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Re: Stuart Wilde, Ayahuasca, Morph delusions, magical light-pen scam,
Posted by: Stoic ()
Date: March 13, 2010 04:57PM

'There are very similar tendencies of the more prolific writers like Stuart Wilde and L Ron Hubbard.

For example both have crafted an elaborate cosmology that includes invisible entities which plague the human race. My personal observation would be two-fold. The possibility certainly exists that both quickly digressed into dillusionary schizophrenia and wrote about their observations; or alternatively it is a defense against their own internal process. Introspection turned outward to point the finger at invisible enemies ... ie the enemies out there are a reflection of their inner world. In either case the similarities are striking:'

Very interesting observation from the new DR. If you look at both their cosmologies (Wilde's and L Ron's) from a literary point of view, the stories are just about the same, only the characters names and physical descriptions have changed.

I tend to see this as introspection turned outward to point the finger at invisible enemies, but that is largely because I am biased, through experience, to see things that way.
That doesn't discount the possibility that those two are very deliberately and consciously constructing an 'everyman myth' as they see the very great financial potential there for hoodwinking and scamming a great number of people.

Whether or not these two are truly delusional, the outcome for their followers is the same; they are locked into a mythical storyline fashioned by someone else, fuelled by fear of invisible beasties, and controlled through the story/myth by the storyteller/mythmaker.
They are being kept in an infantile emotional position, where their emotional life is manipulated by the person who dictates the story they are to believe.

Part of growing up is recognising that the monster under the bed or in the closet is constructed from our own fears and trepidations, and these fears are really felt in the body, they just attach to handy external objects.

Fear of being alone and in the dark is quite primal and has good evolutionary reasons for being such universal experience, so feeling the fear is not the problem.
The problem is how we translate that fear as adults, through the thinking process, and come up with invisible body Thetans or people morphing into lizards to describe something, fear, that is often quite generalised and an inevitable part of being human.

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Re: Stuart Wilde, L Ron Hubbard, Scientology
Posted by: The Anticult ()
Date: March 13, 2010 08:59PM

Dr, very fascinating stuff about the Stuart Wilde cosmology.
Stuart Wilde is sounding very much like an LRH in that way, crazy, but crazy like a fox.

Wilde doesn't have the organization of course, but he certainly has the greed.
The outrageous scams being done by Stuart Wilde and his partner point to a self-consciousness that its a scam, a dupe, a con-game.
Combine that with the drugs and boozing, power-tripping, greed, sex, it all starts to make sense.

There are very similar tendencies of the more prolific writers like Stuart Wilde and L Ron Hubbard.
For example both have crafted an elaborate cosmology that includes invisible entities which plague the human race.

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Re: Stuart Wilde, L Ron Hubbard, Scientology
Posted by: The Anticult ()
Date: March 13, 2010 09:07PM

Some ex-scientologists seem attracted to this.

The Ayahuasca Experience
"Stuart Wilde leads ayahuasca workshops in Ecuador, I've seen it mentioned on his website. I think David Icke did as well; he describes his experience of taking the plant extract in "Tales from the Time Loop."

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Re: Stuart Wilde, Ayahuasca, Morph delusions, magical light-pen scam,
Posted by: Sparky ()
Date: March 13, 2010 11:12PM

There was a song called Bring Me Money by the Flying Lizards.


Right...I remember this. I was shocked to later find out that it was a cover of a Beatles song which I never was aware of.

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Re: Stuart Wilde, Ayahuasca, Morph delusions, magical light-pen scam,
Posted by: corboy ()
Date: March 14, 2010 12:16AM

An article to read


Another article


Ayahuasca is what is known as a Monoamine Oxidase Inhibitor. Many drugs and food
items must be avoided so as to avoid a potentially dangerous serotonin crisis or an interaction that could trigger a rise in blood pressure.

It is very interesting that Dr Betrancourt reported passing out and having a headache.




