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Byron Katie, Guy Finley, Life of Learning Foundation, EIN 931113013.
Posted by: The Anticult ()
Date: January 08, 2010 05:01AM

Guy Finley's overall salespitch is actually identical to Byron Katie...

Quote: END STRESS, GRIEF, WORRY, and DEPRESSION. Discover the happy life!

That's the exact same salespitch. END - stress/worry (anxiety) grief/depression.
So Guy Finley is telling you he can end your depression and anxiety, which is almost all of human problems!
And he can make you happy too, he says.

Absolutely brilliant, that is PAIN and PLEASURE, the core of the human.
He promises to relieve pain, and give pleasure, done right by the book.

He can also fix all these problems as well, but he refuses to list his IRS EIN number on his website. (Life of Learning Foundation EIN: 931113013)
Isn't that interesting, how he lists every problem on earth that he can cure, but refuses to put that IRS number on his website? Very sneaky, he knows the New Agers don't think about those kind of things.
They want to be healed of all their PAIN by Guy Finley.

______What Guy Finley says he can give the answers to________________

Abuse Addiction Anger Management Anxiety Attachment Attention Awakening Being Attacked Being Identified Betrayal Blame Game Caring for Aging Parents Change Character Children Comparison Compassion Conflict Cruelty Death of a Loved One Depression Diet Disturbance Divorce Dreams Empowerment Enlightenment Failure Faith Family Fear Feeling Overwhelmed Financial Crisis Forgiveness Freedom Global Pain Goal Setting Grief Happiness Healing Heartache Householder's Path Hypocrisy Illusions Indecision Jesus Christ Judging Others Kindness Law of Attraction Letting Go Life Changes Life's Purpose Loneliness Loss Love Making a Living Meditation & Prayer Money Negative Imagination Nurturing Love Painful Past Painful Patterns Panic Attacks Peace of Mind Perfecting Relationship Persistence Physical Healing Prayer in Action Present Moment Psychology Quiet The Mind Recovery Rejection Relationships Renewal Resentment Resistance Rushing Sadness Salvation Seeking Approval Self-Awareness Self-Esteem Self-Help Self-Justification Self-Pity Self-Protection Self-Transformation Selfless Living Spiritual Stillness Spiritual Weakness Spiritual Weariness Spirituality Starting Over Stress Success Suffering Suicide Teaching Others The Bible The Truth About Angels & Devils Thought Toxic People Transformation Transformational Living True Christianity True Purpose Truth Uncertainty Useless Thinking Visualization Waking Up Together

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Byron Katie, Guy Finley, Life of Learning Foundation Inc EIN 931113013
Posted by: The Anticult ()
Date: January 08, 2010 05:27AM

Also notice that there is no Guy Finley website that lists the actual name of the foundation/church he is the front-man for.
(Christine A Roberts is listed as the actual owner of the foundation, not Guy Finley)
The actual name for the foundation is...

"Life of Learning Foundation Inc"

Notice how Guy & Co carefully edited out the Inc part, and only list it as...

"Life of Learning Foundation".

That is deliberate, how they use language on the New Agers.
In fact, the LOL is a church, that is the IRS designation.
So they edited out the Inc part, as well as the IRS numbers.

Guy knows that New Agers and New Thought non-dual people just want their pain to stop, and don't think about these things, like where their money went.

Guy Finley has raked in enormous amounts of money, he has his finger in everything, including mentoring and coaching. Very clever, very slick.

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Guy Finley, Life of Learning Foundation Inc EIN 931113013
Posted by: The Anticult ()
Date: January 08, 2010 06:00AM

This Life Of Learning company/church is very very sneaky. They don't post anything on their websites. Its amazing how these companies always conceal as much as possible, and don't list their employees, or any relevant info.
They also have their PR person monitor and edit websites that list company info.

They are very clever to call everything non-profit, charitable, and all the rest of it.
Life of Learning...very smart, that says it all. Guy Finley want to hook you into his group for LIFE.

The PR person for Life of Learning has edited company profile sites, and tries to say that no one receives a salary?
Where is the PROOF? Where are the audited expense IRS 990 Forms, to prove it?
What expenses are being paid out?

Its frankly amazing that they have gotten away without any questions ever being asked of them, ever, by anyone. They can just say anything they want, if there is no proof required.
Instead of a salary, they can just cover all their "expenses", or hand out cash, who knows what's going on over there.

This one really does smell very badly.
And guess what? There is literally almost no actual information about Life of Learning Foundation online, and its been monitored and cleaned-up by professionals.
This is a very well organized tax-free money collection business, and all the financial details are totally concealed.
These guys are very clever.

