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Re: Turning Point Church Lebanon Oregon-Tell Your Story
Date: January 23, 2010 12:08AM

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Re: Turning Point Church Lebanon Oregon-Tell Your Story
Date: May 16, 2010 11:04PM

Symptoms of an Unhealthy Church

1. Abusive leaders base their spiritual authority on their position or office rather than on their service to the group. Their style of leadership is authoritarian. (I am an Apostle; Im the prophetess therefore...; Im the pastor and I say...; I am your Covering...;)

2. Leaders in abusive churches often say one thing but do another. Their words and deeds do not match. (You need to love well;)

3. They manipulate people by making them feel guilty for not measuring up spiritually. They lay heavy religious loads on people and make no effort to lift those loads. You know that you are in an abusive church if the loads just keep getting heavier.

4. Abusive leaders are preoccupied with looking good. They labor to keep up appearance. They stifle any criticism that puts them in a bad light.

5. They seek honorific titles and special privileges that elevate them above the group. They promote a class system with themselves at the top. They desire to be number one and they require everyone to refer to them as "Pastor" or "Dr."

6. Their communication is not straight. their speech becomes especially vague and confusing when they are defending themselves.

7. They major on minor issues to the neglect of the truly important ones. They are conscientious about religious details but neglect God's larger agendas.

from the site: []

Other articles worth reading:




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Re: Turning Point Church Lebanon Oregon-Tell Your Story
Posted by: ostracizedone ()
Date: June 03, 2010 11:44PM


Fleecing The Flock For Fun and Profit

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Re: Turning Point Church Lebanon Oregon-Tell Your Story
Posted by: ostracizedone ()
Date: June 04, 2010 11:13PM


This is not about an opposing theology or conflicting viewpoint on Jesus,this is a war for the souls of men,come out from among them,this is about your life !

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Re: Turning Point Church Lebanon Oregon-Tell Your Story
Posted by: ostracizedone ()
Date: June 09, 2010 02:49AM


Total Posts Rick Ross Destructive Church Forum...11,396

Total Non Radiant Life Cult/TPWOC Posts...............5,565.....48.84%

Total Radiant Life Cult/Tony Cunningham Posts......2,989.....26.22%

Total TPWOC/Mike Villamor Posts...........................2,842....24.93%

Combine Total Percentage Of Posts On
Radiant Life Cult/Tony Cunningham and TPWOCult/ Mike Villamor.......51.16%

Over 51% of the total posts on an Cult Education Forum are attributed to the Satanic twistings of a Spiritual Father/Spritual Son team Tony Cunningham and Mike Villamor...............What does this leave to doubt?

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Re: Turning Point Church Lebanon Oregon-Tell Your Story
Posted by: BraveHeart ()
Date: March 11, 2011 09:22AM

Dear Calvin.....where did ya go???
Looking at your church web site, I would suggest that you reconsider the use of Jeremiah 29:11 from the
I’m New page

i'm new
Welcome to Turning Point Church!

We are excited you are here. If you are considering calling Turning Point your church home, there is a place and purpose for you here. Jeremiah 29:11 says, " 'For I know the plans I have for you,' declares the Lord, 'plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future' " (NIV).
Fill out our "I'm New" form and let us know you're interested in knowing more. We can't wait to hear from you!

We want you to love life, not just live life. Get started by checking out the opportunities below.

Recommended First Steps for Getting Connected:

1 Attend Class 101: Come meet our senior pastor, Calvin Bontrager, and hear the mission and vision God has given us at Turning Point. This is the first class in our Christian Life Development Series (CLDS). These classes will be offered Sunday mornings before Sunday service. The remaining classes in the series will help you discover your God-given gifts and the disciplines of the faith.

2 Begin a Discipleship Relationship: We encourage those interested in going deeper in their faith to consider a one-on-one discipleship relationship. If you identify someone whom you would like to mentor you, simply approach them and ask them to consider and pray about discipling you. If you have any questions regarding having a discipleship relationship, please contact..... (I deleted that information)

3 Begin to Serve and Continue to Learn: Turning Point is full of opportunities to serve, advancing the Kingdom of God while you connect with brothers and sisters and grow in your faith. Stop by our Get Connected Volunteer table in the Worship Center before and after service on Sunday. Check out Turning Point's Ministries to find out more about places to get connected!

What about starting with Rentance and Faith in Jesus?
Matthew 4:17 From that time on Jesus began to preach, “Repent, for the kingdom of heaven has come near.”

Wouldn't that be the proper foundation to build upon?
Some of the false teaching that has drifted through the Christian church shows up like this,
pastors, NOT practicing good hermeneutics or exegesis.

Why don’t you take the same chapter in Jeremiah 29 and quote verses 17-19?

Thus says the LORD of hosts, 'Behold, I am sending upon them the sword, famine and pestilence, and I will make them like split-open figs that cannot be eaten due to rottenness.
'I will pursue them with the sword, with famine and with pestilence; and I will make them a terror to all the kingdoms of the earth, to be a curse and a horror and a hissing, and a reproach among all the nations where I have driven them,
because they have not listened to My words,' declares the LORD, 'which I sent to them again and again by My servants the prophets; but you did not listen,' declares the LORD.

