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Re: Guru Swami G
Posted by: Oerlikon ()
Date: September 12, 2010 12:02AM

GSG: what is your sampradaya?

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Re: Guru Swami G
Posted by: Oerlikon ()
Date: September 12, 2010 05:30AM


My legal name is Ganga Karmokar

OM Shanti

What is the name you were born with?

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Re: Guru Swami G
Posted by: Sidha7001 ()
Date: September 12, 2010 12:24PM

From Amber Tellez: Namaste – I am also a student of Guruji’s. Although I am seriously struggling financially, Guruji has never asked me for money, withheld her guidance or barred me from contacting her whenever I need to. Because I truly appreciate what is given here, I will make a small donation whenever it is possible and I ALWAYS receive an enormously gracious ‘thank you’ from her. I was a little confused when I saw the fees posted on the web site because I know Guruji doesn’t charge me or anyone else in the ashram but it’s clear now that Guruji has explained it.

We are a small group with members spread all over the world. We are also diverse in our professions and ages: we have nurses, physical therapists, psychologists, musicians, AND ,YES, SCIENTISTS, etc. Many of us have families and children. We do not have a physical ashram and meet once or maybe twice a year. Students also travel to visit Guruji for Darshan, Satsang and Shaktipat. It is customary to leave Dakshina but the amount is completely according to one’s means and determined by the visiting student. There have definitely been cases when a student was in desperate need of help but had no money in which case Guruji refused Dakshina and brought the person into her own home. Mind you these were often people that she had not yet met in person. Incredible!

An important part of the teaching is to integrate meditation and the practices into daily life, to continue working in the world with an attitude of Seva, to maintain self-sufficiency, etc. Therefore, one is never encouraged to quit working or to cut ties with family and friends. Guruji does not run our lives. In fact, she has emphatically stated that she is available for guidance on our spiritual paths, not to make personal decisions for us. This has been stated because sometimes there are people who ask for personal advice regarding their personal lives.

Although Guruji is the preceptor and center-holder of this path, she also works closely with SatGuru Siddhananda, Sage Sarojini, Sage Dharma and Sage Barindra all of whom entered realization under her guidance. We are enormously blessed with continual spiritual guidance freely given by these most amazing people. I personally have benefitted greatly from the practices and the regular guidance I receive from Gurus and the Sages. The path is amazing but it is NOT easy, so I give thanks every day for Guruji and am very often in complete wonderment that such a path and the way it is given even exists! Much love and gratitude, Guruji!!! OM

India Spark, what you are demonstrating here, as far as I can see, is a very unbalanced, rigid ideology or belief system that leaves no room for honest consideration of anything that does not fit within it. Your arguments are laced with unfounded assumptions and prejudices which often wind down to concluding statements of out-right slander and insult. It is evident from interaction with you over these past three weeks that you made up your mind pretty much before you even entered our forums. (At least here, you are keeping the cursing in check) It is also evident that you have not taken the trouble to view the volumes of information provided on the Ashram website or the hundreds of videos which are available free of cost to everyone. The information that you demand from Guruji is easily attained there as well as considerable evidence that flies in the face of your assertions regarding Guruji and this path. Instead, you go to Ross’s page and ask what people know of Guruji there, trying to dig up some dirt. Nor have you taken the opportunity offered to speak with Guruji’s students in order to find out what their experiences are in this Ashram. Then you come here and make absurd statements about fair and open mindedness. Laughable, really and truly.

And, then there is the attempt to couch this demonstrated prejudice in scientific terms. The attempt is rather shallow and narrow as well. Somehow I doubt that you have any sustained interest in science based on what you have said here so far. Scientific inquiry does not necessarily preclude spiritual inquiry. Particularly, in science as it pertains to the study of consciousness. The study of consciousness stretches back thousands of years but it is only fairly recently that the Western Science modality has made it a subject of study in the ‘hard’ sciences. There are now several University departments dedicated to the study of this field which involve multiple disciplines such as neurobiology, physics, Chemistry, etc. Almost every one of these program websites begin by stating that not much is known about consciousness through the western modality of inquiry. Another said, it is the last frontier of science. It’s very interesting. For those who are genuinely interested in this topic check out Dr. Stuart Hameroff’s website Quantum Consciousness [] and the UA Center for Consciousness Studies []. There are several other such programs around the world as well. It is noteworthy that there is quite a bit of dialogue going on between scientists in this field with practitioners of ancient methodologies. In fact, this dialogue has always been present throughout history. Not to forget that many well known scientists were not atheists either and spoke on the subject of God and the spiritual aspects of human endeavor.

