoying the benefit of his programs and send candidates to participate on his trainings are, amongst others, Mars Confectionery, El Al Airlines, Barclays Bowring, Kodak, Northern Ireland Electricity, various Kibutzes, Manpower, Revlon, Professional People Development, Basic Management Consultants, Central Insurance, Ninham Shand, ABSA, Brilliant Accounting, IQ Health, Globalbond (USA), Strauss Confectionary, Neil Muller Construction, Premier Growth Group, Prismasds - Turkey and MTO Forrestry (Pty) Ltd plusmany more.

He has personally trained four hundred school children aged 6-12 years, thousands of teenagers, many thousands of relationships and over 60 000 people on business and leadership related training.

Together with his present and past trainers the organization has trained over 650,000 people. He has worked with Social and Psychological institutes and is the founder of Roans International, a social and charitable organisation assisting youngsters in education. He is the founder of Individual Achievement and Motivation, an organisation that has trained many thousands of sales people and The Grove Leadership Center Ltd, a management-consulting firm, based in Israel with affiliated companies world-wide. He is the only South African, besides Jan Smuts, to have his name entered in the Golden Book of Israel for services to that nation. He has a plantation of trees named after him in Jerusalem.

Pat has a number of articles published about him in many well-known magazines such as Newsweek, Highveld 17, The Sunday Times, Cape Argus, Daily News, The Star and Cape Town University Business Review and is also the subject of many newspaper, radio and television articles. He was recently the guest in Boardroom Dancing and because of the quality he brought to this episode it has been screened a number of times. His work has been the source of many theses for Masters and Doctorate Degrees and was recently described in detail on the Oprah Winfrey Show.


Yiftach's Blog | Yiftach Sagiv is oprichter en hoofdtrainer van ...


Yiftach Sagiv (1951) is founder and head trainer of Essence Trainingen and professor at Business School Lausanne in Switserland. He gave trainings in the ...
Missing: cult



The history of Essence Trainings

Essence Trainings has been giving traingings in the Netherlands since 1994. The company is a part of Humanication, one of the biggest training centers in Israel. More than 60,000 people have followed one or more of the trainings of Eseence Trainings or Humanication.

Excerpts quoted from Essence website


What does success actually mean?

The Founder and Head Trainer of Essence Trainings is Yiftach Sagiv (1951). He is an important innovator in the area of personal development trainings.

Yiftach is the creater of all kinds of games, processes and methods of interaction. He has also composed his own “dictionary” wherein he gives new meanings to certain key words. What does honesty actually mean? Or collaboration, or care? Or success?

If you can't change your reality

Already from an early age Yiftach was concerned with how to bring out the best in people. In the Israeli army, during the Yom Kippur War, he and his soldiers were confronted the reality of life and death. He faced the question: how can you continue to believe in yourself in such circumstances?

Following this, he designed a number of methods to bring soldiers back into their power His starting point was: the problem is never the reality. You can't always change reality, but you can change your ability to deal with reality. His methods worked very well. The results surprised his superiors and the psychologists of the army.

It's about people

Later when he had his own engineering company, Yiftach developed trainings...
In 1986 he became the owner of a badly run training center in Israel, I Am Workshops. He rebuilt the company from scratch, and the center later became known as Humanication.

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Re: Humanication/ Essence Training
Posted by: corboy ()
Date: July 15, 2015 09:37PM


Discussion' started by anon_it, May 12, 2008.



Growing criticism of awareness-training -

(google translation)


Tens of thousands of Dutch-awareness training followed by Landmark, Essence and CSA. The methods used are controversial and according to experts sometimes even dangerous. 'There are horrific psychological experiments. "

(Description of Landmark omitted for brevity)

In the Netherlands, CSA, Essence Landmark and the leaders in awareness training. All three promise them in their information brochures heaven on earth. An estimated annual follow at least ten thousand, mostly educated people such trainings. On the websites of the organizations witnesses participants of the enormous impact that the training on them. As Pieter Spijker. "I did a lot of courses through my work, but learned nothing about myself. After three days at the Landmark began to fall kt. I have to do things which I will be happy; lot outside, nice things. At Landmark you learn how life works. In my business I advise people to follow the Landmarktraining. "

In abroad, Landmark and CSA, however discredited, and also in the Netherlands begin ex-members or relatives to stir. It would sects that the mental health of participants could jeopardise. Against whom are opponents to hope? And how justified their criticism?