Calvin, you might be a student from SOMA North West? Maybe that would explain why this passage is being used out of context! This is how false teachings start out, and when a church deliberately picks and chooses verses they like and they ignore verses in the same passage this is Eisegesis.

Eisegesis (is from the Greek) is the process of misinterpreting a text in such a way that it introduces one's own ideas, reading into the text. This is best understood when contrasted with exegesis. While exegesis draws out the meaning from the text, eisegesis occurs when a reader reads his/her interpretation into the text. As a result, exegesis tends to be objective when employed effectively while eisegesis is regarded as highly subjective. An individual who practices eisegesis is known as aneisegete, as someone who practices exegesis is known as an exegete.

We see this with the prosperity movement they take the Idea or belief that their god wants everybody to $prosper$. so they go the the bible and pick and chose bible verses that line up with their belief. You have offered us a great example here on your church web site.

Pastor, you have a chance to make a fresh new start, please repent of your false teaching, and get back to preaching the gospel!

If you still in the fog as to what the gospel sounds like, please check out his pastor/missionary he might be a source of encouragement with your endeavor.
I would highly encourage you to watch this video


thanks for your time


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Re: Turning Point Church Lebanon Oregon-Tell Your Story
Posted by: BraveHeart ()
Date: March 12, 2011 03:53AM

Calvin Bontrager
Hey brother there is absolutely noting wrong with the use of Scripture in this way.... We are not a part of the prosperity group and I will not ignore one scripture over another just because ther is a false prosperity doctrine out there.... the purpose of this page is to encourage people to know that God cares about them and loves them and the Bible clearly states that He has a plan for each of us..... I do not believe that God intends everyone to be rich and I do not hold to prosperity preaching... I actually am completely against it..... I realize there is much that could be said on an opening page of a web site but Jesus said the entire Word could be summed up in Love.... His love for us and ours for one another. Personally I will start where Jesus did and work from there. I preach repentance and righteousness all the time so for me to use this verse as an encouragement to people is completely solid.....if I was using it as a prosperity guy and followed it up with a bunch of crap about God wants you to be rich....then you would have a point but that is not who we are or what we preach...
Dear Pastor Calvin
I am sure you don’t realize but you just made my point, demonstrating your approach to the holy words of God [the Bible] and how you read the text.
You are NOT practicing good Exegesis, examining the data or passage to make a conclusion and then application.

You are coming up with your preconceived conclusion and then you are finding verses to use to support you belief.

Remember context, Context, CONTEXT! You’re sounding a bit like Joel Osteen here.

Pastor, I beg of you to look at the passage of Jeremiah 29 (all of it!)

let me give you a basic hermeneutic class?
Look at the context of that passage, who is this passage written to? What is the context? What is the reason for writing? What is going on? War, Famine, Feast, Traveling etc. What is life like? What are the circumstances? What is the culture?
When was this written, OT or NT? and where was he writing?

We can not understand the text differently than the original audience.
If our understanding is diffident than the original audience, WE ARE WRONG.
Ask yourself what is the meaning of this passage? What is the principle in general terms?

Read it right, what covenant are the people under? How does that apply to us today?

Old Testament vs. New Testament
Old Testament: Quid Pro Quo Covenant; Example Isreal behave like this, I will bless you, Isreal behave like that, I curse you. And when you are blessed nations will want to know me.
New Testament: Spiritual
How does the New Testament alter the principle of this Old Testament text?

Remember one word can have a lot of meanings but can only have one meaning in the text.
Never read a bible verse without reading the full context!

Please have some reverence for the word of God.

Calvin What are your thoughts about the points razed in that video?
You can post it here or private message me here, or respond to one of my emails to your church.

I am not sure if you have been following the new promo video for Rob Bell's new book "love-wins" but after several people have watched it,
We understand that Rob Bell believes that every soul on the planet will be saved.
We know that the bible does not teach that, so who is wrong? That would be Mr. Rob Bell!!!

This is why and how theology is so important to the Christian, today!
The one who will compromise the truth or waters down the words of God, to avoid a conflict, or to appear relevant, hip and cool, according to the Bible a person who becomes pragmatic to the word of God is an anathema!

Charles Spurgeon said something like ‘I would not intentionally teach any passage from the bible, out of context, even if that could some how win thousands to follow God.’
John Wesley said; “I would not tell one lie to save the souls of all the world.”
Spurgeon also said;
“I hold one single sentence out of God’s word to be of more certainty and of more power than all the discoveries of all the learned men of all the ages.”
“Saints not only desire to love and speak truth with their lips, but they seek to be true within; they will not lie even in the closet of their hearts, for God is there to listen; they scorn double meanings, evasions, equivocations, white lies, flatteries, and deceptions.”
Wesley and Spurgeon are just two men who are today respected men of God, they had the utmost respect, honor, admiration, reverence and esteem for the words of God.
Pastor my prayer for you is to "come-about" (an old sailing term) to turn around and strengthen your theology and your use of the Bible and the preaching of the Gospel of Jesus Christ. I believe each messages to the seven churches in Revelation applies not only to your church but to us individually!!! Read the word of God and show yourself to be a steward of these Holy words.
When somebody is theologically wrong, Christians need to be the kind of believer who would say friend you need to GET OUT OF THAT CULT because it diminished the character, nature and glory of God and the souls that are in it!

