Columbia Bible College and Northview Community Church
Posted by: Nick Garai 2 ()
Date: July 26, 2022 06:51AM

I was attending Northview Community Church and Columbia Bible College in the 1990’s. I experienced both Pastor Dave Currie and Pastor Vern Heidebrecht. Both of these institutions are Mennonite institutions.

-I first met Dave Currie after a Roaring 20’s event. I was a third year student at Columbia Bible College. I approached Dave Currie and told him he was a very effective communicator. I looked me over a made a disgusted look at me then said “Yeah, thanks”

-When I was in a balcony at the back of Northview Community Church, I stood next to Jenilee Doerksen. Dave Currie came up to check up on me. He waited until I left the balcony then left the balcony himself.

-When I tried to speak with him after a Roaring 20’s event I would walk behind him and call out his name. He would continue walking away from me. I kept calling out to him and he didn’t stop to see what I wanted.

-in my fifth year at Columbia Bible College, I met with the president Walter Unger to discuss getting a job as a youth pastor at a Mennonite Church. He told me that I had a history smog sexual perversion, social deviancy and participating in the occult. He told me that I should be honest with the churches I contact and tell them because I could be disqualified for ministry if they could do it. I sent a resume to South Abbotsford Community Church and Northview Community Church. South Abbotsford Community Church did not respond. Dave Currie wasn’t interested but said if any of it was true he would take action against me

-During a Youth Ministries class at Columbia Bible College, Dave Currie asked me a question. I was staring out the window and didn’t hear him. I turned to him and apologized. He said he was sorry too. I don’t know why he had to be rude. I was a student. He was rude to me more than once. I don’t know why he made me feel so uncomfortable in his class.

-I called Wendy Heidebrecht’s grandmother, Katie Heidebrecht, and inquired about marrying Wendy. I received a very harsh response from George Heidebrecht. I told me to stop sexually harassing his daughter and she felt her life was in danger.

-Dave Currie called me on the phone shortly after and was shouting at me being very verbally abusive. He condemned me for calling an 83 year old woman. He was shouting loud that a house mate I. The next room nearby overheard him shouting from the landline phone.

-Letters were placed on my house door and at South Abbotsford Community Church. They told me to stay away from Wendy. I met with one of the Kenner twins who attended South Abbotsford Community church and he handed me the letter. He told me he didn’t want me coming to his church anymore.

-I told Dave Currie about this and he said that I was being stalked. I ended the phone call

-An Abbotsford Police officer came to my house’s door in the evening and told me that they have evidence of multiple crimes I had committed against Wendy. The crimes were attempted murder, stalking, sexual harassment, extortion for sex, attempted rape and stalking

-At my Primerica Financial Services office a member from Northview Community Church named Vince Hartman condemned me for what I did to Wendy Heidebrecht.

-George Heidebrecht told me over the phone after I told him about the notices left on my door and at South Abbotsford Community Church that I needed psychological help and that Wendy didn’t want anything to do with me

-Vern Heidebrecht called me and told me to not return to Northview Community Church. I was not welcome there anymore. I was excommunicated.

-After other events happened at Bakerview Community Church and South Abbotsford Community Church I left Abbotsford

-Several years later I called Dave Currie and he told me to apologize to Wendy Heidebrecht.

-I spoke with Deborah Balzer the daughter of Jake and Mary Balzer and she told me to apologize to Wendy Heidebrecht

-I went to Douglas College after leaving the Mennonites and when I was there an elderly man approached me and began reminding me about what I did to Wendy Heidebrecht. After two weeks at the college I dropped out.

-Several years later I attended British Columbia Institute of Technology (BCIT) and after a few weeks an old man approached men and reminded me of the crimes I had committed against Wendy Heidebrecht. I promptly dropped out of the college.

-In 2007 when I initially was arraigned in front of a judge for crimes I committed against my then wife’s husband, in the audience Wendy Heidebrecht standing up and beside her was Patrick Major and Andre Augusta both seated

-In 2007-2008 I was in Surrey Pretrial. A Mennonite man came onto the range I was residing on. He told me to plead guilty to the crimes I had committed against Wendy Heidebrecht and the other crimes against Patrick Major, Wonderhampster from, Brian Fox, Michael from and the crimes against the man I committed crimes against who committed adultery against my then wife. I was told that the postings on the internet could appear in the prison and I didn’t want that

-In 2008 there was a health fair in the Surrey Pretrial gym and Wendy Heidebrecht was in there at a table. A Hells Angel named Ville Lynnerop and a friend of his sat with her. When we returned to the range, Villie began harassing me for a while for no reason.

-When I met with Dr. Dhilli he told me that the woman I spoke to the previous day, his assistant, was the woman I tried to rape, Wendy Heidebrecht

-When I was sentenced in 2008 to federal prison I was in RRAC awaiting prison placement. A man on the range I was on showed me a picture of Wendy Heidebrecht wearing Jewish clothing and participating in some event. The man left the range shortly after showing me the picture

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