Exclusive Brethren... great article
Posted by: Servant Victoria ()
Date: July 28, 2017 01:23AM

Came across this article and thought it might be of interest for any with friends or family who share a history with the Exclusive Brethren and for anyone whose life has been touched by a destructive church...

Rebecca Stott interview

The article is an interview with Rebecca Stott, who went back into her family history to write about the Exclusive Brethren cult that she was born into.

If you don't have time to read, this excerpt talks about why we need to share our stories:


Since the book came out, I have had on average three or four letters or emails every day from people who lived through this same period and haven’t been able to tell their children what happened, about the horrors, the suicides, the breakdowns, the people being expelled. They say that for the first time they’ve been able to have conversations with their children and grandchildren about why they’re a bit odd, or why they can’t talk about that period in their lives or pick up a Bible or go to church.

What we’re really talking about is collective PTSD. I knew it happened to my family, but I didn’t know – I do know now – how bad it was. We need to remember that cults can flourish not just in the desert or remote places but in suburbs as well, and that people have the capacity to do this to each other.


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