Hate group Prophecy Watchers
Posted by: concernedone ()
Date: August 08, 2003 05:56AM

The following group, Prophecy Watchers whose website is found at [www.prophecywatchers.com] is connected with another group im Tampa Florida, Apostolic Messianic Fellowship ([www.jesus-messiah.com]). On both sites they have message forums designed to cut down and destroy all of those who do not agree with their doctrine. These men use scare tactics to force those in their churches to believe like they do or suffer the fate those who left us have. In the hot topics forum on Prophecy Watchers website under the section Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints in the section Mormons with the Elijah Message it mentions a minister who was once with them who went to another group that believes the Book of Mormon to be God inspired.

Each post is directed to attacking this Minister personally, and whether he be right or wrong the statements these ministers are making about this man personall are just not right and I feel it my duty whether I agree with this man or not to post the hate crimes being committed by this judgemental group who only chooses to slander people who dont agree with them.

The owner of the group J.T. Wheeler has been known to gang up on people along with his friend Dr. G. Reckart and try to ridicule them and post things that will bring shame and hurt to the one being attacked to try and destroy their influence never thinking about that persons life and what effect their words may have on the person they are speaking against. A person is allowed to Worship God according to their feelings as long as their faith does not hurt another person they are entitled undcer the constitution to this right. Go to these websites and see the stuff posted and how they are going to oppose all that this Minister will ever do by stirring up hatred against him.

This is not right. But so many groups do this because they have the right to believe how they want to. Lets hope this Minister is not hurt by these words.


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Hate group Prophecy Watchers
Posted by: Hole in the Sky ()
Date: August 10, 2003 03:24AM

Being a Native American who watched his own mother being drug off for delusional religious belief's and put into a sanitarium where they forced drugs into her by court "jarva" laws. It is hard for me to understand this freedom of religion. My mother died from to many electro-shock treatments and was burried on the southern boarder of the reservation. Now, I hear the claims of men standing on soap boxes: "We are headed in the direction of fascism so long as Bush, Rumsfeld, Ashcroft, Poindexter and the far right group remain in power." Have they been sleeping since the last quarter of the nineteenth century? Fascism? How these soap box politicians forget the story of the "Ghost Dance" an the notorious massacre at Wounded Knee, in which U.S.troops killed a band of Sioux Indians who had dared to flee their reservation after the "medicine man." You are worried about fascism and Federal controls of your lands. I did not see you at Wounded Knee, or hear your cries for freedom and liberty for our Native Americans families when they were herded up like buffalo's and caged into reservations tracts. Still today on the boarder towns of these reservations the rich mans jails are 90% Native Americans and they still live in poverty experiencing racism first hand. Fascism? There is an old tale from the Mede Ojibwe culture of Native Americans. It is about two fatherless boys sitting in the sand talking about their fathers who they do not know. A fight begins between these two boys, both claiming my father is greater then yours. As the fight intensifies and they come to blows. The spirit of the wolf hears their cries and comes out of the woods and eats both of these spoiled children declaring you are brothers.
Some Native Americans have returned to Indian ways and have returned to the surviving "Ghost Dance." So, tell me sir; how can you be worried about fascism? or have you misplaced the tears of blood stories from under the alter of your gods?

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