Columbia Bible College
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Date: March 14, 2006 10:45AM

Hi everyone. My name is Nick Garai and I have just started a "specialized forum" for persons who went to a Christian College in Abbotsford, British Columbia Canada called Columbia Bible College. I didn't find an appropriate category so I wanted to post here.

I went to the school and was "spiritually abused" by the community. My story is quite long but to synopsis it all. I wasn't received well by the community and was considered an outsider. I stayed for five years until they expelled me.

If any one here knows of someone who went to the college and had a spiritually abusive experience please feel free to contact me and invite to post.

I didn't find a category for post-secondary locations or schools so I posted here. Pleae let me know if this isn't an appropriate place to post.


God Bless All

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Columbia Bible College
Posted by: very soon ()
Date: July 23, 2006 11:29AM

Does it matter to anyone here if Nick Garai attacked a 6 year old girl? That is isn't personal, that is public! Everyone should be warned about him. if you do not believe it then come to [URL="[url]"[/url];]TRP[/URL] and ask for yourselves. We can provide you proof!

It isn't of any importance to anyone that Nick Garai has committed and given WRITTEN CONFESSION of the following crimes:

Extortion of Brian Fox AKA Ebola of [URL="["];][/URL]
Attacking a 6 year old girl
Stalking Michelle Heidebrecht, the daughter of a pastor Vern Heidebrecht of Northview Community Church
Stalking Patrick Major
Assaulting a woman (contact Judge Arnold of the Vancouver Provincial Courthouse)
Identity Theft (Michael, Wonderhampster, Patrick Major)
Copyright Theft (TRP)
and there is more than listed here...

Until Nick Garai is off of the internet and behind steel cold bars picking up a bar of soap for Bubba, he is a danger to others and we are going to warn everyone we can about him.

If you don't believe us contact [URL="[url]"[/url];][/URL], [URL="["];][/URL] and Ed Fast (a political MP in Canada's conservative party who is willing to help us!) at [URL="[url]"[/url];][/URL]. All of these people are willing to help. If you don't believe us, then go ahead and call them for yourself. His OWN government is willing to help us.

Columbia Bible College has already given us access to his files and if you saw what was in there, you agree to that he needs to be locked up for life.

Go ahead and look into it for yourselves. Why when he reports us do the RCMP not do anything against us? We have done nothing illegal and are completely in our rights to protect the internet community from him.

If the moderators of this site enjoy having someone on this board who attacks six-year old girls, then be our guest – enjoy his company.

We are going to warn everyone we can and make sure that he is no longer a threat to anyone and off the internet.

Nick if you are reading this, you are going to jail. Very Soon. It's coming!!!


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