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Date: August 20, 2013 04:22AM

Dabcult/Mr. Jolicoeur -- It is worth noting that if what Swami G says is correct about what you said to her about her appearance, her sex appeal, your interest in "dates," etc., then with all due respect I would tell you that your credibility and position to criticize are weakened considerably. Is it true that you ridiculed her for her appearance, making derogatory remarks about her breasts and other physical attributes? Did you ask her to find you a date? Etc.? If so, do you not see how those insults and perhaps even flat out abuse and harassment detract significantly from your argument against her? There is one thing to criticize the philosophy and the actions of a teacher. There is another thing to subject that teacher to ad hominem, sexist attacks.

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Date: August 20, 2013 04:35AM

You have confused, among other things, Sachiananda (younger Asian woman) with Siddhananda (Caucasian ~ 54 ~ long hair)
I have to be honest, I asked if the moderator would consider removing you from this thread.
It is clear you are not a grounded individual and your presence is dragging this thread down imho.
Of course it is the moderator's call in the end.

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Date: August 20, 2013 04:38AM

I have to agree with Icarius, Dabcult/Mr. Jolicoeur... i was put off by your comments about Swami G...i found your comments to be rude and insulting. I do not see her comments thrown back at you all that constrcutive and creative as this ultimately serves no purpose.. but to have attacked her physical appearance and her character is below the belt. It is one thing to have had an opinion but to have talked about her body the way you did is outright degrading and speaks more about you than her.....

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Date: August 27, 2013 02:53PM

It appears 15 pages of the thread still exist. Bumping. Perhaps this thread and the new one can be merged.

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But anyone interested can restore threads/posts and it will much appreciated.

Restoration complete
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Date: June 06, 2014 09:33PM

Here are posts by a former disciple of Sharon.


Re: Guru Swami G
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Date: April 25, 2015 10:54AM

Afew years ago i made several videos to expose Swami Guru G ...I lost interest and deleted the videos interviews I made about her in Florida .

But you see Swami Guru G told me that she is totally Self Realize ...and that every words coming out of her mouth is perfect "I never edit my video "

She went on the attack againts me ...for the little expose I made about her .
That "SELF realise" lady claim that my expose might trigger her PTST ..that she might go psychotic ...might even lead her to suicide .....Can you be enlighten and suffer from PTST ? "Sharon " Theology is so crasy and so far away from main stream Hinduism ...(like her affirming that a kundilini yoga practitioner must eat beef and other red that the nervous system does not "BURN OUT " can be attractive to only a few fanaticals devotees like RON and company .But it only take a few lost and generous souls to buy gaz for Sharon motorcycle ride

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One man's description of how he found Swami G
Posted by: corboy ()
Date: April 26, 2015 11:23PM

(Note: by citing this link, Corboy does not endorse Swami G. Not at all.
Her former disciples have described exit costs which seem much too costly
to be part of a traditional guru-chela relationship.

Santhip gives a description of how he sought a guru using a mixture of the traditional (dreams, astrology, discussion with friends) and internet technology in his quest for a guru. What follows are some descriptions of how he learned about and then decided to follow Swami G.

Because material often disappears from the internet, Corboy has chosen
to quote large sections of text so that this material will be preserved
on the message board.)


"Sathip's" description is in the comments section of the article cited above. Note that
Santhip had been practicing yoga while still living in India, was doing a sudharshan kriya practice, and then moved to the United States.


Having finished college, I decided to do Higher studies in the US. Every day I would do the sudarshana kriya, and would attend the patanjali yoga school at calicut, also read the emails as a ritual. The acharya in the yoga school knew what he was teaching about Yoga. When I was doing Sudarshana Kriya though, I was hyperventillating at the end of the kriya after doing the entire set of breathing , which wasn't part of the package which I had been taught. Inspite of the lack of information, I would continue to do it. I never felt the connection with the yoga acharya, inspite of the enormous wisdom, knowledge and experience he had. Regardless, I respect him for teaching me hatha yoga.

I also started following astrology, which gave me insights into myself. It was very revealing. It predicted that in a particular period the following year, I would come across very important people related to the planet Jupiter / Guru. More on this later ;)

The best thing about the US, when I had come here was the unlimited internet ( now that is somewhat the case in India as well ). What resulted from that was immersing in youtube to quench my spiritual thirst.

(This is an interesting description of the author's use of guru material
via the internet, and of dreams. Note that Santhip does not appear to
consider whether his dream about Nithyananda's ashram was not necessarily a profound message, merely an artifact caused by his spending so much time .
time watching Nithyananda's internet material.)