It is predicted that none of this will be addressed by you in any sort of productive way and that there will be a few invectives thrown in at the end with an expectation that what you say should be taken seriously somehow. So be it. But, as Sachi says, one cannot just spread lies and rumor without some consequence at some point. Who knows what form they will take but they allows show up in one’s life eventually.

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Re: Guru Swami G
Posted by: Oerlikon ()
Date: September 13, 2010 04:21AM

Sidha7001: of what sampradaya is your Guruji? What is her given, birth name?

The word sahajiya literally translates as, "easy."

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Re: Guru Swami G
Posted by: indiaspark ()
Date: September 13, 2010 01:28PM

@Sidha7001 You are once again using anecdotes as evidence. My question was where is your evidence for this kundalini that your guru claims.

I am not going to bother responding to your accusations as that is a red herring and and an attempt to divert the topic. Rick Ross is one of the most well known forums that deals with cults and it is necessary for me to seek input from here. That is why I brought up the topic of your guru.

Now let me address your consciousness muddle that people like your guru and her followers use to confound yourselves and other people.

consciousness is not a thing, a place, or a cognitive process (whatever that is); it’s only a word that we use in a variety of ways. For example, we can say that an organism is “conscious” if it is awake and/or alert (versus asleep or in a coma). We can then study the behaviors associated with wakefulness and the underlying neural structures that mediate them.

There is no evidence of it being anything DIVINE as your guru suggests.

We can study the behaviors associated with wakefulness and the underlying neural structures that mediate them. Or, like Francis Crick and Christoph Koch, we can use “consciousness” to refer to visual perception, which is acceptable as long as it points to actual behaviors involved in perceiving and their ultimate evolutionary and learned causes. But wakefulness and visual perception are not what most scholars are referring to with the word “consciousness.

Discussions of qualia are muddled because the definition is vague and subjective. “Qualia,” like “consciousness,” is just a word. As psychologist Noel Smith has noted, the concept of consciousness is a construct: “an invention, an abstraction, a contrivance.”

Consciousness” is only a word we use to refer to sometimes quite different behavioral phenomena.

It may probably take a lot longer to realize that the conscious inner life that so fascinates us may be nothing more than a learned repertoire of verbal (and/or imaginal) behavior than it did to realize that the earth is not flat, that it is not the center of the universe, and that life on earth was not designed by a Creator.

Reference: Henry D. Schlinger - Consciousness is
Nothing but a Word

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Re: Guru Swami G
Posted by: SwamiG ()
Date: September 13, 2010 09:30PM


Sahaj is effortless --

For the fully established one in Realization they remain
in the Sahaja Nirvikalpa State of Consciousness.
This is when the mental drama of mind play has receded
and simply and effortlessly Pure Awareness of that ever
present Non-duality Is.

If one has to hold it with intention then it's a state that
comes and goes and is limited.

Yes the mind stills and then what is opened when all
deconstructs is the seeing of That which has always been
present at the core of Being and at the core of the Universe.

There are those naysayers of the rationalist crowd such
as indiasparks and the rest of that ilk at nirmutka free thinkers.

What is Nirmukta ?. In Realization there is Freedom in that
all the formerly held ideas of Religion - God - separation -
hells and heavens - and the rest of the projections have
imploded into the very Simple Reality that cannot be denied.
This is not something that one has read about and adopts
as a blind belief system as those are not liberating but
just another projection to keep one clinging to a set of
ideas and dogmas. What amounts to keeping ones
current set of ideas that keep one safe and unchallenged
in the scheme of society -and ones social circle in place.

