Posted by: m.t.hall ()
Date: March 17, 2006 11:45PM

Well I had the misfourtune of meeting Bob Eads in cincinnati back in 2000. This guy was a member of the "MASTER MIND GROUP", HE REALLY LIKED PLAYING HEAD GAMES WITH PEOPLE. Suckering them into heralife was the way he did it. He even ripped us of, got us to pay hundereds to use his web site call then he moved to florida and the web site disapeared. It was nothing but a hose down from the beginning. My supervisor order was about 3300. It took 9 months to sell it!!!! All in all I would say For the 10 months I did this I worked for free.

Bob sold us leads to prospective buyers for 3 bucks a piece, he acted like he was doing us a favor, if I bought 50 leads, I might get a hold of 10 people which 4 would buy.

I remember them sending me to a websight while trying to get me to join, right in front of me is a figure of a pyramid showing how the business worked, but I was told its not a pyramid! Well I can't blame anybody but myself, people if u see a duck in front of u, its a DUCK...simple as that.

I feel like ive been brain washed or controlled. I remember Bob was known for his passion as being "Personal Growth!" ROFLMAO! I remember him saying "Creat a sense of Urgency!!!" while trying to sell. I still have the button, " The extreme team!" LOL

O well u live and learn.

By the way, I never lost any weight myself nor did any who I sold to!!!!!!

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