The Truth about the Cult of Nithyananda
Posted by: hippie ()
Date: November 07, 2009 01:40PM

Check this out. A lot of details provided by an some former inner circle members.



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Re: The Truth about the Cult of Nithyananda
Posted by: LightSeeker ()
Date: January 19, 2017 03:45PM

Surprised to not see more discussed about Nithyananda and his cult. He seems to be one of the most popular Indian Gurus on youtube and has many devotees who are on youtube as well who are honestly scary to watch because they're so devoted to him.

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Re: The Truth about the Cult of Nithyananda
Posted by: corboy ()
Date: January 20, 2017 07:57AM

Corboy note:

Nithyananda is one of those commercial gurus/godmen in India making big bucks.

However, be alert evaluating sources describing his abuses. Many reputable news outlets are covering Nithyananda.

However, some other gurus created and continue to create anti Nithyananda material so as to make themselves look good by comparison -- and deflect complaints from their former disciples by claiming Nithyananda is so much worse than they are

Here is a current news article about Nithyananda from a newspaper in Tamil Nadu, southern India.

Andal controversy
Nithyananda cult's abusive videos: Complaint lodged for use of minors to attack Vairamuthu

In multiple videos, doing the rounds on social media, girls and boys are seen using expletives that are sexual in nature as they question the lyricist's comments on Andal, an Alvar saint.
Priyanka Thirumurthy

Monday, January 22, 2018


Impotency to Consensual Sex: Nithyananda Takes U-turn in Rape Case


Some older material from the nithyananda myth buster blog



The complaint (Case no. EDCV13-363-JGB, filed on 27th Feb 2013 at the US District Court, Central District of California) has been filed by several ex-donors against Nithyananda, his secretaries and his organizations, allege that Nithyananda and his secretaries blatantly misrepresented Nithyananda as a Brahmachari, sanyasi living a simple life, and misrepresented the organizations as charitable institutions benefitting the society and extracted crores of rupees from them. But in reality Nithyananda’s intentions were to cheat the public, devotees and the US government by misusing his position as the leader of these organizations and charitable tax-exempt (501(c)) status of his organizations to privately benefit from it (refer pg 50 of complaint). The ex-donors have demanded the return of around $800,000 (around Rs. 4.5 crores) collected from them through fraud and deceit. However, the court could award 3 times that amount (almost Rs. 14 crores) as compensation, if the racketeering charges are confirmed in a trial.

Corboy: The material quoted below was written in 2009 and posted on the Guruphiliac forum site.

I am bold facing material that indicates coercion and disruption of critical thinking.

Golden boy bites Vivekananda and Yogananda to get famous


(One comment from the Guruphiliac forum)

One person who posted as "grieving parent", wrote:

"He does not feel ashamed to exploit each and every spiritual guru, Ramakrishna, Sai Baba, any body , does not spare even the Buddhist meditation techniques. All just to cover people of every guru/faith, he usurps the true bhakti of the other great gurus/steals their ideas and good name and just to make money and get a "Divine" position.

One piece of advice to the still mesmerised group of innocent victims, just go to the Himalayas and attend his camp - u see how spirituality is annulled to create the maya that this sucker is the "Spiritual Guru""

"Money, money, money is all that matters (that too $, $, and $). He dares to command people (of course when u attend the camps) for 10% of gross income. He says "I have given u 30 days of my time, why don' t u give 3 days of ur time and volunteer here".

Whatever Jul 31 09 8:09 AM


Nithyananda is not who he claims to be.
He has great videos on youtube. His talks can be mesmerizing and convincing. He does exude energy - I have felt it strongly. He is incredibly intelligent and knows how to say the right things to people. I had fallen for him quite strongly after feeling his energy throughout my body with just his touch on my forehead. I fell head over heels in love with him as much as someone could fall in love and devotion to a guru. I found myself doing everything he was espousing. I even legally changed my name, even my passport and driver's license, etc. I ran at every chance to see him, to be near him. I thought of him every minute of the day. I prayed to him and held him above all else.

Inconsistencies between what is said publicly and done in private

But, there were too many little inconsistencies that I noticed. What he said in public and what he did in private were vastly different.

Doubt and critical thinking are discouraged

He does brainwash people - if we have any doubt in our minds about him or his movement, we are told to "drop the doubt[/b], drop the mind" lest we never reach enlightenment because of our "own fault" in not have "dropped our minds."

