Every Nation, Morning Star Intl., Victory Campus
Posted by: yakapo ()
Date: February 09, 2006 01:49PM

This will probably end up really long so bear with me...

This will probably end up really long so bear with me...

First let me say that I do not believe Every Nation is a cult. However, they do have "cultish" practices.

I would dare to say that there are few people posting on this forum that were as dedicated or involved with Every Nation / Morning Star Intl. as I was. I joined the staff of a church under EN / MSI in 1999.

Let me first state that there are changes being made in this ministry and that not all churches in EN have erred in this fashion.

When I first joined a EN church, I did not notice any strange doctrines. However, as I became more and more committed, they began to teach me more of the doctrine reserved for those disciples that were "under authority" I remember the first time my pastor discovered that I was leading a Bible study on my campus. He was very angry. At the time I didn't understand why. (he didn't tell me why) Later I learned that I was supposed to ask permission for that sort of thing before initiating it. One day I told him I liked a certain girl in the church. His immediate response was a gesture of a zero (indicating I had no chance). The next day he very grimly told me to approach him if I heard an audible voice from God or saw handwriting on the wall. This may sound absurd, but I prayed consitently for a few years following that incident for God to speak to me audibly regarding that girl. Later another pastor prophesied to me that I should wait until I was 30 to get married. (I know now that this was not from God)

We were taught not to make any major desicions without speaking to our "discipler" Perhaps the most cult-like practice was the fact that they slowly and gradually introduce you to the more strict doctrines. (like the different chapters in masonism)

Another doctrine they teach is "God speaks through authority" The church I used to attend in Dallas has changed their dating doctrines. At some point they realized that singles were leaving in droves.

For those of you attending EN churches that would disagree with me on any of these matters, let me recommend a sermon from Steve Murrell to you. (i used to attend on of his discipleship groups) It is entitled discipleship boundaries. While listening to that sermon, I manifested a demon. Later, I received deliverance from strongholds of control and manipulation... The evangelist ministering to me told me that my situation was very similar to ministers from the church of christ.

I was about to write some other areas of immorality that I have witnessed but my conscience will not let me...

Those of you that attend EN churches...

Do you feel guilty if you visit another church or ministry?
Do you find yourself covering up when speaking to family or friends about EN's doctrines?
Is your church bearing fruit? (genuine souls saved)
Have you been told that you are divorcing the church if you leave? (Although there is truth in the "spiritual family" teaching it can be used to manipulate)

I have a close friend who was told year after year to wait to date a girl he like... he was in his late 20's and a very dedicated member.

if you want to know more just ask....

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Every Nation, Morning Star Intl., Victory Campus
Posted by: spectrum ()
Date: February 10, 2006 06:59AM

Every Nation training in Nashville is a cult according to Robert Lifton's 8 Characteristics of Mind Control. Get out now, if you are not already out. The leaders have 3 million dollar homes. What's wrong with this picture?

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Every Nation, Morning Star Intl., Victory Campus
Posted by: June19 ()
Date: March 30, 2006 02:05PM

This sounds so familiar.
Why oh why?!!
I just don't understand. God gave us autonomy and it is a beautiful thing. I believe that accountability can be a good thing but these churches totally abuse the idea.
I really would like to talk with you.

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Every Nation, Morning Star Intl., Victory Campus
Posted by: pheebs ()
Date: April 11, 2006 10:06AM

Amazingly I just got done watching this thing on A&E on Satanism and The MorningStar Church...

It really weirded me out in more ways than one. I am also not saying that the two are involved with each other, heaven knows they aren't, however, as for MorningStar and what I saw, it is like so many other destructive churches that I have been to.

Speaking in tongues and exorcism are normal every day practices... Doesn't that bother anyone? I know it bothers me.

It worries me when people get into these type of situations, it really does, as June stated we were given autonimty by God(s), and we were meant to choose freely.

I would really love to know your point of view on this.

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