The programme of the training is virtually all organizations the same: a group of 50 to 150 people from the outside in a hotel or conference centre. In an intensive crash course participants get a refocus on their lives. The training consists of classroom training and various exercises, such as confrontations and afmatsessies to create a psychological breakthrough. Participants learn the institutes according to a new way to look at themselves, improve their functioning and spiritual growth


Essence Training has premises in Amsterdam and Nijmegen. There are also offices in Germany, Greece and Israel. The head coach of Essence is the Israeli Yiftach Sagiv, which already own say when he studied communications officer in the army. "I made clear my soldiers that it is not survive, but to overcome," he expresses on the Essence Web site. Following Essence and Source (a vervolgtraining) will cost 1675 euros. According to the organization have forty thousand people followed the training.

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Re: Humanication/ Essence Training
Posted by: SalinaM ()
Date: July 15, 2015 10:30PM

In some bizarre twist, which reminds me of a Greek tragedy where you can't escape your fate, I just learned that my former roommate in Israel attended two of Humanication seminars. When my friend asked me if I had heard of these seminars, I didn't even think to ask her, although I was in Israel at the time.

She said it was good, but not for everyone. When I pressed for more, she confirmed they had this standard LGAT structure, and that the training did serve her purpose, but she is too skeptical by nature to get further involved. "Come on, hug strangers in malls..." She was encouraged to recruit, but never did. Some people do get sucked into this, she admitted, and they feel good while they are inside, they start working and recruiting, but the training does not teach any skills for the outside world, so as soon as they are outside, it doesn't help anymore. It's definitely not good for weak people or people in crisis, according to her. Also she doesn't remember being given any consent form, being asked of the history of mental health issues in the family, or anti-depressants/ drug/ medication use.

She can't remember anything that seemed even remotely spiritual to her, though, and was wondering where they teach to see the auras, maybe the leadership training. My friend in question was involved with them for two months and we both found it very odd that they would consider offering him a paid employment, it can't be that any organization that considers itself serious will let anyone without professional education just come and train people? (Even if the method is controversial, to put it mildly) So we hope it is some sort of a ploy to get him to recruit more, and maybe eventually he will be able to become a trainer there, which is really a nightmare scenario, because we both thought he needed help from a mental health professional in his particular situation, rather than some dubious group that takes up all time.

What are my best ways of staying in touch with him and possibly helping?

When I was 19, I spent 10 months in the Boston Church of Christ, and I know from experience it's hard to talk sense to someone in a cult. Even if I had my reservations, and was not recruiting, it was a sense of community (and of course fear of eternal damnation... oh well. I WAS 19...) that had kept me there. Besides, similarly to this thing, I spent all of my waking hours with the people from the community. At least I had my secular job. This, I feel, is much worse. I finally left when I moved into my old home with my father, which gave me some privacy (before, I was renting with cult members). So maybe - Reminding of what was good in the old days? Bringing back the memories of the world as it is?

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Re: Humanication/ Essence Training
Posted by: corboy ()
Date: July 16, 2015 04:09AM

Best thing to do is send a private message to Mr. Rick Ross, moderator of this message board and director of Cult Education Institute.

Mr. Ross can be reached here:


This book gives advice on how to stay in touch with your friend and be

It also describes methods used by groups to recruit and influence people.


To help your friend:

Don't argue.

At same time, do not attend any workshop or intro evening yourself. This is
not being close minded, its protecting yourself.

The book covers all of this and very much more.

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Re: Humanication/ Essence Training
Posted by: SalinaM ()
Date: July 16, 2015 02:04PM

Thank you! I'm terrified this will end in a ruined life...

This Humanication thing is actually considered a cult by the Israeli Ministry of Welfare and Social Services.


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Re: Humanication/ Essence Training
Posted by: corboy ()
Date: July 16, 2015 08:01PM

If you could post a link to the Israeli Ministry of Welfare and Social Services
that would be great.

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Re: Humanication/ Essence Training
Posted by: SalinaM ()
Date: July 16, 2015 10:26PM

The 2011 report is available here in PDF version: Report

It has been criticised in the academia and some of the press for being too harsh and promoting the Orthodox agenda (I would compare the Israeli attitude somehwat to that of the Russian church and government use of the word "cult" - in the sense that it is a less liberal, spiritual lasseiz-faire, view). But in any case, information pertaining to Humanication is on p.17 of the Report.