For another description of using ayahuasca, I heartily recommend a chapter from 'Rational Mysticism' by journalist John Horgan.

Horgans description is a good control item for Nicole B's description, because Horgan
was invited to use the drug in the United States, and he did not have to participate in any New Age adjunct activities that broke down boundaries. Just the drug, and a congenial group of people and some responsible trip guides who stayed sober to make sure the evening ended well.

Mr Horgan was given advance notice on how to prepare himself, and was in good health.

Interestingly, according to Mr Horgan a number of the group members reported that they very much liked taking ayahuasca and were there to repeat the experience.

This is worth noting, given Nicole B telling readers that after her first dose of ayahuasca, she felt a craving for more, and not wanting to admit she had a craving for the drug, instead tried to attribute it to her intent on continuing her research--an attempt to conceal craving through use of rationalization. We need to ask whether there could be something pharmacologically dependency inducing in ayahuasca brew and whether this means it is important to control and limit its use through cultural controls that in its tribal context, make its use infrequent and limit its use to specific times and contexts.

One thing troubling is that in its original context, a tribal culture living close to subsistance level, it would seem that one should ensure that the clan take a potent drug in such a way as to minimize risk of addiction and incapacitation--unlike our sophisticated and affluent urban culture, a tribal culture cannot afford to have too many of its members become impaired and addicted. So to Corboy's opinion, it might signal concern that members of an affluent culture report a craving for something so very potent that it is used infrequently and in tightly prescribed and protected ritual contexts in its home culture. In the West, our checks and balances are missing. If we fuck up there is someone to take care of us--or call 911 to haul our heinies to psych emergency. In the jungle, if a clan member goes mad, he or she is burden, a possible danger, to the rest of the tribe.

Mr Horgans report, based on my recollection of the chapter, stated that everyone was carefully advised to abstain for the previous several weeks from any medication that had the property of interacting with monoamine oxidase inhibitors (MAOIs). This would include abstention from most if not all antidepressants, mood modulating drugs, and also abstention from certain antidepressants----which would exclude a very large percentage of the population.

Mr Horgan had taken some LSD trips many years before, and was ready for a wild ride. However, he reported that the vomiting induced by ayahuasca was very nasty--barf buckets were thoughtfully provided by the hosts.

This means any person with a health condition that would be worsened by vomiting should not take this medication. This would include persons with eye conditions such as retinal neuropathy (a complication of poorly regulated diabetes) and those who have had cataract surgery or other kinds of eye surgery.

At the end of the trip, the guide told Horgans group that it had been a quiet evening of its kind--no one had freaked out, and no one had thought he or she was dying.

An uneventful evening, eh?

What follows is some advice from a website on ayahuasca.



Notes Of Caution When Using Ayahuasca
Before trying ayahuasca or anything else that contains MAOI's, there are some very important things to consider. As far as safety is concerned, diet and medications pose the most serious health risks.

Some compounds should not be used when ingesting ayahuasca. Using these chemicals while you are taking (or within 2 weeks of taking) ayahuasca (or another MAOI) may cause serious side effects such as sudden rise in body temperature, extremely high blood pressure, severe convulsions, and (in rare cases) death.

xxx amoxapine (asendin)
xxx amphetamines (meth-, dex-, amphetamine)
xxx antihypertensives (high blood pressure medicine)
xxx appetite suppressants (diet pills)
xxx clomipramine (anafranil)
xxx cyclobenzaprine (flexeril)
xxx desipramine (pertofrane)
xxx doxepin (sinequan)
xxx fluoxetine (prozac)
xxx imipramine (tofranil)
xxx levodopa (dopar, larodopa)
xxx maprotiline (ludiomil)
xxx medicine for asthma or other breathing problems
xxx medicines for colds, sinus problems, hay fever, or allergies
xxx meperidine (demerol)
xxx methylphenidate (ritalin)
xxx nortriptyline (aventyl)
xxx other MAOI's
xxx paroxetine (paxil)
xxx protriptyline (vivactil)
xxx selegiline (eldepryl)
xxx sertraline (zoloft)
xxx SSRI's (any selective serotonin reuptake inhibitor)
xxx tricyclic antidepressants (amitriptyline, elavil)
xxx trimipramine (surmontil)

