This is how Landmark trains its 'leaders'
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Date: December 13, 2012 04:07AM

When I did the Introduction Leaders Program - which believe me was more about how to be a sheep for landmark than a leader - I nearly lost my mind. If you think the forum is bad, imagine being indoctrinated for 6 or 7 months, on a daily basis, with 4 long weekends of more forum-like sessions? It was an horrendous experience. This is what led to me waking up and seeing the light about this organization. I was being 'trained' to become a sales person for landmark (and I was good at it) and any semblance of individuality was being crushed, purposefully, out of me. They tell you not to 'strong suit' this course, which means don't be yourself, and to be 'coachable' which means to do whatever you are told.

The course involved being told what to do and learning to follow landmark's instructions for 7 months of your life, with 2 4-hour time blocks spent in the center making calls, plus a Friday night 'classroom' which often involves making more calls/setting up home introductions/sharing who you registered that week, plus 'coaching calls': one on one with your 'coach' and a group coaching call. All for free. It becomes almost impossible to have a life with this much involvement.

Every week you have to fill in a statistics sheet saying how many people you have 'registered' into landmark (they have their own definition of registration by the way) and how many introductions you have given. You are monitored in every which way. It's what they call 'confronting' - that is, it's done in such a way to totally mess you up but for you to think it's for your own good.

At each 4 hour calling sessions you have to make a 'stand' (one of 4/5 which they give you to 'choose' from) and then say how many people you will register that day.

They teach you such gems as how to 'skillfully intrude' on someone. They tell you which questions to ask, which rebuttals to give, which further probing to go into if someone is a no.

They tell you to 'reach into the phone' when someone isn't bending to your 'enrollment'.

I was given a 'coach' who I found to be a pathetic person who could not pay her own cell phone bill and would regularly burst into tears and confess her 'out of integrity'.

Anyway! If you're interested, here is a letter from Harry Rosenberg to the October 2012 introduction leaders program. He tells the people in the program what to read about landmark (of course, all glowing reports and reviews). Although he says that people may read more, the fact is that most do not.

Notice that where there is an instruction to read the 'independent research', that research is what landmark has deemed independent.

THIS is how landmark 'leaders' are 'trained' - by reading everything that landmark has decided they should read, and then regurgitating it (one aspect of passing the course is your ability to memorize this stuff).

Read the original letter here

Date: October, 2012
To: Introduction Leaders Program Participants
From: Harry Rosenberg, CEO of Landmark Education
The intention in having you read the material that is outlined below is to enable you to accurately and
powerfully represent Landmark Education and The Landmark Forum to the public, and be effective in
answering questions for our customers.

I am counting on you to clear yourself on this information and to request whatever additional
information you may need. You will be viewing material on Landmark Education's web site at Of course, you are not limited to reading only what is listed here.

The following reading assignment is designed to educate you about Landmark Education and covers the
following areas:
• Company Overview • Media
• Company History • Benefits of Landmark Education Programs
• Corporate Fact Sheet • Landmark Education Methodology
• Expert Opinions on Landmark Education • On-Line Registration
• Independent Research

The material represented on these pages is not designed to capture the whole of Landmark Education, or
the spirit, heart, and overwhelming contribution of this education. I leave you to provide all that in the
Thank you for your stand for the transformation of people’s lives, and for who you are in
representing Landmark Education and our education.

© Landmark Education 2

The following materials are required reading for all Introduction Leaders Program participants.
Please go to the Landmark Education website at

Click on each page and read each page in the exact order shown.
1. Start at

2. On the top menu bar, click on ABOUT US, and read this page.

3. In the left sidebar on that page, click on COMPANY OVERVIEW, and read this page.

4. Go back to the left sidebar, click on FACT SHEET, and read this page.

5. In the left sidebar of that page, click on COMPANY HISTORY, and read this page.

6. Go back to the left sidebar, click on EXPERT OPINIONS which will now appear under
COMPANY HISTORY, and read the following pages of Expert Opinions:
A. The text below is the paragraph you will find on the web. Please click on the
highlighted word report (PDF) to read the full letter from Dr. Raymond Fowler, Ph.D.
An eminent US psychologist, renowned for his objectivity and professionalism,
recently completed a study of The Landmark Forum. In his report (PDF), he stated
that it is philosophical in nature and beneficial in numerous ways. Many
psychologists and therapists echo those conclusions.