Merlin, Oregon 97532

They appear to have more than a dozen employees?
Chris Learning and Audrey Learning? Is that a joke?

Ellen Williams - Director
Megan Wiesneski
Beth Hoke - District Executive
Kathryn Moorehead - District Executive
Chris Learning
Audrey Learning
Chris Amen
Mac Johnson
Beryl Burr

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Re: Guy Finley, Life of Learning Foundation Inc EIN 931113013
Posted by: The Anticult ()
Date: January 08, 2010 06:07AM

Probably the only way to get any real information about the Life of Learning Foundation Inc church, would be for former members to release some documents on, on in this thread.

But one gets the sense everything has been under high-security lock and key from day one. Its a closed loop.
Once some former members hear that things are being looked into, hopefully some inside information will turn up.

But certainly, one should never give $1 to this kind of super-secretive group, like the Life of Learning Foundation Inc.
You literally have no idea of where your money is going.

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Re: Guy Finley - Self Help Guru
Posted by: quackdave ()
Date: January 08, 2010 09:43AM

"Dr." Daniel G. Amen wrote a recommendation on a book I had by Guy Finley, years ago; it seems he is endorsing the "Letting Go a Little Bit at a Time" book now.

"Letting Go: A Little Bit at a Time is filled with big ideas that just might change your life. Wise, witty, and important."

- Daniel G. Amen, MD, New York Times bestselling author of Change Your Brain, Change Your Life

I think I saw stuff about "Dr." Dan in one of these threads, a while ago. How many Amens are there in Guy Finley's world? Is Chris Amen a relative, maybe? A spouse?

Joe Vitale is also one of the "experts" who endorses this book in the bookstore on Guy Finley's website. Interesting.

I can't find anything on the web about it, but I know that the last course I bought from Ken Roberts years ago, included a video introducing his daughter and talking about his family. I'm almost sure Chris Roberts is his wife or ex-wife. (do a Google on Ken Roberts and you'll find a bunch of negatives including judgments against him and sites calling him a scam marketing guru) His sites are all down now, it seems, since about 2006, except for Four Star Books, which doesn't link to anything by Guy Finley anymore. Maybe they had a falling out. He does have at least one book by Vernon Howard, one of Guy Finley's original teachers. (Guy often talked about Howard in his books and on the tape-of-the-month club sessions.

I think this thread will begin to uncover some more on LOL, Inc. soon, much the same way the Byron Katie threads have. It will probably just take a little time.


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Guy Finley - Ken Roberts, Jeff Roberts, Christine A Roberts
Posted by: The Anticult ()
Date: January 09, 2010 02:50AM

Dr. Daniel Amen promotes all sorts of scams, there are plenty of money-hungry docs in America, imagine that!

Daniel Amen, who promotes Byron Katie, has been disclaimed by the PBS Ombudsman. []

Does Ken Roberts (the scam-artist) have any connection with Jeff Roberts, Events Director Life of Learning Foundation?
Or Christine A Roberts, the person who actually owns the LOL Foundation church?

Ken Roberts does have connections with Guy Finley.
QUOTE: "Ken Roberts attributes his insights to Guy Finley and, most importantly, Vernon Howard." "While Ken claims his sources are Guy Finley and Vernon Howard"

Search Google for:

"Ken Roberts" "Guy Finley"

These private religions, like the Life of Learning Foundation (which is a church) usually keep it in the family. A core group of family own and run the private religion, and they can spend the "foundation" millions of dollars as they want.
They can buy property, and things of that nature.

Also they can give "grants".
So if one could get their IRS 990 form, you might see a "grant" given to one of their family members for very large amounts of money, for allegedly doing something.
And also, other family members would get paid a fortune for marketing, running the websites, and things of that nature.

Life of Learning Foundation tries to claim no one gets a salary, which actually is a clear sign they are crooked! As if that were "true" they have to show the 990 forms to prove it, which they don't.
They say that as part of their "non-profit charity" marketing.
Meanwhile, some of them might not technically get a salary, but they get huge "grants" and "expenses" and all sorts of things. That is why they use the word "salary" and not "money". Its a common method.
Meanwhile, millions of dollars get transfered into the family over the years, from the foundation.

The members of the LOL need to demand to see the IRS 990 Forms going back to the beginning. They need to organize, stop giving any money, and demand those forms be released.
That is how small churches take back control from pastors who are spending all the churches money, for example. Its the same thing with LOL foundation, which is just a small church.