When using ayahuasca beware of the following:

xxx Diet: Dangerous reactions such as sudden high blood pressure may result when MAO inhibitors are taken with certain foods or drinks. The following foods should be avoided:

Foods that have a high tyramine content (most common in foods that are aged or fermented to increase their flavor), such as cheeses, fava or broad bean pods, yeast or meat extracts, smoked or pickled meat (and poultry or fish), fermented sausage (bologna, pepperoni, salami, summer sausage) or other fermented meat, sauerkraut, any overripe fruit, alcoholic beverages or alcohol-free or reduced-alcohol beer and wine, large amounts of caffeine-containing food or beverages such as coffee, tea, cola, or chocolate.

xxx Alcohol: Drinking alcohol while you are taking MAOI's may cause serious side effects like angina (chest pain) or headaches (severe or frequent). These conditions may interfere with warning signs of serious side effects of MAOI's.
xxx Allergies: Some people may have an unusual or allergic reaction to any type of MAOI.
xxx Asthma or Bronchitis: Some medicines used to treat these conditions may cause serious side effects when used while you are taking MAOI's.
xxx Bupropion (Wellbutrin): Using bupropion while you are taking or within 2 weeks of taking MAOI's may cause serious side effects such as seizures.
xxx Buspirone (BuSpar): Use with MAOI's may cause high blood pressure.
xxx Carbamazepine (Tegretol): Use with MAOI's may increase seizures.
xxx CNS (central nervous system) depressants: Using CNS depressants with MAOI's may increase the CNS and other depressant effects.
xxx Cocaine: MAOI's and cocaine may cause a severe increase in blood pressure.
xxx Dextromethorphan: Use with MAOI's may cause excitement, high blood pressure, and fever.
xxx Diabetes mellitus (sugar diabetes): MAOI's may change the amount of insulin or oral antidiabetic medication that you need.
xxx Diet: Dangerous reactions such as sudden high blood pressure may result when MAO inhibitors are taken with certain foods or drinks. The following foods should be avoided:

xxx High Blood Pressure: May be affected by MAOI's.
xxx Insulin: MAOI's may change the amount of antidiabetic medicine you need to take.
xxx Kidney Disease: Higher blood levels of MAOI's may occur, which increases the chance of side effects.

xxx Overactive Thyroid or Pheochromocytoma (PCC): Serious side effects may occur.
xxx Pregnancy: A study of pregnant women showed an increased risk of birth defects when MAOI's were taken during the first 3 months of pregnancy. In animal studies, MAOI's caused a reduced rate of growth and increased excitability in babies when large doses of MAOI's were given to a mother during pregnancy.

xxx Recent Heart Attack or Stroke: MAOI's may make the condition worse.
xxx Tolerance: Ayahuasca users may develop a tolerance (needing more to produce the desired results) if ayahuasca is used more often than once a week. Using ayahuasca once a month or less often is recommended.

xxx Trazodone or Tryptophan: Use of these medicines by persons taking MAOI's may cause mental confusion, excitement, shivering, trouble in breathing, or fever.

Nicole B's description:


I felt a sudden harsh pain in the head. I shouted "Help" and the only thing I remember before falling into a coma for an indeterminate time, is that I was insulted and asked to keep quiet so as not to trouble the others' experience.


Side Effects of MAOIs
Dizziness, Rapid heartbeat, Loss of sexual interest, Food Interaction

MAOIs react with certain foods and alcoholic beverages, and some medications, to produce a severe reaction. The reaction, which often does not appear for several hours after taking the medication, may include a dangerous rise in blood pressure, as well as headache, nausea, vomiting, rapid heartbeat, possible confusion, psychotic symptoms, seizures, stroke and coma.