B. Click on Edward H. Lowell and read this page.

C. Scroll down, and under the section Clergy Members and Religious Professionals,
click on The Rt. Rev. Otis Charles and read this page.

D. Scroll down, and under the section Experts on Sects and Cults, click on Lowell
Streiker, PhD. and read this page.

7. When finished, look in the right sidebar and click on INDEPENDENT RESEARCH AND
ANALYSIS, then click on each link to read the study overview. (Feel free to read any full
studies that are of interest to you.)

8. Now on the left sidebar, click on LANDMARK EDUCATION IN THE NEWS, and see how
Landmark Education is becoming the place to acquire the tools and answers for people
being able to get what they want out of life. Please read, watch, and listen to the following
media placements:

Winning Over Whining WGN-TV

Landmark Graduates On Finding Peace In Forgiveness CNN

One weekend to fix your LIFE? Irish Mail on Sunday

The Best Thing I Ever Bought MORE Magazine

© Landmark Education 3
Creating a Life You Love in Just a Few Words CBS Los Angeles KCAL-9

Friendly Fight: A Smarter Way to Say 'I'm Angry' The Wall Street Journal

Change We Can (Almost) Believe In Time Magazine

You're O.K., but I'm Not. Let's Share The New York Times

Keeping the Peace Better TV

Fast-food Chinese Chain Panda Express Bloomberg BusinessWeek
is Turning Self-help Tenets into Serious
Cash Flow

Experiencing The Landmark Forum Positive Living

Recession-Proof Your Marriage Daily Buzz

The Keys to Success The Apprentice Magazine

9. When finished, go back to the left sidebar, click on BENEFITS, and read this page.
10. In the left sidebar, click on HOW IT WORKS, then click EDUCATIONAL METHODOLOGY,
and read this page.

11. Now, for practice, and to familiarize yourself with the online registration process:
• On the very top right of the screen above the search box, click LOGIN.

• Enter the following username and password. Make sure to capitalize the entire
username and password and do not include any additional spaces at the end.

o Username: ILP
o Password: PASS

• Go to the top menu bar and click REGISTER.

field, select any location. In the CITY field, select any city. In the DATE field, select any

• Click on SEARCH.
• The results will be displayed toward the middle of the page. Click REGISTER for any
one of the events listed.
• On the next page, familiarize yourself with the process of registering online by checking
any boxes you would like, entering a name of a person who introduced you, and typing
something in the field for what you want to accomplish.


© Landmark Education 4
• On the next page, select AGREE under the Landmark Education Registration Policy,
and click CONTINUE.
• On the PAYMENT INFORMATION page, continue to familiarize yourself with the
process of registering online by reading all the fields. Please do not alter or change
anything on this page.
• You are now complete with the mock online registration. You may close your browser
This completes your review of the materials you need to be familiar with in order to
represent Landmark Education with its customers. Thank you for your partnership. Thank you for your partnership.

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Re: This is how Landmark trains its 'leaders'
Posted by: newfuture ()
Date: December 19, 2012 12:20PM

Unsurprisingly landmark has taken down the above information that I linked to. I guess they realized it wasn't in their interests to have it in the public domain. If you click on the link I provided it now returns an error message.

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Re: This is how Landmark trains its 'leaders'
Posted by: righttofight ()
Date: December 29, 2012 11:41PM

Thanks for posting that. It doesn't surprise me. And congratulation for leaving. Some never get out.

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