The Life of Learning Foundation is very well put together, and at first glance to the average person seems somewhat convincing.
But in reality, it is raking in a fortune, and no one knows where that money went, or who it went to.
Guy Finley is the public front-man, and there is a team of people behind the scenes who are running the organization.

The Life of Learning Foundation has to prove with their IRS 990 forms where the money has really gone to. Until they release those forms, then no one should give them $1 for anything, ever.

Those who have donated money could contact Christine Roberts and demand a copy of the IRS 990 return for the years they donated any money.

EIN: 931113013 (Employer ID Number)
Christine A Roberts
Address Po Box 10
Merlin, OR 97532-0010
(Josephine County)

Category: Religious Organization
Activity: Church
Filing: No 990-PF return
Since 08-1993

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Re: Guy Finley - Self Help Guru
Posted by: meatpopsicle ()
Date: January 09, 2010 11:57PM

Anyone have any knowledge on this man? Is he a harmless old coot or a slimey mystic/Eastern religion salesman?

His organization is supposedly non-profit, but as most people here realize this is just an easier way to funnel cash out if someone at the helm is a ruthless fiend.

Is he a guru or salesman? I guess that depends on who you ask and how that person takes in Guy Finley's message. To me, he's no guru, nor a salesman. Have you ever actually listened to one of his weekly talks? He's no "new age" guru ..... meaning he makes no claims that you can heal anything. He mostly speaks of living in the present. Whatever....... if it doesn't agree with your beliefs..... or does ....... take it or leave it.

As far as his organization, I know nothing of it, nor do I need to know where the money it acquires goes. I find it ironic how people who have no direct contact with his organization are so offended and demanding of it's business. Am I naive? Maybe so .... but if I wanted to know the dealings and ethics of every organization or company I have contact with that feeds mind,body or spirit ...... I'd have been dead long ago from disillusionment and starvation. Most Human beings are so unconscious they don't really know what they're doing. . . . just continuing the same fear that has been passed form person to person from generation to generation since the beginning of humans.

One odes not need to spend anything to get Finley's message. If someone wants to donate or join his Now website .... that's their choice.

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Guy Finley LIFE OF LEARNING FOUNDATION INC, financial disclosure
Posted by: The Anticult ()
Date: January 10, 2010 04:34AM

Guy Finley is a very accomplished salesman. He is actually doing the highest level of salesmanship, that is where you have the skill to present yourself in an awe-shucks manner and make strangers think you are their buddy.
Guy Finley is a natural born salesman, and he is also very skilled.
Just look at his website, which is laced top to bottom, and sideways, with product marketing.

As far as the "ideas" Guy Finley is selling, that is a seperate can of worms. Its funny, because right on his website, as shown here, he is claiming he has answers to every single problem in the human condition.
That is called expert salesmanship, sell people what they THINK want to buy.
Like any real salesman, Guy will literally sell you anything you want to buy, that is the mark of a natural.

And Vernon Howard has links to the New Thought movement, which in the end amounts to the idea that you can do anything through your mystical cosmic supermind power.
(The Mystic Path to Cosmic Power, The Power of Your Supermind, by Vernon Howard)

Guy Finley just doesn't come right out with it.

The part about Guy Finley's company and business is priceless.
Yes, folks, you have NO RIGHT to know what Guy Finley is doing with the money you donate to his religious organization/church (foundation), says Guy Finley.
That is false.
Anyone that gives any money in any way to Christine A. Roberts (Guy Finley) religious organization (LIFE OF LEARNING FOUNDATION INC), has the right to know exactly where that money is going.
They have a right to demand to see audited financial statements (or IRS 990 forms) for every year they donated, or want to donate.
That money is TAX-FREE for the organization, so citizens have a right to know how that tax-free money is being spent.

How do they know the money is not being used improperly?
They don't even know that Christine A. Roberts is the owner of the organization. They have no idea where all the money has gone, and what it is spent on.

Guy Finley can make vague claims about where the money is, but he has to prove it.
Where is the proof?
It would be in the audited financial statements that Guy & Co have carefully decided to leave off their websites.

Why is the Life Of Learning Foundation, listed as a "religious organization" and a "church"? That sounds strange, doesn't it?
It because they know being a "religious organization" can allow being exempt from the Form 990, which means they can try to keep all of the financial information secret.
This is why so many of these organizations lists themselves as a "church", but call themselves a "Foundation" in their marketing. Its very deceptive.

Since Guy Finley and Christine Roberts have deliberately chosen to hide and conceal the financial information, then no one knows how the money is being used.
Any "foundation" that hides its audited financials or IRS 990 forms, does not deserve $1 in donations from anyone. Not one single $1.

