Pacific child center North bend oregon
Posted by: Plaid Sky ()
Date: April 03, 2006 12:28AM

When I was 7 Beaten and starved by my 900 pound Idiot woman (stepmother) and my spaz and profound mentaly ill stepFather brought me into a state funded cult called pacific child center and brought to a person by the name "Tom Mchandren" a 1200 pound child molestor or abuser with a mind of a six year old The man had long pony tail down to his buttocks and I have notice him and other staff where beating students with ax handles for no apperent reison he was high on drugs and had low vocablary, I was there about 3 years beaten severly and brainwashed to bleave we did not exist. and where figments of a fairy world. The man later I noticed was developmently retared in life was up in a cult center in the woods getting his butt kicked by ex-students and he still had the same clothing I last saw him in the state funded cult. I have reconized him and was the most foul mouth person ever came across the center I covenced students belonging to the cult to start distorying walls and other distructive behavor toward the staff after 4 weeks the staff was being scarred off (man babys) I went back home cussing out Tom Michandren AKA Kirt Guist and forcing the stering wheel out of his hands and the person in the back seat was a 55 year old drug addict trying to shoot up by the time the state police officers knocked us off the road I was beating Tom with a hammer in the car police was cherring me on and while there where arresting the drug addict but about 4 pm they had to brake it up and I told them what was going on and moved Tom back of a police van fully restrained (he was baddly beaten) I took me 15 minnets to calm down and they explain to me the entire state project was closed when I was 10 dew to sexual and mental abuse. ( a nice freind took me home ) and I exploded and broke my homosexual step brothers nose with the hammer and he ran away from home (shit the queer was 15 years older that I was) I was so violent verbaly to my step perents they got scared to a point they start having panic attacks on a daily scedual. Well now they are thinking for themselfs and I still got to force them out of a cult called jehovah wittness. Thanks.

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