Quantum is understood and known - the Factoid that the
world projects from and is held in place by this 0 point
balance of Pure Life Energy which is Ever Living and
cannot be destroyed is discovered uncovered and revealed
as a Fact and not a speculation. It is also known in a split
second that the laws of the universe are in place simply
due to the vastness of this unchanging IS. When discovered
it is like Pure Intellect before knowledge occludes it.
St. John of the Cross rightly said i have entered the
Unknowing Beyond Knowledge. This can't be adopted
as a philosophical stance and cannot be comprehended
or known for what it is other than by direct experience.

No one can hand this to anyone -- Each must make
this internal journey on their own. There is no one
that is going to save you and no one that can run
your life or accept it's consequences but yourself.

So for the rationalists who are pissed off because you
don't understand what is being said here and your
big come back is to sit and mock and run to this
forum to try and get my organization listed as a
cult then i say SHAME on you... it is said here IF
you are saying that you are Scientific Minded then i
say do what i did and Make the internal Journey to Discover
whether God exists or NOT. What is the Truth of the Universe ?
No book is going to give you that knowledge. You
are only reading about someone elses experimentation
which will do little good in actually tearing away at the
mental ideas and conditionings that you are attempting
to fight against. How are these conditionings going to fall ?
It takes more than just sitting back and putting forward
school yard bully tactics...

i as a Guru take stands Daily against these phonies that
are conning people -- and am not popular for doing so.
i speak out against the Catholic Church for hiding these
pedophiles and will continue to do so. i speak up in
warning against those so-called Gurus that present one
face to the crowd and then live a life that bears no
resemblance to their words. Am working towards
wanting to see these societal abominations of thinking
that *honor* killings are fine and to see that the cast system
of higher and lower and separation is dissolved. So
before just seeing the word Guru and going off on a
tangent it would behoove one to First find out the facts
what is being given here and how.

Now as far as what is being spoken of in the Satsang
videos and your requiring Proof. Can only point you
in the direction of what Science is just starting to attempt
to understand and uncover and YES i have volunteered
and continue to be open to be a part of these types of



The 0 point that they are addressing and what Scientists are discovering
is what is Readily able to be entered into and what is discovered
Directly... This is why NOW scientists are starting to do studies
in Consciousness. There are many volumes out there...

So rather than wanting to make a mockery out of what you
haven't experienced then i point you back to your own theme
of PROOVE IT. The ONLY way it can actually be proven or
discarded is through your own journey inwards.

Do i have respect for Religious Traditions ? Yes to a point but
also see that there are a lot of abuses -- a lot of societal drama
being fueled through the twisting of scripture and through the
ignorance of dogmatic systems. The Path of Spirituality should
be aiming to free mankind of all the extraneous fears - and projections
that keep mankind in separation and insecurity and still within the
dark ages of superstition and negative actions.

Did i take initiation into a sampradaya -- Yes -- do i uphold
the Sancarachayas ideas in still advocating sati and more ---
100 % NOT... All identifications with the dogmatic and
externalized forms of religious holdings are broken through
when one enters what is termed Realization. The big important
me deconstructs as a driving force. It is replaced with the
Light of that 0 point balance that permeates the universe.
Does this make one higher than anyone else ? NO ---
All have that Same Eternal Unchanging spark of life
within the only difference is here the blinders have
been removed. That is all. The ridged holding to any
specific religious spin is replaced with seeing the value
and what the different reformers such as Christ who
wanted to reform the dogmatic fallacies of Judaism
and Buddha who when blown out into Nirvana (this
unconditioned state of Consciousness ) wanted to
reform Brahmanism - the caste system etc. And this
is what happens -- when one implodes or opens into
this awareness fully the shackles of the driving mind are
no more... One then goes forward to simply say there
is something to be discovered -- no one can hand it to
you --- you have to be Responsible for your journey and
actions - and the way is within. A Guru is a catalyst but
its the seeker that has to make the journey and PROVE
or Disprove the world - mind - God - and all that has been
taken at face value...

