Another false messiah preaches at Waco? What !
Date: July 07, 2018 03:45PM

FYI ... Robert Henderson has been seen in the sid Roth show its supernatural .. Has featured this guy selling a book called navigating the courts of heaven .. This is a Word of Fath Heresy preacher that is telling the public you can use his book and pray and get what you want when you want it from Yeshua. OK here we go again with one man playing the god and most anointed role . as he went so far to make jokes about Waco calking them wackos. And himself preaching you can command angels and jump into portals to go to another dimension . he is quite arrogant to claim he has a special gifting and apostolic grace to do this. He made fun of koresh and said he was a idiot .yet he goes on to also decieve sid Roth with Angel worship Henderson's books are flying off the christian book shelves as gullible Christians are believing his nonsence. What's next you ask . Christians praying to own a night club ? The world is so decieved !

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