Rod parsley the parable of the rich man in Ohio
Date: June 30, 2018 09:28AM

OK I've just about seen it all this is what I would label a destructive church to the core . for a pastor that is sitting like another Jim Jones on his high pedestal and shouting down the sheep ifcthey don't respond . then telling them something so idiotic to slap their bibles till all the demons in hell know your in control ? Then shout for 15 seconds like a raving lunatic and he's now combined the Judaic law saying the word hey if spoken will bring them anything they want or desire ? This is just nonsense I wonder if God has a good belly laugh at his foolishness to dare state he was told by Yeshua that he was given the letter hey to speak what ever his little greedy heart desires ? I guess he has not read about the meek . the humble and the poor are the ones that will see heaven . not some pompas moron that sits in a rocking chair on stage and brags about saying God gave him 82 million from the poorest people in Ohio ! This is where I grew up and now he's buddying upwith Benny hinn? If you know anyone that attends this church let them know that charlatan has ripped me and many hundreds of thousands of people .even sick and elderly and still has a non exempt tax status ? And even been busted for child abuse in the nursery of the church . When will something be done to idiots and Charlton's that still have free access to steal and lie to good .decent people for 33 stinking years. And dare say they are feeding thesheep ? More like feeding himself by his covetous greed .

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