Enter Swami G



SanthipDecember 4, 2010 at 10:28 PM

One of the videos I had come across was that of a Kundalini Guru, Guru Swami G. The first impression I had after seeing her unprofessional video explaining kundalini symptoms was, who would want to watch her video. Regardless,I did stumble on her website by chance once, and that was about it.

Now .. the big time period came about in my life.. the time when I was supposed to meet someone very special related to the planet Guru in my life, which basically meant a spiritual Guru. I hoped that it would be Nityananda, and I would receive some kind of symbol from his videos. So I was watching some of the leftover videos in his channel. I fell asleep watching one of his videos, and I had a dream in which I was standing in front of an ashram gate, where there were two guardsmen. They wouldn't allow me to enter the ashram and see Nityananda. However I demanded to them that " by the power of divinity within me , I had to see him". The guards reluctantly had to bring Nityananda to the Ashram gates, and when he arrived, I fell at his feet and that was the end of the dream.

I woke up, and surfed around for a bit, and went to the same GuruSwamiG website, and registerd in one of the yahoo groups of the website. In the website she basically said one to decide within a week if they would like to follow the path which she had to offer. I was kind of confused. So I sought the help of one of my Orkut friends, who knew mantra and tantra.

He told me that this guru had a golden aura, which meant that she was a satguru, and she will take care of me.

I had more faith in his words than my decision at that time :D And the funny thing was, I had a vision during my time before coming to the US, about a bald lady who was also fat at the time of Guruvayoor Ekadeshi at the Guruvayoor temple. At that time it didn't make sense. But now it felt to be serendipity to come across this Guru in the astrological period as well.

(Corboy: Confirmation bias? Had he not seen the Guru G video, he perhaps might
never have recalled or recreated the memory of the vision he had at Guruvayoor
Temple. )

Controversy against another guru seems to enhance cohesiveness amoung G's students.


What she had to offer was of immense value, as I would realize being with her for a long time. She had the actual experience of realization/non-duality. She could talk from that point. I was able to be in her presence, when she was holding a retreat for the students under her guidance ( about 30 of them from all around the world , most of them with an awakened kundalini ) . I was able to experience deep consciousness shifts merely being in her presence. She wasn't willing to ego massage any of her students, and would tell them exactly what their problem was right at their face. Many of the students whose ego was bruised, She was indeed a realized being, who walked the talk. My search for a spiritual guru ended there.
.... Contd ( Just one more :)

((Corboy Note the rationalization of abuse))

SanthipDecember 4, 2010 at 10:29 PM

Once I was convinced of this fact, my attention for Nityananda faded away. Regardless, when a friend told me that Nityananda was caught making out with his devotee, I didn't feel suprised ( inspite of watching over 100s of hours in his youtube videos ).

I realized that he was more of a showman, whose talks would begin with a curtain opening up , and a promotional song/video in the background. Apparently he wasn't also accessible to many of his students, except through the #1000 programs/courses. And he was thus a self-proclaimed guru.

(Corboy: A contrast with how S's original interest in Nithyananda -- to the point
of having had a dream of wanting to enter Nithya's ashram. This is an example
of how people often re-shape memories to validate a change in loyalty. This
reduces cognitive dissonance)

My guru backlashed Nityananda vehmently in her youtube channel, as he was bringing a bad name for genuine satgurus. And Nityananda's students who were blind devotees, would attack back at my Guru with their illogical arguments without looking at the evidence, to which she would again reply point blank at their face.

I can only thank all the gods in finally putting me in the right hands of a genuine Guru. I consider myself incredibly blessed to have access to one as well.

For the rest, scroll down and go to the comments section.


Note that during the time Santhip seeks out and evaluates gurus, he only knows the guru through their public appearances via internet.

He takes gurus at face value. He does not seem
to imagine that a guru's public persona might not match that guru's actual behavior toward students in private. Nor does he not query former disciples.

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Re: Guru Swami G
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Date: February 17, 2016 01:26AM

Swami Guru ji as a few brainwash followers ...but from a Advaita or any hidu paths that his serious ....THE WOMAN IS DERANGE ...
The have the Kundilini mouving up and down the spine is no big deal
it happen to me dozen of time now ..its not enlightenment at all ..
just energies moving ....But this woman use a few tricks just to get the control of a few disciples who becomes enslave by her ...
Untill I met her in person a few years ago I had no idea that such a weird person
could take a yoga message (kundilini) and twist it so bad that it becomes a tool for a dark mind to control innocent and ignorant followers
RUN AWAY FROM HER far as you can

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Re: Guru Swami G
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Date: July 17, 2018 09:20AM

Some new material here:


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