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Re: Struthers Memorial Independent Pentecostal Church
Posted by: GlasgowGirl ()
Date: July 19, 2020 09:23PM

Welcome back #thisisme. Apologies that I didn't respond to your earlier posts directly - and I'm sure no-one thinks your posts were at all rude. Many of us had to work up the courage to post here and one of the really good things to get out of reading and sharing is to find out, as you say, that you are not alone.

I was staggered by the extent of the damage - both in numbers and degree. I am also aware many folk will not know of this forum or have chosen not to post, so there are many more out there who have had bad experiences or been badly hurt.

It is hard to know whether making things "public" would have helped to reduce the damage. Unfortunately, I think many who still attend Struthers would believe what they would be told about any of us posting such disclosures - that we were lying,deceived, backslidden, misguided, or even demon-possessed (which I know has been said to some who dared disagree, question or criticise)

If we know folk who still attend and have the opportunity, we could consider gently suggesting that they examine what's gone on with an open mind. It certainly seems, though, that folk somehow need to discover for themselves that a lot of what goes on is very far from scriptural and "anointed" in spite of what the leaders would have them believe.

At the church I now attend, I have told the pastor and a few friends about my experience and view of Struthers. I felt I had to as there is a branch nearby and I wanted the church leadership to be in a position to decide how to advise any young (or older) folk who may be considering getting involved with them and to consider very carefully the extent of any proposed joint ventures among local churches (not that Struthers usually goes in for that sort of thing).

I do have friends who are still connected to Struthers and I knew a lot of selfless, kind and genuine people who were and may still be associated with Struthers. I have occasionally met some of them in a social context and can have quite a pleasant chat, although I am aware they probably all "disapprove" of me to some extent as I left quite publicly with a group of others when financial shenanigans came to light!

I am sure we are all happy to discuss anything that may help each other - whether on the forum or by private message. All the best xx

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