Posted by: Pincled ()
Date: August 06, 2008 10:15PM

I would like to suggest that those seeking drug or alcohol treatment view Teen Challenge as a cult. This is a one year program/ treatment facility in states throughout the U.S. as well as PA. The 'teen' part is a holdover from yesteryear--it now treats adults. It is not for the religious of any other denomination but 'Born Again'. It's belief is in total spiritual reformation, and it's program is intensive. My further comments relate specifically to the Philadelphia, PA facility: All activities during the residential day are Bible study, Bible classes (which one must graduate in order to remain). There is no contact with the outside even by telephone for one month. There is no activity outside the building other than church and song performances at churches, which all must attend. And then there's cleaning the place (including scrubbing the white linoleum on your hands and knees with steel wool pads). Other scheduled cleaning and cooking is alloted for 5-20 minutes (excluding the main cook). This time frame is enough to create an illness. Any attempts at disagreeing with policies and procedures are simply viewed as 'your problem'. There is no room to negotiate on any of this. The Philadelphia facility's main manager presents as a brooding hostile who's main preoccupation is cleaning. During visit to this place for purpose of this review, they had no graduate level counselors. Two house maangers were program graduates. This program is great if you're a Born Again felon seeking employment, but only if you can pass the rigorous program. There is also a blog site for 'anti Teen Challenge' with numerous testimonials. I encourage others to visit it.

Posted by: JW ()
Date: August 08, 2008 01:39AM

I don't know anything about Teen Challenge except one thing. I know someone who is 20 years old who was in Teen Challenge maybe a year or two ago. Maybe it doesn't deal so much with teens anymore, but some are still quite young.

Posted by: karen ()
Date: August 08, 2008 07:10AM

Teen Challange is really into the Karismatic movement, from what I know of it.
If you can handle intense bible studies and alot of van rides (you HAVE to go
on) to a bunch of different churches almost every night (to give your "testimony),
then Teen Challange is the place for you.

I have nothing against the Karismatic movement but I do know if you're not
into laying on of the hands and babbaling in tongues like they do, you won't
fit in very well.


Posted by: Pincled ()
Date: August 08, 2008 09:38PM

Which state Teen Challenge have you experienced?

Posted by: jason ()
Date: September 08, 2008 09:15PM

Teen Challenge in Oakland, CA really helped me put. other than the required begging for money at grocrery stores it was a cool experience. NOW VICTORY OUTREACH is a nother story I was abused, beaten by two guys with zero reprimand for them and my life was threatened with a butcher knife. I was then ostracized for call 911 and haiving dude arrested, They also do not care about prescripion meds, you just ARE NOY ALLOWED to have them. the worst part was being told that a victory outreach pastor id the closest thing to God there is whila here on earth. Jason

Posted by: Pincled ()
Date: September 09, 2008 09:43PM

I hope that you were able to broaden your scope beyond your experience if you were disappointed. There is almost nothing worse that being dependent on information from a source and either not agreeing with or outright knowing they are incorrect.

Posted by: Pincled ()
Date: December 05, 2008 11:58PM

I was later sent this message again, and so would like to apend my earlier comments, regarding Teen Challenge/PA or any such group, that, one: if you participate in one and they do not let you take perscription medication for any reason, it would be best to discontinue attending. If you suffer medical problems from Teen Challenge or any program's poor advice, seek an attorney to contact them, because the medical profession prescribed something for a reason that faith healing cannot deny based on faith, but only a lawyer will convince them of that.

Posted by: Sparky ()
Date: December 09, 2008 09:36AM

Hi all,

There is a new Teen Challenge thriftshop near me in New England (USA...north and east of NYC, for our international friends).

An attorney in my condo complex is very active with them as a "charity". Since I live in a community situation, I do not confront the fellow resident on the bizarre antics of this abusive cult.

I am frustrated often when I see the "Teen Challenge" van parked in our visitor parking area, knowing the clueless attorney is hosting them/working for them. There is nothing I can do, but should I see an escapee breaking free of them and bolting for the exit, I will post about it. Boy, this "Christian" cult really bugs me...big time.

Posted by: fhaye ()
Date: September 16, 2009 07:32PM

I've never experience the so called Teen-Challenge but when I was in an adolescent residential treatment I was there for a program that they have through counseling and therapy. We do activities inside the facility but not through Teen-Challenge or Victory Outreach. Is that a residential treatment center or a center for collecting money?

Posted by: Hope ()
Date: August 30, 2010 12:00AM

Ask Your Senators to Vote "No" on "Community Health Workers Act"!--Senate Bill 319, "Community Health Workers Act of 2009" was introduced by Sen. Bingaman (D-NM) and Sen. Durbin (D-IL). The purpose of this bill is to provide behavioral and mental health interventions to poor and minority women and children. Sen. Bingaman is attempting to expand his state's failed juvenile system to the federal system. Even in state run facilities in New Mexico, there have been severe problems. Beyond this, the NM Children, Youth, and Family Department utilizes OptumHealth (based out of Utah) for referrals to behavioral health programs including those operated by notoriously fraudulent and abusive programs like Provo Canyon School and Aspen Education Group/CRC Health. Sen. Bingaman is looking to fast-track and fund the placement of children in programs unfit for human service. His partner in this faulty and misleading legislation is Sen. Durbin. Sen. Durbin has voted to fund programs like Teen Challenge. Based on the language and intent as well as the practical history of both senators in this regard, HEAL requests that you tell your senators to vote "no" on Senate Bill 319. Please ask your senator to refuse to co-sponsor and vote "no" on this misleading legislation.

For more Teen Liberty Action Alerts, visit www.heal-online.org/teen.htm#action

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