George Geftakys -- "The Assembly"
Posted by: elvenjewelfree ()
Date: July 06, 2003 03:58AM

I was involved in one of the Southern California assemblies during the early 1990's. Would anyone like to discuss this with me? I'm truly horrified by what I'm finding out on Rick's webpage. Some of it I knew, but because I wasn't in leadership, or a sister's home, or married with or without kids, I missed a lot of the inside stuff about what it was like to do all that. I do know a very dear friend of mine whose walk with the Lord was such a light to me got brainwashed by the leadership into thinking his wife was 100% inferior to him. It's so sad.

Looking forward to hearing from someone! Thanks!

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George Geftakys -- "The Assembly"
Posted by: ex-Geftakys ()
Date: July 18, 2003 07:10AM


I am the author of many of the articles on Rick's most excellent website. I also began this website,

If you search this forum back about 6 months, you will find a huge thread on the Assembly.

You may also enjoy a few other bulletin boards that are focused entirely on the Assembly. Email me if you want the URLs, but they are also found on the above website.

I am glad you got out when you did, and you will be happy to learn that George has been excommunicated, and his group is all but dead. I had a part to play in all of that, but it was that really got the ball rolling.


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