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mary kay cosmetics
Date: August 15, 2006 11:42AM


Please take the time to read about this MaryKay scam!

Feel free to pass this on to your friends! :lol: :D :)

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mary kay cosmetics
Posted by: floridaskuz ()
Date: August 19, 2006 06:18PM

I am a new consultant with Mary Kay. Actually, I signed up 2 years ago but finally got around to doing it recently. The biggest factor in my huge wait to become a consultant was the very very very FAKE FAKE FAKE women. I don't go to the meetings often because I dread those women sooooo much. Mary Kay is not for women that are not naturally pushy or extroverted. This is not for people that can not handle rejection. It is really hard and not for everyone people should really not be mislead.

It really is just simple business. I feel bad for people that have had some bad experiences with mary kay. I think it is wholly possible for people to do well with mary kay but I understand the frustration that some people have with it, just don't let them bulls*** you and it will all be alright.

I think that Mary Kay does need to wake up and realize the HUGE markets they are missing out on by catering to pampered house wives. A good chunk of my clients are MEN!!! I don't pitch anything, I don't recruit at grocery stores. Almost 100% of the time I start talking about it because people will complement me on my make-up when I am out shopping or at school. My only, I guess "Sneaky", thing I do is just make sure I have my mary kay tote at all times with the latest magazine. A lot of the time that it self will get people to ask questions.

I have been a makeup afficionado my whole life I only sell it because I really believe the products are good. This is coming from someone who has no problem plopping down 200 dollars for custom blend foundation and powder sets at prescriptives. The quality is extremely comparable to department stores. Not to knock Avon which has great prices, but I had tried it but I never liked it. But I have been using Mary Kay since I was a teenager. I could only sell some thing that I really do believe in. People that hate the company for the most part agree that there products are good.
:shock: :mrgreen: :mrgreen: :oops: :oops:
Mary Kay for some is probably like that restaraunt that has great food but craptacular service. Do you stop eating on principle or keep eating the good food and ignore the annoying waiter?

I am probably the chillest illest mary kay consultant you will ever meet. Don't hate the pink because you may have had a stupid b**chy director. Just so you all don't think I am brainwashed here are some facts about myself.

I hate kids
I love lip rings, punk music, and comic books (good charlotte is not punk)
Can't stand soccer moms and SUV's
I am not a christian and I really hated going to church.
I think a god first, family second, and career third philosophy is about the stupidest thing I have heard!!!!
I know who Tera Patrick is!

P.S.- I will make it a point to wear pants to every meeting just for you scorned former reps!!!!

I am not looking to score a client from this post. So only reply if you have a nice insult to throw my way!!!!! :twisted: :twisted:

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mary kay cosmetics
Posted by: whisperingpink ()
Date: August 21, 2006 11:11AM

Tomorrow I am returning my inventory to the company. My typical income from skin care classes, re-orders, and one on one facials was between 500 - 1000 dollars a month. So why on earth did I leave???

Because I believe many units in MK opperate like Cults.

First I was told how wonderful I was and how God brought me into MK by his divine will.

Slowly my director began to pull me away from friends and family whom she convinced me were negative and bad for me because they were not supporting me in MK. Really they were all just worried about the long hours I was working.

When women would quit or walk away from MK our director would tell us (meaning the entire unit) to stay away from that person because they were negative, and would ruin our business by planting doubts in our hearts breaking our faith. She always added that she was praying for them. I guess that was suppose to make us forget about that person, oddly it worked.

Whenever I missed a goal I wasn't working hard enough, or praying hard enough according to my director.

When I had issues about ethics, or the way something was handled my director would become angry and say that I had little faith and that I needed to learn to follow God's plan for my life.

Every meeting our unit was told that our director prayed for each and every one of us. When there was a big goal, our director singled people out and told them that God "put it in her heart that we individualy were going to pull our unit through to our BIG goal." She would call 25 or so people and say to each one of them, "you are the one."

In the end she told me that if I left MK I was turning my back on God.

At first I was only pulling away from the unit. Then after emails, hearing voice mails, and through word of mouth what she was saying to other people...I just wanted out. As far out as possible. When she heard I was leaving MK forever, suddenly there was silence. No one from the unit that is still active is speaking to me. I have been cut off.

There was fear and pain in leaving. After years of being told this was God's plan my faith was broken, and I wasn't sure of anything outside of MK.

I have seen a lot of women hurt. Women who had little money and gave it all to inventory. Then when they didn't land big parties because their friends were in their same finacial arean our director would say they were not working hard enough. Women cash out 401K plans, and barrow against their homes for a shot at a better life. In the beginning not many directors tell them that only 2 - 3% ever get to directorship. And how much time it really takes when you have to reach outside of your social circle. It can be done, but not that many people seem to be all that truthful about what it takes to get there.

To me MK is a lot like cult. You are brought in under the tent of friendship and love of God. You are kept there through what I can only describe as guilt and a bit of fear. Not all MK units are this way, or so I choose to believe. I only know that mine was very much this way.

So according to my director I am now lost with no hope.

Reality, I am spending time with my family and enjoying life again. No one is there to guilt me for not talking to every woman within three feet of me while out to dinner with my family, or while shopping.

I am free. :D

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mary kay cosmetics
Posted by: ezdoesit ()
Date: August 22, 2006 02:17AM

Thanks for writing this, whisperingpink. Having been involved gives you a much better vantage point from which to warn others.

How many people, do you think, would avoid this organization if they knew up front what they were getting into?

And the practice of "shunning" is something we inherited from archaic tight-knit religious groups or even tribes. The leaders know that the idea of ostracism or exclusion is so primally fearful among social animals as we are that it is often enough of a threat to keep people from straying.

Actually, I'd say that any group that uses shunning, either as threat or act, is most likely a cult of some sort.

Best to you,


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mary kay cosmetics
Posted by: fightingfatigue ()
Date: September 28, 2006 02:02AM

Fortunately, more and more consultants and ex-consultants are coming out with their stories and how they were deceived and lied to. There are some very popular anti-MK sites that are spreading the word.

In Mary Kay, there is a lot of lying by obmission, yet those caught up in the pink fog will say that this is not done on purpose. Trust me, many know exactly what they are saying and doing.


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mary kay cosmetics
Posted by: Pretty In Pink ()
Date: November 06, 2006 07:04AM

In the business of selling MaryKay products it is well known that it is one based on the success you YOURSELF brings in. Nowhere in it does it promise you will wake up one morning rich because you signed the contract and bought the inventory. Like any other successful person in any business you have to work hard to play hard.Granted, if you have a psychopath director, get a new one. Become one! theres one more incentive to try harder. as for you miss i hate kids and dont believe in God, what are you doing in a business whose morals, ethics and attitudes are based on that?!?! Its like a plus size woman walking into a petite store and expecting something for her and complaining that theres not..HELLO! Dont be stupid. :shock:

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