Date: November 10, 2004 09:41AM

Any Quixtar experiences? Had a cousin sign me up only to discover that it's an Amway thing. I cancelled, and I guess he did too since it wasn't making him any money anyway. I should have known it was too easy, for I've since discovered just how complicated it is to start a REAL internet business.


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Posted by: Riddler ()
Date: February 02, 2005 02:11PM

Two words: Stay away! :)

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Posted by: ULTAWARE ()
Date: February 03, 2005 09:58AM

Had a lady friend who tried to convince me to join some sessions with her..to enlarge her growing fold of (so far) none.....she had this "lit-up-deer-eyes-look" - she was already "taken"!!!

She was in real estate (many yrs) and had "chewed" into th Q-beef!


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Posted by: Stoby goby ()
Date: February 24, 2005 06:49AM

Riddler is Wright
Stay away from any money making scams on the net.
There are 2 many idiots spoiling it for perfesanal trades men

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Posted by: carioca ()
Date: April 19, 2006 07:48AM

I have a friend who has been trying to make some money with it. So far only expenses and it's been 2 years!

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Posted by: lyn87 ()
Date: April 25, 2006 10:03AM

what most people dont know is that the people on top of this quixtar thing arent actually selling products or the idea. they make their fortunes off of all the "motivational" products such as the tapes, CDs, books, seminars, meetings, and trips. It's a secret sub business in "the business". What bothers me most is the mis use of the bible as if quixtar and amway are god sends and that it is "God's covenant on earth" said by a speaker at one of their many conventions. This women actually said that God told her to write another chapter of the book Acts. Aparently this new chapter is about how Quixtar is God's gift. Right....but i seemes to have missed the part about how its all of a sudden ok to lie and cheat people out of their money, and to dicieve believers of the christian faith by using false testimony. But i guess it all comes down to feeding off the desires of being rich and not having to work ever again. But what people really should be doing is finding their place in the world to make a difference in other's lives...something that will stick, as we all know the desire for more money never goes away as greed finds humans very easy to digest, the soul is what needs understanding and healing. As mother teressa said " the greatest hunger in the world is not that of food but that of love". Im sorry i have rambled on so long but that's just my 2 cents.

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Posted by: funnyguy ()
Date: September 05, 2006 07:06AM

I got this email today from this guy who wrote a FREE book on Amway/Quixtar book about how they manipulate and con people. He's under attack now by them. his website is [www.merchantsofdeception.com]
I'm not posting here to get anyone to donate for this guy but I thought people should be aware of what's happening.

View Message Source

***You are receiving this because you signed up to receive my
free book on Amway/Quixtar. Your privacy is respected and you
may unsubscribe from alerts at the link below***

I need your assistance. As you will find in my
book, Merchants of Deception, I was a loyal IBO and invested
nearly a decade of my life building 'the business' to the Founder's
Emerald level. At that point, I discovered the rampant, systematic
fraud that caused the financial losses of hundreds of thousands of
other loyal IBO's.

I naively reported details of the fraud and deception directly to
then President Dick DeVos. He refused to respond and instead
Amway/Quixtar shut off my income and appear to have
attempted to cover up the consumer fraud in collaboration with
his highest level Kingpin IBO's.

Each day, more and more IBOs drop out under the weight of
these losses, unaware of how they are being scammed and
convinced by promoters that they are personal 'failures'. An
internal management report reveals an incredible 95% drop out
rate over five years. These people are regularly replaced by
yet another unaware group of consumer 'IBO' investors who
fall into the same calculated trap.

I am asking you now to support me in breaking this cycle of
deception and victimization. When the truth is widely known,
this pyramid will topple. We are near a make-or-break point. I
am speaking out with my book, news media contacts, website
and through networking with other consumer advocates.

But I face the force that has silenced many other Quixtar
whistleblowers: the Amway/Quixtar strategy of legally gagging
its victims and drowning them in legal defense costs. One Diamond
is suing me and Quixtar has filed a legal action in an effort to
prevent me from speaking to the press and to force me into the
gag order of forced arbitration. Quixtar's attorney's efforts may
break me financially and the action is geared to force me to pull
down the web site and censor the free book exposing the scam.

This action would effectively make documentation of the consumer
fraud permanently 'disappear'. My legal bills will soon be over ten
thousand dollars and this is just the beginning. I was advised that
another group of former IBO's were recently bankrupted into
silence in TX by the arbitration process that Quixtar's law firm,
Brinks Hofer, is attempting to force me into.

Despite death threats to myself, wife and son, I have continued
as a consumer advocate. The response to this work and
[www.merchantsofdeception.com] has been overwhelming with
tens of thousands of books downloaded and thousands of near
identical IBO victim testimonials coming in from over 20 countries.

Now I truly need your help. If the web site or book have been
of assistance to you or those you love, please make a donation
to my legal defense. The highly respected non profit consumer
group, Pyramid Scheme Alert has been kind enough to accept
funds for my defense to pay the law firm directly. I will never
have personal access to these funds.

Please see Pyramid Scheme Alert's Legal Defense Donation page
for details at [www.pyramidschemealert.org] If you can afford a small donation, it will be greatly appreciated.
If you have the means to make a significant donation that too will
be appreciated beyond words.

I am willing to stand up for the hundreds of thousands around the
globe who have lost and are losing money in this scheme. I simply
can no longer fund the battle alone. Terrill, you can make
a significant difference.

Thank you for your time.

Kindest Regards,

Eric Scheibeler

If you have misplaced your free copy of the book, please go to
the link below, right click on the image of the book
and select 'save as' to save it to your PC. I hope this is of some
help to you.


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