Now this is truly the way of the rationalist - the scientist
and the man of God to not follow anyone blindly and to
prove or disprove by Direct Experience. As the bible
rightly Says BE STILL and KNOW.

OM Shanti

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Re: Guru Swami G
Posted by: rrmoderator ()
Date: September 13, 2010 09:44PM

Swami G:

The topic of this thread is "Guru Swami G."

That would be the practices of behavior of that guru, not quantum physics, some pet philosophy, etc.

Please stay on topic.

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Re: Guru Swami G
Posted by: indiaspark ()
Date: September 13, 2010 11:37PM

SwamiG you have still not answered the question as to what is your given birth name? Why do you and your people use pompous titles like Swami and Sage?

Your long winded confounding post here is again full of fallacies and anecdotes.

Nirmukta is a community of freethinkers in India. Some of us do a lot work at the grass root level educating people against superstition to free their minds. We are against the pseudo science and abstract nonsense that you are propagating. Is it a coincidence that you are dressed like the ISCON movement? India suffers from plenty of god men and god women like you with your cults.

You act like you have the exclusive means of knowing "truth" or receiving validation, no other process of discovery is really acceptable or credible.

Your followers like Kanholy and Ron are aggressive in their attempt to divert the topic. They display these traits :-

Extreme obsessiveness regarding you the group/leader resulting in the exclusion of almost every practical consideration.

When you are criticized or questioned it is characterized as "persecution".

This is an example of how you control your followers:-


"A response made by Swami G to one of the sadhakas, Sagar, (who complains and analyzes a lot) about Guru-sadhaka relationship regarding the surrender and commitment issues:

It means to just Do Exactly what the Guru gives one to do, without complaint and without discussion to the Best of your ability. It doesn't mean for your mind to be going full tilt trying to figure out what more you could be doing. This is where your problem is. You are bringing it back to Doership rather than coming back to Surrender and simply allowing the Grace to pull you through. The response when given something is simply Yes Guruji - then open the Heart - remain in Silence and carry it out. What Sagar has been asked to do is the Practices as Given - and to put together the website. That is your Seva. Do your practices from the Heart rather than the head. Learn to relax - get the running mind out of the way. So yes quit thinking and trying to figure out what More you should be doing - The Mind MUST ABSOLUTELY STILL before one may enter into the sanctuary of Realization. If you can get (yoram) out of the way (yoram's mind holding to intellectual attempts to know) the Guru is Present - Guru is within the Heart - Focus always in the Spiritual Heart and allow it to open. If need be keep a picture of Guru near and put a fresh flower by the picture each day for remembrance and gratitude. Your progress will expand much more rapidly. The Guru's words will come back to remembrance and simply say Yes Guruji and let go of any mind play that rises in it's wake. Om Namo Shivaya - Om Kali Ma. - The Stillness of Absolute and the Motion of Shakti as Universe is ONE.

Maha Shanti Om"

What you want is absolute obedience without question like all cult leaders.

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Re: Guru Swami G
Posted by: Oerlikon ()
Date: September 14, 2010 02:15AM

Any idiot can put on some saffron robes and call themselves Swami so-and-so, and apparently we have such a saffron-clad rascal here.

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Re: Guru Swami G
Posted by: sarojini ()
Date: September 14, 2010 02:24AM

My name is Holly Holm. I am a wife and stay at home mother of two young beautiful daughters. I am an avid lover of nature, am Starbuck’s number one fan, enjoy ridiculously funny movies, love being with family and friends, while I also take pleasure in soaking up my father’s discourses on science (Physics in general).

I was raised without any religious or spiritual persuasions what-so-ever. Actually, I found that the best teacher in life was what I could see, feel, smell, hear and logically think through. The world appeared, and still does, as a magnificent symphony that moved smoothly, effortlessly and mysteriously. Just staring at the night sky left me in awe and muted any ideas I ever thought to entertain about its origin or meaning… this wonderment has never gone away. It is actually deeper today than ever before.

