CULTS of Mental , physical and Financial abuse are on sinking sand !
Posted by: totowashere ()
Date: October 02, 2022 04:32PM

i am a survivor of two very dangrous sects
although the idology of them are slightly different
they ssem to have the same type of Narcissit type power hungry " little god type "
titles that entitles them to have and do whatever the hell they want , regardless of your needs , how it makes you feel and you DARE NOT QUESTION the "little demi gods that if you get out of line and are not submissive to them , cooking , cleaning and slaving away day and night , not to mention you are now just a animal not even a Woman ! to take and control the bank account, the food that goes into the frig , and where and when and what time to do laundry , walk the dog or even get time away from their absolute narcissism and control is not only ABUSIVE if not careful i have thought " my God am i losing my mind ?" these so called Shephards are Hireling that delight in taking advantage of you , your vulnerability even to the point they have no feeling for your pets ?
i have lived in such a could of denial thinking this is love and its NOT is abuse and mental manipulation that churches and church groups dare call themselves the Remnant or the "ekklesia " when most of the time its a front for heavy shepherding and Abuse of Power ! who in the hell tells their church emembers we need to keep giving our hard working money , hand it over like they will put a CURSE on you , cause you sleepless nights , sleep deprovation is a great way the communist ue to CONTROL YOU , the essentials for living a happy life is food , water and shelter without being forced or cohersed into buying these greedy pastors on more new car off the show room floor ! its a sick twisted bunch of self entitles " you better bown down to me or else i will make you pay for it approach

the most shocking is these "u tube Facebook self made little " gods that dare you to have a opinion other that your own
threaten you with intimiadation , when if you was to rip off the mask they hide behind you would find a MOST insecure man or woman that abuses these powers
and will stop at nothing to gain attention because they have a problem with their own idenity ! they know that deem inside of man they know they are not perfect they struggle to do better but we are not GOD we will never be
so why put on the mask? tell lie after lie and force people to believe that somehow that dead child like "olive " a sweet little girl that died due to neglence of Cults , will be magically raised from the dead if we scream and yell and demand God to raise her from the Dead when in truth it would be by far she be with a Loving God in heaven away from crazy mixed up self entitled parents and people that scam australia BILLIONS every year !

but the government still seems to give them a pass like " oh well they were not forced to go there were they ?"
how about innocent children that are abused time and time again in these
cults of hell !
so they put another color of lipstick on the pig but its stilla damn pig

some day GOD will Destroy all these idols made of clay , brass , and iron
and God help those who have used the ole 501 non profit title to scam and
live like kings and queens off innocent eveyday people
its putrid and makes me want to vomit
but the young people flock to it cause its the "sugar daddy effect "
ask for anything your hearts desired and you may get it
be careful what you ask for you just may get it !

the fool in his heart says there is no GOD
why ?
cause they are the "little gods " the idols that are one day going to be crushed under GODS Judgement
and still right now HE shows patientece and longsuffering , not wanting any to parish

the flesh side of this Christian has every right to have a Holy indignation
for the abuse and the death and destruction these bastards have beeen allowed to continue to do . with a smile on their faces " give till it hurts folks " so we can fuel up our billion dollar private jets , feast on fancy lobster and champagne , even some so called pastors like Creflo have installed a "stripper pole for your intertainment and enjoyment , so that God forbid you dont have to fly in a tube with demons " quote from Kenneth Copeland ,
how about miss priss paula white that lays claim to be Trumps spiritual Advisor racks in billions with her fake smile , fancy clothes and dares to say she is Isreal ? God sits in the heavens and laughs . we wonder why
cause the arrogance and insanity , greed and idoltry
is laughable not because its funny its grevious

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