The Potter's House-Palmdale, CA.
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Date: March 22, 2003 01:07AM

Potter's House-Palmdale, CA[/color:749630f786]

After leaving the Potter's House-Palmdale, CA...the pastor, Pastor Schulze went to almost every home of those who belong to the fellowship, telling them not to speak to us because we were in "Rebellion."

I found this information out by a couple who attended the Potter's House with us. We are really good friends. "Pastor" Schulze told this family that we were "Backslidden" and in "Rebellion" and that they should have no communication with us or they too could end up the same way we did.

This family called us immedialty to tell us that the "Pastor" had just left their home and they told us what was said. For a few days after that call they did stop talking to us. And then a few days later she called me to tell me that she had called the "Pastor" and told him that she felt everything he had told them was wrong. They told him that we were good friends and that he was wrong to try to make them stop talking to us. They too left the church and to date, even though we now attened diffrent churches, remain very close friends. Thank God that this family had enough courage to stand up to this man and tell him the truth.

Members of the church were told that if they spoke to us they would be on probation for 90 days, meaning they would not be able to return to the Potter's House until the 90 days was up. If they violated the 90 day probation, they would then be put on 60 day probation. If that was violated, they would not be able to return to the church. To date, many of my "Good" friends will not speak to me except for the family who had the "Courage" to stand up to "Pastor" Schulze.

I am not hurt by what has happened to me or my family. Nor will I allow this situation to leave me depressed or make me feel as though I wasted much of my years in this fellowship. I didn't. I was able to reach and minister to many souls which brings great happiness to my heart. Nothing I do for Jesus is in vain and I know that I have a reward that awaits me in Heaven.

My reason for sharing just "part" of my testimony of what took place in this church is so that anyone who may be reading this and may have experienced something simular will not stop serving God becasue of it.

I want to encourage you to find another church and continue in the ministry that God has given you. I am now attending another church and I love it. I feel so much freedom from "Works" and I know that I don't have to give 30 hours a week to the Potter's House just to make it to Heaven. You don't have to either.

Feel free to write me if you are feeling discouraged and confused. You can write me at or

Doing my best to serve Him always,


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