He knows how to manipulate each person - he is master of the way people's psychology is, the way people think and believe, our psyche.

Sleep Deprivation


He doesn't allow his ashramites to sleep - they get anywhere from no sleep to a few hours a day. He makes them work, work, work to the point of physical and mental exhaustion.

He only believes in propagating his name, and acquiring money - not true religion. Religion is only a front just for outward appearance. He actually disrepects Gods in private sessions saying bad derogatory comments about them.

Abuse and Humiliation

I've seen him belittle and berate his ashramites shamelessly - it is emotional torture and humiliation. He claims it is "for their own good" to help them "lose their ego" so that they become enlightened but this is just a bogus double-speak in order to ill treat them as he wishes. He is a very sick, sick man who is egotistical, interested in fame and fortune, enjoys torturing people in a number of ways-mental, physical, emotional, and will stop at nothing to get what he wants. He doesn't mind stepping on people's toes, nay their heads, in order to get ahead. And everyone who is still in the movement are a bunch of stupid fools because they (most if not all) can see the signs but fail to acknowledge them and only believe his double-speak. They choose to stay in ignorance because they have fallen for his total crap words.

I urge those still in the movement to look past his words, and don't just believe what you see him do in public. He puts on a great humble and gracious act in public. See his actions in more private and intimate settings - this is a very dangerous man.

Trust your gut instinct.

Don't drop your mind - it's the only thing that is showing you the red flags to alert you to danger. Good luck to you and God Bless because now only the Real God can help you get out of this mess. I am thankful to the Real God for helping to show me the way out and save my life and my soul.



31 09 12:03 PM Oh my goodness, I never thought I would read an experience which parallels my own so closely. To the above poster, I am pretty sure we have met. You have hit the nail squarely on the head. I spent considerable time at the ashram myself. I didn't go quite as far as legally changing my name, but I know exactly what you mean about running to the ashram and thinking about Nithyananda constantly and obsessively, because we were so brainwashed. The contact high that Nithyananda gives creates addicts who chase him like a hit of heroin. I would spend countless hours just to disconnect myself from my responsibilities and to be in the so-called \"energy field\". I proselytized to friends and family and tried to convert them and do his programs. Fortunately, like you, I saw the real light before it was too late and I got sucked completely into the organization. I think there are still some devotees/ashramites who might see through the deceit and get out and save the shambles of their lives. I don't care what the argument is for the purported benefits of continuing to stay inside, but large organizations with an aggressive drive to expand and to bring in more and more devotees and money can never lead a genuine seeker to the truth. A drug like high is never a substitute for the wisdom borne of solitude, silence and quiet contemplation. I'd be happy to connect with you in private, if you would feel so inclined. You can trust that I am not planted by the organization (a fear that people who leave always have)."

Aug 15 09 1:55 PM



What is so confusing about Nithyananda's enchanting videos is that is a mix of truth and falsehood

werewolf wrote:


Aug 20 09 11:09 AM I have been looking for information on this guy for quite some time. I get a creepy feeling from his pictures and when I have watched his videos I am just disgusted by him. I am not now or have ever been involved with his cult, but my cousin is in hook, line a nd sinker. She is a very intelligent woman but was very vulnerable when she was first introduced to one of the recruiters of this cult. It quickly became an obsession that led to running to ashrams around the world, alienation from her family, quitting her job, divorce and selling her home etc etc. I am scared for her because she can't see the danger that she is in. What does this jerk do to his devotees when they run out of money to pay for his bullcrap? Kick them to the curb? (one can only hope) Leave the families to pick up the pieces of their shattered lives? I wish that someone would slap that \"stupid I've got you over a barrel, poo eating grin\" off his face. I truly hate to look at his picture because he just sickens me. Has anyone else got family or friends brainwashed by this guy and what does someone do to save their lives?[quote/]

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Re: The Truth about the Cult of Nithyananda
Posted by: corboy ()
Date: May 05, 2018 02:49AM

nithyananda cult



Nithyananda cult's abusive videos: Complaint lodged for use of minors ..

[] › Tamil Nadu
Jan 22, 2018 - Even as lyricist and poet Vairamuthu alleges that his words have been twisted in regard to the Andal controversy, more abuse has come his way over the last two days. This time however the source of malice is shocking - children who are part of the 'Swami' Nithyananda Ashram. In multiple videos, doing ...