The Ministry itself online is here:

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Re: Humanication/ Essence Training
Posted by: SalinaM ()
Date: August 14, 2015 02:34PM

For those who will at some point be researching Sagiv's enterprise...

Here is a description of Essence training from a Dutch website, from 2009. It is Google translated (but understandable), and quite a lot of text, I hope this is OK. Humanication Holding did sue this website, and lost in a Dutch court.

Source: []


April 2009

In most cases, you arrive at the Essence by the enthusiastic, no doubt well-intentioned, recruiting friends and acquaintances of yours. They have made you curious, but if it is told nothing about what really happened in the training. That they did not do the Essence, because otherwise the effect of the processes would be lost (according to the Essence). Thus the Essence marketing works: Use fresh "graduates" (people who have done so just one Essence) to acquire new customers with their enthusiasm. These people do not realize that their wonderful feeling is not permanent, (probably mainly an adrenaline rush as a result of the exhaustion and the deluge of experiences you get over you) and not at all good for your judgment. Furthermore, they do not know, or they choose not to know that some people after an Essence (or Source, advanced training) may be serious problems: depression, psychosis, up to suicide attempts). Some relationships are saved by it, others go right on the cliffs. Not everyone picks it well.

Here is a description of what happened in Essence Training. Some details may be a trainer or training or are some differences (eg in the tracks). Which, however, are not large. It is a tightly organized concept.

Day 1, Wednesday, bootcamp

Around 17:00 start recording. Is then checked whether you've paid. You will also get handed your name card. You have to necessarily right pinning. However, no reason is given for it. It is the first thing that is meant to get you out of your "comfort zone" (means: take off your ordinary, out of your daily habits, even from your normal resistors, to make you so open to "new" "overwhelming" insights that Essence has to offer). Why that: most people are right-handed, and then left pinning the easiest. Hence. It is also a dressage thingy. It is no more than a very first step, moreover.

The buildings where the courses are held are extremely sparse furnishings (also here with the intention to get people out of their "comfort zone", it is also very inexpensive decorating). A catering is not there, trainees must bring their own food. Coffee and tea can be given, and there are microwaves to heat your mash.

Besides trainees are also ongoing assistants around. Who also wear name tags, but who look different (varies by training: different color nameplate than a trainee, different color ink, a sticker instead of in a container, that kind of things, in a training which is, however uniform). They provide the helping hand in training. There needs during a workout often a time which dragged away or otherwise decorated. Without the voluntary efforts of these people Essence training would not be possible. For clarity, these people are NOT paid, and most of them are committed to the full five days of training very intensively. They must arrange their stopover, and also their travel expenses are not reimbursed. Because the workouts last deep into the night, that means quite a few car-kilometers and / or host costs (and they are just as exhausted as after the trainees). So they are cheap labor for the Essence.

Most aides do this exacting labor of love from sincere good intentions. All of them have done themselves a Essence training, and they have come out enthusiastically bouncing. They want what they themselves have experienced transfer to others. Many of them do actually another relive their own Essence. The latter, incidentally, they must be careful. If you eg in a visualization exercise (closed eyes process) as an assistant (as trainees) also close your eyes, you will be sent the room by the trainer. The trainer is incidentally lord and god in training. Contradiction is not tolerated, participation is not there. The assistants are pretty rushed. Who does not do what is said, is removed from the team. All under the guise that you everywhere "confidence" should have (read: should blindly do what is said).

The mutual group tie in the team of assistants is very strong, and the team also captures a lot for each other. Much of that camaraderie is definitely real. Joys and sorrows are shared, and team members who are cared for emotionally under pressure, get a lot of sincere support. That does not mean that relations are dictatorial. Would you like to get further inside the Essence organization, you have fifty times voluntarily assist in the training. A critical attitude within the organization decides not encouraged.

There are many processes known as "process assistants." These are people who come for a separate process to help. These people mean all the good, enthusiastic, and do it all for free and for nothing. In some processes the Essence strives to process one assistant per trainee (eg at wdyw 1 and 2, which more later, see Saturday). There are so quite a lot of it.

At about 18:00 the doors open to the hall. The chairs in the room are lined up in tight rows. Back of the room sit assistants have been instructed to stare straight ahead of him and not to issue any sign of contact. Everything is designed to give an effect as alienating as possible. To get you out of your "comfort zone".