The foods that interact with MAOIs include
aged cheeses
smoked, pickled, fermented and otherwise processed meats*,
fish and soy products
Chianti and other red wines
fava beans and ripe figs
foods containing monosodium glutamate (MSG).
These foods all contain large amounts of the amino acid tyramine, which, when it interacts with MAOIs, dramatically raises blood pressure.

*(yogurt and saurkraut are fermented, as is tempeh, miso, and which are fermented soy products much used by health conscious persons. Wonder if these have tyramine. Its a question worth asking.Corboy)

If anyone is evangelistically pushing the use of ayahausca, ask em to tell you what a monoamine oxidase inhibitor is.

Ask them just that.

Then, ask them to tell you what drugs an MAOI interacts with.

THen, ask them what kinds of food an MAOI interacts with.

Then, ask them if ayahuasca is an MAOI.

Stand back and watch their reactions.


Final note:

Buproprion, the generic name for the antidepressant Wellbutrin, is also prescribed for a different purpose--to assist persons trying to quit smoking. For that purpose, boys and girls, Buproprion/Wellbutrin is called Zyban.

Imagine someone trying to quit smoking, is taking Zyban under doctors RX and doenst think about the Zyban as a potential interactant when invited to go on an ayahuasca vision quest.

The list from the holistic website was quite good. But though it mentioned Wellbutrin, it did not mention the other form in which Wellbutrin/Buproprion is prescribed--Zyban.


See how pervasive this all is?



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Re: Stuart Wilde, Ayahuasca, Morph delusions, magical light-pen scam,
Posted by: Stoic ()
Date: March 14, 2010 05:05AM

I'm not a fan of recreational psychotropic drug use and would caution anyone against it who has a history of emotional upheaval or heavy meditation practices.

I was involved in the LSD scene in my youth but never partook as it was very well recognised then that persons such as me (I had what was later labelled PTSD) were likely to suffer severe adverse effects.
I played a similar role then to todays 'designated driver' when others partook.

My mental condition was such that I was already far too familiar with altered states, out of body experiences etc, etc, and was far keener to leave such things behind than to seek out new varieties.

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Re: Stuart Wilde, Ayahuasca, Morph delusions, magical light-pen scam,
Posted by: corboy ()
Date: March 14, 2010 11:04AM

In fairness I wish to note that the second person who had a bad experience admits he/she did not fast prior to intake.

Still even John Horgan who did scrupulously follow all instructions and who, from his book photograph, appeared to have a very robust physique, had a very rough time
while on the ayahuasca and found the vomiting to be quite miserable.

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Re: Stuart Wilde, L Ron Hubbard, Scientology
Posted by: DR ()
Date: March 17, 2010 02:15AM

The notion of millions of invisible enemies is most probably evidence of general paranoia. It is fairly well understood that Hubbard formed the Sea Org in order to enjoy the safety of international waters.

“Scientology became a focus of controversy across the English-speaking world during the mid-1960s, with the United Kingdom, New Zealand, South Africa, the Australian state of Victoria and the Canadian province of Ontario all holding public inquiries into Scientology's activities”. From – Wikipedia []

Wilde talks in many places of his exit from Australia, promising never to return, because of invisible forces set against him.

“But I suffered counter-attacks of various kinds from forces that didn’t want to see this kind of thing happening, and I also had some incredible bad luck, and in the end I left Australia and gave away the house to a trust”. From – ‘Article: Dry Rain Falling Upwards’ Aug 2004

Another predictable connection between Wilde and Hubbard is their use of a myriad of strange words catalogued in their own glossaries and dictionaries. The use of a private vocabulary not only magnetizes further mind-control for the adherents, but also creates certain elitism, as the followers are the only ones that understand the language.

