Foursquare Church "selling" name to Potter's House
Posted by: Sniffeditout ()
Date: June 24, 2005 01:48PM

I was invited to The Lighthouse Church in Santa Monica, CA several years ago, and stayed about a year. The literature on their welcome table was from the Foursquare Church. Other than the literature, I never witnessed any association or activities with the Foursquare Church when I was there. I did however, witness and participate in many activities such as Wayman Mitchell's Traveling Healing Charade/Fundraiser and a trip to the head compound of the Potter's House in Tuscon, AZ. The whole time I went to that place, I was under the impression that it was a Foursquare Church.
Apparently when the current "Pastor" took over from the last, he changed the direction, intention, and association of the church from the legitimate Foursquare Church to the cult-like Potter's House, with the blessing of the local Foursquare leadership. I was told that the Lighthouse was tithing to the Foursquare Church, but that was the only real association any more. Consequently, this allowed the Lighthouse to use the Foursquare Church's good name, and hide who they really were from prospective new "disciples" as they call them
I left that church pretty angry, not just about the deceit, but for the very reasons that they endeavor to deceive and hide who they are. They are destructive, over-controlling, and self-serving people. The Potter's House has a long list of victims, and I was to find, so did the Lighthouse.
I had a heated conversation with the Foursquare leadership upon my enlightenment and departure. I told them I resented them selling their name to the Potter's House. The man basically blew me off.
But, I was told that about two years ago this issue came up again, only this time it involved the whole Lighthouse church. Members were informed in no uncertain terms of the association to the Potter's House as opposed to the Foursquare Church. I have been told by two sources that over half of the "church" left for good almost immediately after learning of this!

And I'm sure they were retaliated against for leaving.

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Foursquare Church "selling" name to Potter's House
Posted by: naboth675 ()
Date: September 02, 2006 12:53AM

Tell me about it. Foursquare have a lot to answer for in all this. For years the leader of the Potters House,Wayman Mitchell ridiculed and mocked Forsquare while he was in it and flouted many of their laws. From what I heard he never really properly qualified from bible college anyway yet they gave him a total of three churches.

In my book Foursquare were spineless in dealing with him at the start and naive all the way through. While I don't blame them directly for the damage done by Wayman's sect over the years I do think they have been guilty of extreme neglect and abdication of responsibility in all this.

At least half the lighthouse church had the sense to leave. From what I know of what Wayman likes to call 'partnering together' it would not surprise me if Prescott benefitted significantly from the lighthouse church.



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