Randy Shankle & the Church in Marshall
Posted by: Doma ()
Date: July 31, 2009 02:46AM

I am putting this under destructive churches, because they are not technicaly a cult, but are a christian church with cult like practices.

I am new here and found this forum looking for info on Randy Shankle.

I am the owner of www.kingdom-gospel.com and about 12 year ago I put up a webpage discussing Randy Shankle and the Church in Marshall, which was neutral in nature discussing both positive and negative aspects of the church and man.

But shortly thereafter was reconnected with a former elder of the church who had left and he told me how bad the church got after I left and slowly added more info to the webpage, and eventually have about 5 pages on the subject. Also a doctor contacted me at the same time telling me that Randy encouraged his wife to leave him and go to CiM (the Church in Marshall). He found me because of my webpage.

Eventualy a forum was created for former members where we discussed what happened to us or others at the church. Sadly many who came to the forum were so hurt they left christianity or were so wounded that they were bitter.

I then decided to start a blog, where I could discuss topics from my website, but most of the blog ended up having articles about Randy and CiM. Eventually I began recording their services which they broadcast live through the internet and made clips exposing their error, so people could hear with their own ears the bad stuff going on there.

Who is Randy Shankle?

He origanly I believe was in an Assembly of God school to become a pastor, but may not have finished his degree. Not sure on these details. He then became discipled and trained by a man of God in California, picked up some nice teachings, expanded on them and became popular. He began his ministry visiting other churches and stuff and ministering around other churches. He eventually wrote the book "The Merismos" and was featured on TBN.

He started a church in Marshall Texas, and a Discipleship/Bible school there as well.

He began borderline ministry along the lines of the Shepherding movement. He never crossed to dramaticly, but enough to cause problems, like with my case. I wanted to marry a girl there and they refused to marry us because there was no public prophecy that it was from God, nor did the elders recieve a word from God about us being married.

There was only borderline control, the biggest I saw there was control who got married. But it got worse after I left. The former elder who left the church told me that Randy told him, if he wanted to do God's will he would have to do everything Randy said. It got that bad. Randy would use the women of the church as rewards to those men who followed and submitted to him, marrying them. If a man began to question Randy, he would then try and get his wife to side with him, causing divorces.

I have 2 blog pages that discuss why Randy is dangerous:




I also uncover some of his bad doctrine on my website here:


I got the former elder to write a letter exposing Randy publicly also. It is no longer on my website, but you can read an archived copy here:

and here:

Later the man whom Randy later submitted to, called a meeting to bring correction to Randy, and eventualy wrote a letter exposing him. He also let me publish his letter, and it can still be found here:


Randy may not be known by many, but thousands have gone thru his church. More have read his book or seen him on TV. He has destroyed marriages, other churches, and families. He has even done so in South Africa. He even recently stated publicly he was gonna destroy more churches in South Africa, I have it recorded and available on my blog.

For those who wanna hear with their own ears some of the errors he gets involved in from his own mouth can hear clips on my blog here:


Why do I get involved? I wrote a post on that as well, here:


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Re: Randy Shankle & the Church in Marshall
Posted by: Doma ()
Date: June 08, 2013 11:13AM

My website has changed. The new page and website for Randy Shankle and the Church in Marshall can be found here: [www.gospel-kingdom.com]

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Re: Randy Shankle & the Church in Marshall
Posted by: broken hearted ()
Date: February 07, 2015 02:18AM

I need help. Don't know what to do. Recently went to marshal with another man to pay honor to randy for who he was in my life. He prophesied concerning us, told us we both had the seal of Christ. Told me I would never deny him but he would me. A couple weeks later he did. He flew up here and told me he would destroy me and take my name viral if I wouldn't come back under him with this little church. He has. Even to radical flat lies to government agencies causing Court cases much more. Hideous things I never thought possible fabricated. Now pacing such lies from his pulpit and every church he can speak in. All the whole promoting his new enterprise. Help! He told everyone I and this other man flew there to cookbooks we had sexual addictions. That is the least of what he has done.

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Re: Randy Shankle & the Church in Marshall
Posted by: PDTOON ()
Date: March 07, 2019 08:43AM

I wonder if this is the same church I know of from an acquaintance I once knew, who moved there to join this church but left because the pastor used influence to switched children from one family to another; no doubt wives as well. The husband and wife couple have 4 girls 2 boys and would have no part of it,lasted about one year and moved back to Florida.

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