Has anyone else been scammed by peace Church ?
Date: July 19, 2018 07:33PM

I want to begin saying . I'm frustrated angry and very embarrassed to be fed such a lie from what is supposed to be a Church called peace in Rockhampton Queensland . Come to find out he is making up his own rules telling his followers that if you don't sit under his Special Apostolic teaching that he says is a special gift God gave him ? My question is since when did he have the right to tell his church members that if others that don't agree to his false teachings and gnostic fables . That those who don't sit under his thumb are doomed for hell ? And dare write 4 books and sell them on amazon telling people God sent angels to tell him he was entitled to rip off the entire church by telling them he needed more tithings from them cause God told him the church has to be bigger ? This is pure poppycock to stand and arrogantly say he is untitled to do whatever and take whatever money from hard working people to line his pockets ? My family left that church and now we are considered unfaithful and reprobate . So he has a big fancy house runs around on the churches expenses and holds conferences saying the chrch is going to get better and better ? Oh really ? Tell that to Christians in other countries getting slaughtered for even saying the J Word .So much for going to a church called Peace ? They are replicating Hillsong if you ask me And now my best friends won't talk to me cause we left . Some church

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