Why are they concealing the financials and deliberately don't mention them anywhere?
Because if you saw them, then you would see how all your money is being spent, and where its going.

What is a IRS Form 990?ý []
Charity Navigator []
Reputable foundations make all of that detailed information public and open.

Why doesn't anyone even know who is on the board of directors of the LIFE OF LEARNING FOUNDATION INC?
How much is spent on marketing, and other expenses?

Why does Guy Finley and the LIFE OF LEARNING FOUNDATION INC choose to conceal all of that information from their members and the public?
Because they don't want people to know how their donations are being spent.
Otherwise, they would make that information available.

As a matter of fact, Guy Finley tries to PROGRAM YOU, exactly like is written above by the Guy Finley PR-popsicle...

"As far as his organization, I know nothing of it, nor do I need to know where the money it acquires goes."

They want you to be TOTALLY ignorant, and to be content with that total ignorance. That is quite diabolical. They want to cultivate in you a passive detachment to natural curiosity and fact-finding.
In reality, one has a right and a need to know exactly where the money aquired by Guy Finley & Co goes, and to whom it goes, and in what amounts, as they are not paying any taxes on it.

One should never donate $1 to a "charity" that conceals all of their financial information and conceals their IRS 990 Forms, or audited financial statements.
LIFE OF LEARNING FOUNDATION INC is not listed on Charity Navigator or any other non-profit monitoring website on earth.
That is a extremely bad warning sign.

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Re: Guy Finley LIFE OF LEARNING FOUNDATION INC, financial disclosure
Posted by: The Anticult ()
Date: January 10, 2010 05:01AM

But no, listen to the Guy Finley style...Jedi mind-trick attempts....

...humans are just expressing fear...they are unconscious...we are so unconscious you don't even know what you are doing need to learn to trust... can't know everything about everything...better to know nothing...knowing nothing means you know don't need to know anything about Guy Finley's organization....that's right...nothing...nothing at mind is blank now... are getting very detached...and very don't need to know where your money is going to or has gone...that's right...its gone...

...don't pass fear to your children...learn to trust...without don't need to think about anything...or know anything about anything...ignorance is bliss...its all free on the website...and its all your free choice...if you choose to pass the cancer of fear to your children...that is your choice...or you can choose to love...don't think...the mind is fear and evil...humans are too here now to donate your entire Estate to Christine Roberts...she doesn't even exist... [] ...give Charitable Trusts and Memorial Gifts without an Endower for $500 a month no questions asked...then we will contact your personally on the phone...maybe even Guy will call you up...come work for us for free...get our videos on TV...recruit your friends and family into our religious org but call it a Foundation as that sounds better...come and work on our computers or grow food or work construction for no pay...we have copied Byron Katie's method who also gets volunteers to MoveTheWork...which means you are our unpaid salespeople...but don't ask no questions...your don't need to know where your Estate has gone...or where your $6,000 a year in free donations has gone...there is no such person as Christine Roberts don't need to know...there is no such thing as mind...its your mind that makes you fearful of losing all your money to Guy Finley....your mind has just gone blank...isn't it wonderful... back to sleep ...and when you awake you will remember nothing...nothing just happened...

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Re: Guy Finley LIFE OF LEARNING FOUNDATION INC, financial disclosure
Posted by: The Anticult ()
Date: January 10, 2010 05:40AM

Guy Finley is not a salesman.
He is cross-marketed on over 5,000 blogs by accident.
The company owns and runs a few dozen interconnected website also by accident.

Administrative Contact: Chris Amen
Life of Learning foundation
PO Box 10
Merlin, OR 97532

Guy Finley Jedi-speak....
Liberate yourself from your thoughts and feelings! Especially your dark thoughts.
There is a dark voice in your mind, that is full of limits and fear.
In reality, you can do anything, No limits, with your inner vibrant lifeforce, and can solve any problem. The way to do it is to use your Attention in the way I teach in my books, CD's, eboks,DVD's, courses, seminars and whatever.
Buy it now, and you will get free indoctrination DVD's included...

And since Guy Finley can teach you to do anything with vibrant lifeforce mindpower, if when you try to do it, and it doesn't work, its because you're not doing it right.
You have to try harder to not Let Go more.
Take as long as you need need to understand that paradox. As you now go into a trance.

If it doesn't work, buy more stuff for a year or two, and then come and visit us in person, its all free, especially the free money in donations you are going to give.
If that still doesn't work, its because you are not doing it right.
You need more Learning, for Life.

Because what guy Finley teaches is guaranteed to solve every problem of the human condition. If if doesn't work, that is your fault, for not letting go hard enough.
So there are more advanced courses for that.
Come on down...

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