Natural Success International
Posted by: light34 ()
Date: September 17, 2016 06:40PM

Natural Success International? is this a sort of cult?
opinions more than welcome!

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Re: Natural Success International
Posted by: corboy ()
Date: September 18, 2016 10:16PM

Their website mentions two day trainings, none currently scheduled.

I could find very little background information on NSI as a business.

Particpants have a right to know the qualifications and full background
for whoever runs a transformational workshop.

This is not to say that Natural Success International does any of these

This list applies to any workshop you're thinking of taking.

One important question: will participants' confidentiality be respected?

In this age of social media, it is very easy, scary easy for someone
to do background research on you. What you say and do via social media
means you shed clues about yourself, what your interests are, your social background - even your income level.

But...if anyone pushes you to go to a training or workshop, you have
the basic human right to know what what you will be made to do as part of
any workshop, even if it is for free.

If they say the workshops benefit everyone, smell a rat. Anything powerful enough
to be trans formative has the capacity to produce undesired side effects.

If you have to *pay* to attend a workshop, you not only have a human right
to know what will be done to you and others during that workshop; you have
a customer's right to know this.

If you sign up for a workshop and decide not to participate, will you
get your refund promptly and in a timely manner?

Make sure you can get a phone signal in the area where the workshop takes place.

Do not give up your usual medications, including caffeine and aspirin. If they do
not tell you beforehand that you are expected to go without your customary
medications and then spring this on you when you arrive at the workshop, that alone indicates its a bad scene, and time to get out.

Corboy suggets that any person attending a workshop, especially a multi-day
workshop in an unfamiliar neighborhood, take their own transportation and
remain in control of that transportation. If you drive a car or Uber it,
do not car pool. If you find you do not like what is happening, you must
be able to get hold of your car and bug out, and do it ASAP.

Don't let yourself be sweet talked to carpool. People who decide to remain
in the group may leave you feeling guilty for abandoning them, you stay too.

Make sure to park in an area where you are certain you will not be boxed in
by other people's cars.

Never give up your car keys, your ID, your phone or your laptop. Anyone who demands that you do: get outta there. Workshops are not supposed to be detention

Warning signs

* Operators of the workshop refuse to tell you what will happen, claiming
it will not be effective if you know the details.

* You are made to feel stupid or like a trouble maker if you ask what will
be done to you or others.

* You are required to sign a waiver/release of liability document giving up
your citizen and human right to sue for compensation in case you are harmed
during that workshop.

(Most human potential workshops teach that you are responsible for your life. It is therefore a double standard when a workshop leader refuses to take
responsibility for the powerful techniques used on you.)

* You are not told whether you will be made to stay awake past your normal bedtime. Sleep deprivation is a serious matter. We are learning that lack of
sleep impairs critical thinking, just as much as drinking. Some persons
lose psychological balance if sleep deprived; add stress to sleep deprivation
and it can drill you through the wall.

* Pressure from strangers to disclose intimate details of your life. Does the workshop protect your confidentiality? Do they film or record you during sessions?

You have the legal right to know this in advance.

Bad signs:

People who are harmed are considered weak or malcontents.

There is no acceptable reason to leave a workshop early or refuse to participate.

There is no respect for persons who refuse to attend or who leave early.

Vague hints that "This isnt for just anyone".

Those who have problems are accused of having victim mentality, cynicism, negativity, or bad karma.

Yeah, sure.

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