The trainer presents himself before. Then a preek.over what you want out of the training, which points you think you do not get out of life what you would like, then follows the first plan, which is drawn on the whiteboard. The story boils down to is that you linger in what you've always done, you can linger in victimhood about what has been done, with all the negative feelings from that (pain, sadness, frustration, disappointment, etc.). Instead this type of 'mechanical' and 'routine' function, you can choose "function effectively". You realize that your old routines do not work and go try something new. So you learn something new and you come to further development.
After the sermon continues with what role you have in training. There then follows a comparison with a football game, and four rollers that may come before them:

1. Commentator: comments on a competition aimed at others, not himself. Share criticism, focuses on the past. Does not affect the game.
2. Spectator: at home looking for the tube. Focused on others, not himself. Wait and hope, looking back. Does not affect the game.
3. Players in the To field, in the here and now, focused on themselves, act and create results. Has 100% influence on the game (you can at least hope)
4. Coach: outside the game, on the sidelines, other-oriented, presented opportunities, increases the ability of the players, forward-looking
It will be appreciated that the last two categories are the most desirable. You can crawl into the group, but what do you do? Incidentally Essence some groups are so large (more than 100 trainees decided to come more than once) that's simply not for everyone leeway. One commentator, moreover, implicitly equated with a "gossip" or "negative critic" (the type in a group or department anywhere negative over and smothers any initiative).
Real life is obviously a lot more complicated. As players or coaches make mistakes, then it is very questionable whether you with their activities must now be so happy. And it is not often enough that a knowledgeable outsider sees more than those who are on top of something with their nose? Well, at this kind of nuances they are not as good at the Essence.
Then follows a question and answer game between trainer and group (it is still something of a kindergarten) about how the four roles look like in training. 'Discuss' is then quickly commentator in the corner, 'observing' the viewer. That will be dutifully put on the board.

Thereafter, the TC's are introduced. These are the permanent assistants are assigned a small group of trainees. Every so often they sit with their group together, and then discuss the experiences of the group of trainees in the training. They also serve as a channel of communication between trainer and trainees (the numbers of trainees are simply too large to be monitored by the trainer). These TCs have done the Source (later in the Essence training they need namely to recruit, of which more later).
The TCs stand on a chair, and the trainees may choose their tc. That has to be very fast, in a kind of "Ren-your-rot-style". If you are late as a trainee, you will be put at a tc still too little "klantjes" has.

The chairs are put back, tight rank and file. The trainer will discuss the ground rules that everyone has to keep in training. It is important that none of the training may come out, you can only talk about your own sense of belonging. About contents of processes may not be brought out, and not about people. They gave as reason people should feel free to show all of himself. The course also has the additional advantage that if something goes wrong, which remains in private. You may not use alcohol and drugs during training (given the intensity of the processes rightly privately, outside the Essence building no one can control it). Furthermore, you must keep yourself on your medication, if you have one (if you as a trainee indicates, they also remind you, do not, do not like the Essence). Furthermore, you should continue to eat and drink well. If you do not leave your name card, you can center be called in the night if everything okay with you (is immediately a nice control whether everyone is indoors).
You may leave the room, but then you can inside pass again if you 'outside by guard' (a permanent assistant so) has received from the coach permission to let you in again (which goes through notes which are slid under the door). You can disrupt the training does not utterly. You get the "outside door guard 'the obligatory question:" Do you realize that training in place and that you stand out? "(Or a variant thereof). Eating and drinking in the room is not allowed.
It is funny how everyone inside is called after a break. That happens the beginning of "Also sprach Zarathustra" (Essence jargon "Sprach" called). Everyone should then with raised hands to come in and remain standing until the track ends. Everyone should also end it that fragment inside and stand for a seat. Only when the coach says, you may be seated.
After rattling off the rules 'asks' the coach everyone to abide by the rules.

Then, each trainee must be buddy pick. That's the fellow trainee lets you share everything you experience is considered. Your "buddy" so. If it is good that you help and support in the training. If it goes well ... The choice is energized with a piece of music. We will in the rest of the session often encounter.

After a pause begins the second part of the night. It is already quite late. The doors open with the previously described "Sprach" -ritueel. The assistants call you to come in to the room with your arms up. This is also designed to get you out of your "comfort zone".

The trainer says now about the Essence organization. Official motto of the organization is' to create a better world that works for everyone, out of love, care and cooperation. " They forget it or to tell you that if the training is due in deep mental problems, there is no aftercare.

