What happens if your pastor has anger problem? maybe this?
Posted by: truthmechanic ()
Date: May 24, 2013 12:21PM

I just wanted to share my story, theres also a video at the end that you may find helpful for identifying pastors (or anyone for that matter) that are in my opinion, not spiritually mature enough to be in that position, and thats putting it lightly, but anyway, here it goes. (This is a standard explanation I made so its a little impersonal but I'm ill and don't feel good enough to write it all out again)

I attended Waipio Grace Brethren Church (hawaii) for 3 years or so and had much respect for Pastor Frank Figueroa Jr. but unfortunately I have seen changes in the way the church is run for the worse. Pastor Frank has a self admitted anger problem, an anger problem that I remember him talking about over the pulpit a number of times. I did not understand the severity of it, at least until I believe me and a member of my family got to experience it.

This situation all started when I got extremely ill (still am) and was to sick to leave the house or continue to go to church. My dad was also going to WGB, and so he asked Frank Figueroa Jr. on my request to call me because I could use some kind words and prayer.

I never received a call. My dad continued to ask Frank Figueroa Jr. to call a number of times over the next several months but I still never received a call (Frank later on said that he had called). After months of feeling ignored, I was quite confused as to why this was happening and so my Dad and Frank exchanged some emails and decided it would be good to meet and talk about it.

Eventually my Dad ended up leaving a note for him (because he could not reach him) at his residence asking Frank Figueroa Jr. to call him as soon as he could (so they could set up the meeting date). Well Frank called, and my Dad started talking about setting up the meeting, after my dad was done speaking, Frank Figueroa Jr. started yelling and accusing my dad of not ministering to his wife from years before when she was sick . My dad tried to get Frank to calm down, but he would not stop yelling and my Dad got frustrated and and got loud and hung up the phone.

Because of this, we decided to get some other elders involved to help work this out. My dad had numerous phone call conversations with the elders about the situation with Frank Figueroa Jr. on the phone and me not being ministered too. My Dad had to do this because I was too sick to talk most of the time, (I was only able to talk to Frank once).

Well, these conversations went on for a month, (and within this time they also had one meeting) and the answers we received kept changing which created other problems and questions, so my Dad tried to set up one last meeting with Frank Figueroa Jr. and the elders to get things cleared up. Frank at first agreed to have a second meeting, then refused because my Dad did not want to go back to Franks Church after all this had transpired. A week or so later he filed a temporary restraining order against me and my Dad that was filled with FALSE accusations.

He claimed my Dad and I threatened people when we did no such thing. He made these false accusations against me while I was extremely ill (still am) and was to sick to even leave the house, (but yet it seems he expected me to drive into town and go to court, luckily I did not have to but my Dad did). Not to mention, the stress he caused me by all the problems this caused me and my family made my illness and the pain worse.

The court day arrived and the TRO was dismissed after many failed attempts by Frank to accuse us in front of the Judge. I have tried to show proof to some of the elders of the church that the things Pastor Frank Figueroa Jr. said were false, and tried to tell them how very serious this situation is because these accusations where made under the penalty of perjury, but they say nothing at all and in my opinion it's very clear they do not seem to care that he was wrong, or why he was wrong.

Because of the way Frank Figueroa Jr. was acting and the way the stories were changing, me and my Dad decided to record the conversations with him and the elders for accuracy (which is legal in our state), because of this we can prove what was said and there were no threats to physically harm anyone. I have sent my recording to them, and none of them have responded nor repented to us of a single thing.

The two elders that were most involved throughout this situation were Scott and Dave . Scott ended up making things worse, which he admitted. He actually said he was no good at doing things like this and said he would stay away from the situation. However he did not keep his word and continued to inject himself into the middle of things and further confuse them.

Dave was actually asked before the TRO was filed if he wanted to hear one of the recordings, this was in regards to something Frank had denied saying which we of course had recorded. Dave said no, which to me shows that this person is not interested in the truth at all.
Frank Figueroa Jr. and the elders of Waipio Grace Brethren church have not personally shown me an ounce of sympathy or regret for the harm they did to me and I don't understand how Frank can teach the Bible honestly from the pulpit when he does things that are the very opposite of what the Bible teaches.

This man made my health worse, caused me extreme stress and pain, and no one at the church seems to want to know how Frank came to these conclusions even though they are wrong and devoid of reality. I personally believe he knew these accusations were false when he made them. I can come to no other conclusion because of there silence, there failure to apologize, and how off base the accusations were in the first place. I implore you to stay far away from this Church and anyone who is taught scripture by this man for your spiritual health.


So that's my story, here is the video. It amazes me I was able to sit under a pastor that sounded like this, but I was sick and I guess I just wanted some friends. Also, I had not attended church in a while, this was my first one as a semi adult, and I guess I was just really ignorant. So maybe this video can help you be less ignorant (unlike me), so maybe you don't have to go through what I did.

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