I was an analyst before leaving Corporate America to stay home with the children. Using reason and logic, along with a dose of open mindedness, was what helped me navigate business successfully. Though, these attributes also overflowed into relationships, personal values, personal beliefs, etc. In any study of science (be it math, psychology, physics, biology or even religion), I believe these are fundamental necessities to ensure that one doesn’t go into any belief system blindly, nor spend too much time invested in closed theories or dead end pursuits.

A few years ago the world that I had known and lived was turned upside down. In an instant, I realized that I wasn’t “living life”, but that I was “being lived by life”. I am not going to attempt to explain the difference in that cognition, for it is much like trying to describe the sensation of “cold” to someone that has never experienced “cold”. All attempts are merely concepts, theories and words which do not reveal the reality of what “cold” is, but only paint a picture of it. To truly know what “cold” is one must experience the direct sensation of it. It can be no other way.

I also did not spend a lifetime searching for this “realization of being lived by life” to happen. As I said, I was not a religious or spiritual person; actually, I am still not a religious or spiritual person, as I find these connotations are merely words attempting to describe one of man’s specific pursuits towards the “meaning of life” and are no greater or weightier than the word “scientist” (which is just another way man is attempting to find the “meaning” of why the world is happening or even “how” it is happening).

What does it have to do with Guru Swami G? When I found myself in the midst of this radical change in perception a few years ago, mainstream science couldn’t explain it, therapists couldn’t explain it, religion and spirituality (from what I could make sense of) couldn’t explain it and my Starbuck’s Baristas certainly were not interested in attempting to explain it. However, I found one person willing to help quiet my fear and my confusion, while offering some tangible help: Guru Swami G. She asked nothing of me. Over the years I have given a couple of minimal donations, I was never asked to alter my belief systems, to follow blindly (but to trust my own direct experiences), to leave my life or to do anything other than be open to what was happening. The name given to me by Guru Swami G was Sarojini.

‘Sage’ is simply a connotation used to signify one that has constant , immediate and direct experience of what they truly are, which had simply been covered up by layers of what they believed they were. While that title serves a purpose when working with others who are pursuing the ancient art of “spiritual understanding” (again, take these terms lightly), it has no relevance beyond that. I am a wife, a mother, a daughter, a sister, an aunt, a friend and, as all here are, a human being. I do write a blog in an attempt to share what is experienced here, but I mostly help in aiding Guru Swami G as a way to thank her and to give back for the endless guidance that she gave so freely when it was needed most.

I am not here to alter your belief systems or to demand that you change the way in which you view life; each person is responsible for what they hold and carry. I am merely here to express my gratitude for Guru Swami G, to attempt to shine light upon the fallacies of the claims being thrown around without any understanding behind them and to, hopefully, allow those that are determined to call the experiences of so many “crazy” or “dangerous” some room to entertain the idea that perhaps behind your ideas there are normal people simply offering another way in which understanding into the nature of reality can be found.

There are certainly going to be people who have worked with Guruji that did not like the way in which she runs her group. Not everyone that comes is going to agree, appreciate or benefit from the guidance that she gives. This is unavoidable, as there is simply no one teacher, path, religion, philosophy or modality that appeals to everyone. While the entire universe emanates from the same source, the diversity of personal judgment is infinite. Each works from where their mindsets and beliefs lie; no more and no less.

India Sparks: you were banned from the Guru Swami G Public Profile Page due to your disrespectful comments to not only the Admins of the site, but to people who were visiting that site and asking sincere questions of the Admins. If you ran a site and someone were to come in and begin ridiculing you and your guests, would you allow them to continue unabashed? You would have found, had you ever really had the intention of merely inquiring, that sincere and respectful questions would have been answered. However, it was quite clear that you are merely on a smear campaign and that no amount of reasoning beyond your held logic would matter. If you are truly a person of sense, then you must surely understand that you cannot force your views, beliefs, ideas, ideologies, theories or concepts upon another. Your path is your own; it is yours for the taking, but the world is a mighty large place and there are over 10 billion different perceptions which have nothing to do with your universal suggestions.

Holly Holm (Sarojini)

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