The goals of the workout be interpreted also:

Create a breakthrough in our lives beyond our feelings and thoughts
To improve the quality of our personal and professional lives
Create results in our lives through participation and commitment
To take the next step
And to see ourselves as possibilities
Then the chairs are put aside and dims the light. In this "trust walk" you go looking for that trainee in the room that you find most attractive. Or if you meet someone on the run together you say one of three sentences: 'I trust you', 'I do not trust you, "or" I do not know if I trust you. " Most people do not know in advance, so you do not really know enough of the person to be able to say much. It becomes so often "I do not know if I trust you." After a first round following a sermon by the trainer. Are you with that last sentence actually honest with each other? Do not be guilty of "not-the-cat-language" (a dog not a "dog" but not a call-cat, to the bush rotate so, instead taken directly say what you mean). The latter is typically Essence jargon. The principle is not wrong, but the difference between clarity on the one hand and disrespectful and intimidating bluntness on the other hand is in the Essence world is not always clear.
In the second round the commentary on each other a lot more direct. Soon it will be "I do not trust you."
The chairs are put back, and headed by the trainer follows a sharing (sharing of experience). The trainer says' who wants to share? ". Who that should raise your hand. Then the trainer points to preference someone. People tell you about what they have experienced with the training. About who they trust and who not. There can sometimes be very painful stories among them. For example, about bullying as a child. Or overweight people who have trouble with their body (and are boosted with the song "Sex Bomb", a fixture).

Then a sermon by the trainer about trust or not follow. Trust you usually give to people who meet our own internal "frames" (read: prejudices). If someone is personable and nice, then we trust that person quickly. The same goes for eye contact, a smile, a good handshake etc. But are these lists do with reality? And is an academic program or refined language always as intelligent as people think. Then comes the "kalypagos" example (Greek for "nice ass", follows Yiftach Sagiv good to impress professors, you just have like to have found in a dictionary. He forgets or upon to tell it is also the name of a famous statue, a jewel among the preserved ancient Greek statues. Well, at aesthetics and sophistication they do not understand that at the Essence).
Then follows something the example of the security guards of El Al. Are not very accessible at an airport, but there you trust your safety and your life to. They protect you, but are not nice to you. And also its lists valid?
Then follows the example of the "yellow train". Which stand tonight on the station .... (Fill in a name)? After some prodding, then follows the question of how to know for sure. It could be that they are not there. That you only know if you're going to check it in reality. You therefore have two kinds of reality: which according to you 'opinions "and" wisdom ", which sets standards on how you would be reality. Whether the reality as it actually is, and which can investigate, to get to know so natural.

Then follows the explanation of the dyad. You will be as trainees in pairs opposite each other put on your seat. Knees together, hands on your thighs. Eye contact required, escape is hardly possible. Especially in the beginning determined awkward, not to say somewhat menacing.

Then follows a Closed Eye Process. The trainer gives a visualization where you propose to be on your own beach, and how it looks. It is also working with color visualizations that do very strongly reminiscent of the traditional Indian charkra leather. The meditation will conclude with some music.

To conclude the evening, it is now well into the night, following the conclusion of the evening. Where necessary, still sleeping arranged for trainees.

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Re: Humanication/ Essence Training
Posted by: SalinaM ()
Date: August 14, 2015 02:35PM

Day 2, Thursday, the day of the grungies

Around 17:00 start training with 'Sprach' and the corresponding entry ritual (hands up etc.). The trainees sit together in their TC groups. There then follows a question and answer games. Who knows still remember the best thing was the motto of the organization and what the purpose of the training is. So the trainer asks the questions, and the trainees may like schoolchildren raise their hands to indicate their answer. Kindergarten Sfeertje so. After that, the TC-groups in their own groups to share about each other's experiences and emotions. Is the question of what a trainee urgent or personal, the TC has been given instructions not to go there, but to encourage the trainee at the sharings his / her hand to stabbing.