Respect the words of God, so that in 100 years your words would be counted as being biblically theological, correct and true, not some charlatan wrangling for the attention and homage a few fools.


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Re: Turning Point Church Lebanon Oregon-Tell Your Story
Posted by: buddy ()
Date: March 31, 2011 12:35AM

Come out, Come out where ever you are. Calvin, I imagine you are a very busy person and your activity keeps you from addressing the following questions:

Specifically, were you ever considered "under the cover" of Turning Point Church World Outreach Center?

have you ever participated in a ceremony where you became a "spiritual child" of anyone at Turning Point World Outreach Center?

are you currently or have you ever been a "spiritual parent" to anyone in your church?

Why did you change the name of your church to "Turning Point Church - Lebanon"

go so far as to adopt the TPC logo

What was your involvement in the decision to fund Mike's move to Texas with a severance package taken from the Building fund account of TPCWOC?

Have you provided any funds to Mike and Cyndi in the past year?

What is the current status of your College: Pacific Northwest Bible College (formerly known as SOMA - Modeled after Tony Cunningham's SOMA college)?

Have you ever taught the concept of "covering" as explained in John Bevere's book, Undercover, to your leadership at Turning Point Church- Lebanon?

The recent church consultant brought in by Jeff Barnes came to the conclusion that TPC was and perhaps remains very much a cult. What is your response to this conclusion?

Please, address when you find the time.

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Re: Turning Point Church Lebanon Oregon-Tell Your Story
Posted by: buddy ()
Date: April 02, 2011 01:33AM

If you go back and read your bible all the warnings to the churches is directed to the false teachings and false teachers that are from within the church! read Ephesians, Galatians, Jude, Revelation chapters 1-3, 2nd Peter address this problem!
I believe the church today is sick, her health is rapidly failing as viruses and pestilence keep infesting the church. If a pastor can not openly talk and discuss these issues and deal with it according to the word of God then this person should be removed from the pulpit immediately!

Calvin, after speaking with you you know who I am I don't cair one bit about the latest youth program or the latest sermon series I want to know if you deserve to be a pastor? Are you willing to preach the word of God? Demonstrating you know how to open up a book like 1 & 2 Peter and preach breaking the passage down that would be "exegesis" and practicing good hermeneutics??? don't run to your computer and download some sermon series for $29.95! or be like Rob Bell posing like he is Christian when his theology is unorthodox and very anti biblical!
Pastor or a Wolf?
Christian believer get back into the gospel!! Know the words of God, don't let false teachers ever have a chance to get in and sew their decepticon!


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Re: Turning Point Church Lebanon Oregon-Tell Your Story
Posted by: gunslinger34 ()
Date: August 23, 2012 04:35AM

oka I think its time I shed some light on this subject of turning point church, from my point of view. I am sure though, I will not be popular with some people over this but oh well, then again some may not even read this.

Turning point church draws alot of people who come from broken , abusive, boozing, drug , and addiction filled lives. The bontragers and the church leaders "mentor them". I must admit they do a good job of teaching these people to get rid of this garbage. I give them credit becasue not to many people care to help others these days.

However there is a flip side to this. They dont not teach people what responsibility, integrity, good character, and what honor, is to others, and to your church, and to god. They teach that if you dont have those qualities, its oka, it just means your "not perfect" and that oka to. I heard one of there "loving" pastors say , that if I de mean someone else, its oka, becasue god knows I am not perfect, so thats all that matters. I dont care that I crushed you, and ripped you a knew one.

the bontragers dont want you to give god the glory, they want you to give them the glory, jump when they tell you, and come when they tell you.

if you ask questions, dont agree with the people or leaders of that church, dont keep quiet, dont go along with there ideas, or your not in the "bontrager" or "church circle" then your done, your kind of treated as a outcast. They will not go against "there own"

these people are taught that accountability is wrong. They claim that is forcing your will on other people. Hello!!!! umm how many passages in the bible, say that jesus was all for accountability??.

oh another warning, if your a take the bull by the horns type of person, and bring it on, that is a major sin to them!!. They dont have the guts to handle someone like that, again read the bible , and the passages where it says, that jesus did take the bull by the horns!!, with actions, wisdom and words!.

I feel so much sadness, becasue I know of so many people, that came there, thinking they were loved, accepted, then totally ignored. SHAME ON YOU TURNING POINT CHURCH AND YOU BONTRAGERS!. my hope is you all see this behavior and stop it, before god takes his presence away.

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