Wilde Speak - “Whooshy-Words” defined as a morph sensation that is the sound of words passing through your mind that are accompanied by a cupping sensation or pressure in your eardrums, or

“Clickers” are paranormal sounds similar to the sound of sticks being broken. They can also sound like drumsticks being tapped against each other. Clickers usually occur behind you, but not always.

Hubbard Speak - “Enturbulated by all the suppressive terminology on ars? Feeling nattery, want to blow? Suffering from severe MU phenomenon?” Decode here >> []

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Stuart Wilde, L Ron Hubbard, Scientology "like lambs to the slaughter"
Posted by: The Anticult ()
Date: March 17, 2010 04:56PM

More fascinating info about Stuart Wilde and Scientology, from DR.
That is very unique information, that people need to look into.

It makes one wonder, is Stuart Wilde like LRH, crazy, or crazy like a fox?
The evidence for Stuart Wilde point to crazy like a fox. Wilde was always quite clever, and was able to sell a lot of books years ago with his quips.
But over time it got stranger and weirder.

Stuart Wilde is now selling the Morph parallel universe delusion. Of course taking even "natural" drugs and hallucinogens [] for years is part of it.
But when Wilde is encouraging people to try to see the Morph delusion, from a technical point of view, that is installing a Hallucination. In hypnosis, installing hallucinations is a very common technique, and not hard to do once a person is in a light-trance state.

On a blunt level, if people will believe and buy the Morph delusion, then Stuart Wilde knows they will believe ANYTHING, like buying a pen-light for $2,000.
But thing like the light-pen scam, show Wilde and his business partner Johann Euringer, very cynically exploiting the "lambs to the slaughter" as Stuart Wilde calls his followers.
They bought a truckload of surplus pen-lights, and marked them up from $2-$2,000, and you can see the sarcasm in some of the gobbly-gook on the website. That is a cynical scam.

As far as acting CRAZY, many/most Gurus try that tactic, and it seems to work for them.
Recently, James Ray is trying to send out "crazy" sounding Tweets. []
Byron Katie is the master of making herself appear like a crazy savant. []

There have been countless Gurus who move into the "crazy wisdom" game, and it gets more crazy as time goes on.
One "crazy" thing, why are all these "crazy" Gurus multimillionaires, with estates, trusts, corporations...

They play the crazy act, as it works, people like their Gurus a bit crazy.
And it also allows the Guru to behave abusively and exploitatively, and call it crazy wisdom, when in fact its just abuse and exploitation.

Just looking at the evidence, Stuart Wilde only partially believes his own bullshit, probably brought on from his own issues, and the drugs.
But he is also a very clever operator, who is doing deliberate advanced techniques, and blatant scams.
Its looking like he may have also studied Scientology and LRH, and just modified some of the concepts and vocabulary, to create his own Stuart Wilde delusional universe, where he is the leader.
Every Guru who gets into the crazy stuff, always has an entire Cosmology they are selling, and of course the Guru is the center of that cosmology.

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Re: Stuart Wilde, Ayahuasca, Morph delusions, magical light-pen scam,
Posted by: corboy ()
Date: March 17, 2010 09:29PM


accompanied by a cupping sensation or pressure in your eardrums

Interesting. I have had such sounds in my ears, off and on, for years, for decades.

When old enough to read medical books, I learned this was often caused by Eustachian tubes becoming blocked or unblocked, due to allergy or some such thing. I occasionally have ringing in my ears, a condition the docs call 'tinnitis'. For me it sounds like a high pitched tone from a radio or telephone and I always ignored it.

(However, some people are get a severe case of it that really does warrants medical attention.)

If a lot of people have this sort of thing and, instead of ignoring it or getting medical advice, are unlucky enough to cross paths with someone persuasive who gets them to fear that their common medical/physical phenomenon has some sort of demonic cause, this would impose a needless set of terrors on top of their original concern about their ears.

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