Columbia Bible College cult-like experience
Posted by: Nick Garai 2 ()
Date: May 30, 2021 09:24AM

Hello everyone. I attended Columbia Bible College from 1992 - 1997. I experienced a cultic-like experience there. I was training to be a youth pastor. I experienced much discipline and investigation from the faculty so I wanted to give an example here of what I had to endure from the Mennonite cult. I am willing to take a polygraph test and swear an affidavit to anyone who wishes one (you pay for it though).

- Garth Klassen was an administrator at Columbia Bible College, a Mennonite institution, while I was a student there.

- I experienced abusive experiences while I was a student and during a meeting with Garth Klassen I was given a clean slate.

- Garth Klassen met with my landlords Norman and Caroline Thurley in a secret meeting.

- Garth Klassen met with me the following day and told me to write out reasons why I wanted to become a youth pastor and then wanted to meet with me the following day.

- The next day I had written out the reasons for becoming a youth pastor and met in Garth Klassen's office with two other administrators; Jamie Heide and Ian Gibson.

- Garth Klassen told me that God told them all to expel me from the college and that if I wanted to return I was given the condition that I had to live with a Christian family for one year after being in the college for five years.

- Garth Klassen told me that they were told by God to expel me through discernment prayer.

- I did not receive a Bachelor's degree from Columbia Bible College because of discernment prayer even though I had almost finished all of my courses.

- I was a Jewish man living with and worshipping with ethnic German Mennonites from the years 1992-1997.

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