'Swami' Nithyananda's - The News Minute
[] › News
Aug 28, 2017 - While Gurmeet Ram Rahim gave ‘maafi’ to devotees, Nityananda followers were allegedly made to sign a contract where they agreed to ‘sexual enlightenment’. ... The survivors of sexual assaults in 'Swami' Nithyananda's ashram have spoken out about non-disclosure agreements and ...

Impotency to Consensual Sex: Nithyananda Takes U-turn in Rape ...
Mar 17, 2018 - The survivor, who was a former member of Nithyananda's cult, had accused him of raping her during her stay at his ashram in Karnataka's Bidadi. The new twist was offered by the counsel as the court was hearing Nithyananda's petition challenging the Ramanagaram court's order to frame charges against ...

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A description by someone who says she was in N's ashram
Posted by: corboy ()
Date: May 05, 2018 03:04AM


"Christine" felt horrified after the November 2016 US Presidential election. She wanted to go to India and do a retreat at an ashram. Turned out to be Nithyananda's ashram.



Christine’s Story

Like thousands of Americans, Christine wanted to go to an Indian ashram, live in the presence of a guru, do a lot of yoga, and eat an ayurvedic diet. In the fall of 2016 she paid a lot of money to do just that — a whopping $13,000. (She later learned there was a much lower price for the Indian attendees.)

(Corboy note: This two tiered pricing goes on all over India - gouge the visitors and run guilt trips on them. Thanks to the centuries of glamorous myths about India, tourists put up with exploitation they'd not tolerate one second at home)

In early December she flew around the world to Bengaluru Adheenam, India, to attend a 21-day retreat at the ashram of Paramahamsa Nithyananda. She hadn’t done any research before choosing her venue (much like many Americas who head to India to meet “gurus,” I assume).

Almost immediately, she was second-guessing her impulsive decision. Within several days of arriving she realized she’d made a big mistake. By the second week, she was determined to leave, but faced significant resistance from the people running the ashram. One day at her hotel she decided to finally research the guru. That’s when she learned the truth about the so-called holy man, including a long history of alleged sexual assault of children and adults, an arrest, and an upcoming trial.

“I knew I was in the wrong place IMMEDIATELY, but had paid a ghastly amount to be there, so I tried to make the best of it at first. Also, a friend of mine was there and seemed to be enjoying it. So, I wanted to stay with him.”

“We were kept at the ashram sometimes 18 hours a day. It was a one-hour bus trip each way to get to the hotel. We got almost no sleep.”

For the rest of the story go here:


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Re: The Truth about the Cult of Nithyananda
Posted by: CultWatch ()
Date: May 16, 2018 11:08AM

Hi Corboy

I'm curious about your comment:
However, some other gurus created and continue to create anti Nithyananda material so as to make themselves look good by comparison -- and deflect complaints from their former disciples by claiming Nithyananda is so much worse than they are

Can you provide a list of the "anti Nithyananda material" and which "gurus" are making this and if any such material is untrue or not?

If such anti Nithyananda material is true, I do not see a problem in who brings it out. Truth is truth. And of course those following Nithyananda are not going to bring out anti Nithyananda material due to the cult mindset and punishment for anyone who questions. Ex devotees are going to know but are often harassed and threatened physically or legally into silence. People who have not had anything to do with Nithyananda are not going to know about him. So who with knowledge is left to speak out other than a few rare courageous ex-devotees or his "competition"?

If any such anti Nithyananda material is untrue, then it needs examination. But as you have shown, there is a massive amount of anti Nithyananda material that is true and proves him to be a cult leader.


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Re: The Truth about the Cult of Nithyananda
Posted by: bql ()
Date: July 16, 2018 04:02PM

GuruSwamiG is the main anti-Nithyananda guru who has been vocal about him on youtube for a decade now. She at one time was a supporter of him and even praised his teachings. She even met him at one of his temples and apparently they had a falling out over the way he teaches & activates Kundalini in his devotees and how his devotees served her food that had spices in it which really pissed her off.

She continues to call Nithyananda out on youtube and befriend those who're against him, all while deflecting from her own abuses as a guru and the ex-members of her small cult who have many bad things to say about her in this thread: []

She uses Nithyananda to deflect from her own abuses.

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