Then follows a general sharing of successes. The concept of "success" is an essential part of the Essence mantra. The following items may call you if success:

A result achieved what you want
Perform an action, as planned or if necessary after some hesitation. How this action then turns out, is not important. If it does not work, follow Part 2 of the Essence mantra: "Stop, look, right, take action '
Recognize an error (and then Part 2 of the Essence mantra)
A better understanding about something you already knew
A completely new understanding (Aha-Erlebnis)
"Successes" within the Essence pretty much the cure any ailment. Do you feel tense, write down your successes. Do you feel down, write your successes. Have setback, write your successes. Etc. etc.
Followed by one of the funniest songs of Essence training: the chair derby. You're still together in your tc-groups, and everyone should sit down as soon as possible in rank and file. You can only start when the coach gave the signal. Everyone then tumbling over and over each other to get as quickly as possible to place his / her seat (plastic bucket seat, light and easy to stack). The valid locations are indicated with dots on the floor. That's all very tightly regulated. The only good if everyone is in its place and does not move anymore.
The time is recorded, and is then compared with the fastest group in Israel ever and the fastest Dutch group ever. The joke is that it can never be verified in the absence of official registration. And a group of 100 trainees is obviously substantially different from a group of 10 or 15. Well, at it's a funny ritual.
There is probably yet still something deeper behind. Especially early in the workout does not take anyone lightly. You can then easily observe a trainer who has not eager enough to swallow all the "truths" of the Essence like hot cake. It is also an indicator of the sense of belonging to a group. Beginning each of them with its seat (in the beginning is always the case), or of co-operation results in a system in which seats very quickly be passed on to each other in order to save time as. It seems harmless, but is it really you?

Then follows an explanation of the "vissekom. You will lodge in your vissekom if you think 'his' depends 'have' (you) or do (what you do). It involves a change in your thinking. You 'are' ensures that you "have" and "doing" are in place (or similar). This is illustrated with some stories. There follows a closed eyes process / visualization with some tracks.

After a pause is an explanation of "victim" and "responsible". The first is you come up in the atmosphere of excuses, wait and hope, blame and shirking and all kinds of automatic thoughts. The second is the search for the error yourself, create solutions and implement, recognize reality and move forward. Sounds at first glance not wrong, but there is a snag. What if someone has done you really angry? Eg sexual abuse, deceit, violence, or worse? This way of thinking offers excellent opportunities to "blaming the victim" (the victim is blamed for, he or she would be provoked or have been too passive, or ...).
The Essence knows how to apply this mechanism also very proficient if you run into trouble after a workout (depression, psychosis), then that is always "your responsibility" (read: "your own fault). Then ask "love, care and cooperation" from the Essence no longer common.

After a dyad process follows the grungies process (Essence jargon, a contraction of "grudge" (complaint) and something (which actually)?). The seats go to the side. The light dims. Participants then go deep into herself, eyes closed, seeking a frustration that they have for years. The trainer encourages them to participate in it more and more contact with yourself feel cheated with yourself ostracized feel, with its suppressed, with abused, with ... The trainer stoke the case and then finally calls to express it. So then pandemonium breaks loose from trainees who express their hurt feelings. That can be very intense, people who lie rigid as a small heap on the floor. People cry, people swearing, ranting, name calling, start to lash out. It varies trainer how far that late. Sometimes it remains a short burst, sometimes the trainer let it go on long. In some cases, run some trainees with their eyes closed indeed opstoppers on whether there are pretty hard collisions. The assistants do their best to avoid all that, but they may not always be in the tangle on time everywhere.

At one point calling the trainer that's enough. Then penetrating the trainees asked what the consequences in their lives were their grungees. For most trainees, this is a very challenging time. Usually see what they have given their lives for themselves in which they others pain. To stir up feeling a piece of music is played. Everyone has to share with his buddy go about the process. At that time the hall closes. Now a "clearing" of the process assistants. This process is also determined them not to sit in the cold clothes. Here too are many emotions, and often quite violent.

After the break, the trainees are again invoked the audience with 'Sprach'. After sharing is a dyad process, metaphorically, your father and mother.
You sit down with another trainee in dyad (the light is dim in the room), and turns you pretend you against your father talk. You may all say what the man has done wrong. You exchange each other therein. Are told very personal things. And many fathers is pretty much to criticize. Then comes the surprise; The trainer instructs everyone to thank your father for everything he has sacrificed for you. His own dreams and desires that because of you he has put in the background. You first have to thank him. It ends with a piece of music (can eg "Papa" of Stef Bos). The same story tells itself, but with your mother supposedly facing you. That is also sealed with a piece of music (eg "No more child 'Karin Bloemen).
Then follows a visualization, in which participants are asked to consider what decisions they took as a child to survive in the big bad world. That is energized with music (eg "Is this later" Stef Bos).

Then, it's back into the night, everyone is sent home.

The latter process the border with therapy is clearly exceeded in an Essence training. The organization claims that it "only a training" and "no therapy". That is a lie. The limit is clearly exceeded.

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