Royal Way/Jacumba Continued; (Couldn't post to the old thread)
Posted by: dumbstruck ()
Date: February 28, 2015 01:36AM

Hi All,

Throughout my time here in Los Angeles I have encountered members of this organization (as well as been invited on retreats; which I respectively declined).

I would like to state that I'm not for the whole "VIP Spirituality Vibe" (You have to spend money and know someone to gain knowledge that is supposed to better mankind); However, I also realize (or so it seems, that this group has actually helped people with their day to day lives).

My question to members (past or present) is do these teachings impact how you interact with non-members both in friendly relationships and romantic ones? I have read this whole forum and there seems to be a sense of elitism emanating from the group, but those I encounter could not be nicer (again they all know I'm not going on the retreats).

I am not here as a supporter or a naysayer, but I'm wondering if I'm setting myself up by becoming friends with people who will eventually leave me hanging for this org.

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Re: Royal Way/Jacumba Continued; (Couldn't post to the old thread)
Date: March 01, 2015 08:46AM

Please see the Royal Way thread for my response.

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