Vision Christian Radio their god of money
Date: July 14, 2018 02:26PM

This may sound bias but how would you feel if a radio station claiming to be Christian kept sending you latter after letter claiming that they need to reach a quota of 130,000 by 30 days in order to effectively reach those for the Gospel of Jesus? When there is no such thing as a rich and prosperous Christian. Take a look at the disciples did they walk around begging for a hand out while they shared the teachings of the Word No! This letter thing I keep getting in the mail proves that their focus is not on the Word but on you guessed it Money ! And vision radio is using the ole free book if you call in ploy . Problem with this is they are telling their followers that they can be prosperous as long as they give and this is Wrong this is exacetly what The Lord warned us about in 2 peter the merchandisers vision is now selling life insurance and trips to Israel for 7000 . Where did it ever say if we scrape up enough money to get to Israel that we would be blessed ? Bob Gass of Word of the day has become more and more greedy and more focused on making people think they can be healthy wealthy and wise as long as they are Christian ?im sorry but I no longer listen or support a radio station that uses Goda Word like their personal book store it extortion and wrong . Word of the day is also allowing false teachers to infiltrate their radio station Greg Laurie is a Catholic and Christians are not Catholic they are idol worshippers . Their pope is just like a Cult leader they consider him a god type figure since when did Gods Word ever say it was acceptable to serve another idol ? Goes to show vision radios god is the god of money

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