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Re: Ex members of John MacArthur's church
Posted by: kr2726 ()
Date: June 21, 2017 01:47AM

And it's acceptable to YOU that Johnnie Mac claims you can take the mark of the Beast and STILL be saved, and that he profanes the precious blood of Christ, calling it a "metaphor" of His death???

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Re: Ex members of John MacArthur's church
Date: November 02, 2017 07:24AM

I agree with the poster who actually said my post was "anecdotal hodge podge" that he (I assume he) said the accusations and comparisons of John MacArthur were WAY off base! That said, what this poster called "hodge podge" can really hurt people and damage their lives and this is taking place with the "story of Jane" TMC is facing from those who are NOT turning the other way!

We are talking about something Jesus took VERY seriously, heart attitude! It is very concerning when one wipes out specific details as "hodge podge"...what does that heart attitude reflect? Could that heart attitude lead one in leadership to sit a young woman who was raped in the same room as her rapist? It is this type of insensitivity that does doe violate the "law of the land" but it does reveal great insensitivity and a "Pharisaical" comparison that should trouble any "Christian"

It is THIS heart attitude that most of these posts are communicating in various stories over and over! This heart attitude that gets shoved under the carpet revealing troubling concerns and thinking/teaching that would allow this hypocrisy! That is worth unpacking and confronting.

There is a VERY simple test in life: it is called REACTION--how one reacts to a situation reveals the truth of their beliefs and heart/mind. This is part of our sinful condition...on "paper" we can believe the Pharisee is way off base, the Pharisee who wanted to KILL Jesus...and then in action, we represent the Pharisee more than the very Lord we say we worship and serve/follow...and when confronted do we repent? NO...we attack, minimize, reduce to stay in control...but in control of WHAT? Ahhhh...that is scary! Could it be we are not really who we think we are?

Trust me here...truth is truth! When you look beneath surface of the lives of these people, you will see VERY controlling and manipulating behavior in the family and surrounding family members. There are A LOT of secrets! They have to have secrets to keep things under control...but, we are only as sick as our secrets!

Sorry...the head (IQ) and the heart can have HUGE gaps between the two. Grace is a very high IQ church...for a while it looks fabulous...but once you get inside, there is a "boy's club" mentality and you better not upset the cart...if you do, arrows are thrown and the serious sin of covering up takes place reveals troubling heart attitudes...and dare I say this, to keep the EMPIRE rolling forward! John MacArthur has become an empire of publishing royalties and a massive amount of product in books, DVD's, videos, Bibles, etc
Follow the money trails and very disturbing things rise to surface...

The entire story is summed in the movie The Bridge on the River will have to seek out what I mean if you dare to look!

How's that for more "hodge podge"...

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