The Family/Children of God/David Berg
Posted by: bea ()
Date: December 25, 2009 08:49AM

the group I was brought up in was not part of "The Family" as such but it was splintered off from it (I think before I was born or when very young) and merged with the New Church movement and Vineyard churches in the UK and very much influenced by David Berg. It differed in lots of ways but was similar in some disturbing ways too - for eg some of the beliefs about sex were similar and their views of bringing up (in other words, abusing) children. I remember in it's early days David Berg's name mentioned fairly often not as a leader but more as an example of teachings they agreed with, although it grew away from that stuff as time went on (probably due to negative publicity in the UK in the 90's).

I wondered if anyone here is 2nd generation Family, Jesus movement, Vineyard or grown up in similar/related groups? I'd like to hear from anyone, but I am also looking for anyone (2nd generation) who thinks they may have escaped the same group (in the south west of England). I suppose I am looking for understanding and trying to get my head around what went on and why.

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