Church Hall of Shame
Posted by: franknhonest ()
Date: May 28, 2007 06:57AM

Hi all,

I'm the owner of the Anti-Church Forum, which has its own Church Hall of Shame.

If anyone wants to add a cult to it, they're welcome. Just fill in the form on the site.

I've was influenced by a small cult in Britain for several years (John Metcalfe group), but have now left fundamentalist Christianity. The techniques cults use can be insidious.

Jon Castro

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Church Hall of Shame
Posted by: Kastlefeer ()
Date: June 12, 2007 01:59PM

I suppose the vanguard for this type of thing might Christopher Hitchens :D I'm of a like mind, think churches should be taxed to offset the damage they do to society, and ultimately the money reinvested to bolster science education, classes on the history of secular institutions, even understanding religions' effects through the course of history. Plato's magnificent myth keeps popping into my head. What kind of social order should we have?

I am disturbed at the situation in the US, with it's crumbling constitution, no habeus corpus, and religion on the rise, and war in the air.

Religion is afforded way to much respect, liberty is one thing, on the whole i think things have gone way to far. Science and secular institutions not protected full well enough. I salute you in making a web page to raise awareness and challenge the status quo tho I do think the situation in europe is far better than here.

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